Saya Sungguh Berang

Friday, March 6, 2009

Translation : I'm Pissed As Hell.

*breathes in, out. In. Out*

A phonecall received a moment ago. A little background info. These are the neighbours ALL of my street neighbours and probably the whole of BJ have issues with. I wrote about their kids come-a-calling at our house, messing up the house at all hours of the day. Read here. The older brother has a long list of delinquent unspeakable acts that have brought the whole neighbourhood to detest the kids. I have had no issues with them, as long as I'm not dragged in any incidents. We have remained neutral, never taking sides all this time.


The super-busy mom called me up and first thing she said was "You have a problem, Gartblue!". I was stumped. "Err hhhmm.". Apparently, her std 1 Tasha has been throwing hell-ish crazy tantrums over the many days and refusing to go to school. Okay! BTW, I noticed that for the last few weeks, she has put Tasha on the same van Asha goes to school with, i.e Auntie Mala.

How is this my problem, I asked. She said that today her workers sent Tasha to school and while Tasha was screaming and refusing to go to school, Tasha pointed to Asha (who was at the time was talking to a bunch of her friends and was allegedly pointing at Tasha). Even Ilham (her Frm 1 brother saw Asha sinfully talking to her friends and pointed her fingers at Tasha. Apparently Asha's been telling her friends not be befriend with Tasha.

BTW, Asha is Std 3 and Tasha is Std 1 and this week was Exam Week.

And she also added that even at the padang, Asha's been telling the rest not to play with Tasha.

Hokey! Is that all Asha did? Talking to her friends and pointing to Tasha? Could Asha been telling her friends that Tasha lives 3 doors from me? Or That's Tasha, my neighbour? Did Asha beat Tasha up? What? What? What? The mother then said that I need to solve the problem. I said that I will talk to Asha to see if there's the truth in this to which she said that I needed to solve this cos she is so upset that Tasha is not gong to school.

*face is red now*

BTW, Tasha is tall and big for her age and Asha is pretty small for her age. They are in different levels and have different sets of friends. How is this my problem again? I just don't get it. I'm pretty pissed that she accused my Asha of this.

Could her child refused to go to school because of the Exam Week? Could there be other problems, non-Asha related? Could Asha is just a scapegoat?

Tasha's brothers are well-known for a long history of broken car windows, punching an adult in full view of the parents who said "biasala", beating up their maid with a golf club, shouting profanities to their maid (in Malay, mind you) while the whole neighbourhood gthered to see what the fuss was about, running home to get a pair of scissors during a fight at the padang, causing deep woulds on a neighbour's son's head after one son crashed intendedly on the poor boy with his bike and the parents never apologised, parents threatened to sue a child over a missing slipper, stolen type caps for all cars in the street which they used for their bikes.

MrGart called just now to say that the father called him up too to complain about Asha too. Wow!

I'm getting super-vexed now. But I think this is what I will do.


I'm just gonna ignore her. But I will swap Asha from her Aunty Mala van to Aunty Manjit who already ferries Aliya, Adani and Ariz to school. Asha's been asking to change and Manjit gives me better rate and she's very personal with me and the kids too. I like Mala but I don't like Asha to associate with Tasha anymore than she has to.

Saya sungguh berang. Sangat berang sehingga report saya tergendala sebentar kerana masalah ini. Grrrr ...

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

errr....pyscho family!! wow...i mean $hit..both parents called both of you just to say Asha been talking and pointing to Tasha?? i applaud your move..ignore her!!

gerun laa i baca abt her kids...i hope they don't be criminals when they grow up..referring to beating with golf club :P scarrylah!

Gartblue said...

zan ... i know! i believed asha's done nothing wrong .. kids nak kawan/taknak kawan all the time kan? biasala .. pening kepala makcik!

elisataufik said...

alamak.. I tengah consider moving to BJ nih..
Got drama also kah?

theotheraj said...

see, living in BJ is like living in wysteria lane. kalau hot stuff takpe gak hahaha

aiyohh.. those kind of parents, yg always orang lain salah. the wife had a chance encounter with a few ladies yg ala2 gitu gak masa orientation adam. not too sure if they're still up to that.

OO said...

that spells troubles! I mean the parents is wonder la the kids pun macam tu ..tak heran lah!!!

but really ! that kind of people really have a cheek to nonsensically complaints when all of yous have the long lists to complain about them!!!

lisa: wahhh..nak pindah BJ? plan dengan icuk lah boleh berjiran boleh makan kek free!, jiran dgn mdm gart pun boleh!

OO said...

terlupa nak cakap...I think you are right by ignoring them first, kalau depa gasak jugak kenalah pertahankan diri sendiri..kalau ada neighbours nak join lagi bagus...hempuk long lists tu depan muka depa!

(I totally understood because my current neighbour ni anak2 ni pun sama gak..just right next to mine pulak tu!)

Gartblue said...

to all .. thanks for the good words.. *tears streaming* MrGart is away for the night. saya sungguh khuatir and troubled by this latest development.

to elisa, don't worry babe .. this is rare indeed.

mama pasha said...

napa dia orang jahat sangat .. iiih.. orang anak2nya yg nakal jg... dasar orgil... geramnya aku... "cuekin" (ignore) aja gartblue!

Ms Dreamy said...
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nae said...

Bunyinya cam physcopath je...could be the whole family. I think writing to school is the right move. And other parents need to be warned. Kat BJ kan ramai families baru move in.

Betul wisteria lane :)