The Weekend We Stayed In

Monday, March 2, 2009

It rained. And Aliya and Ayisha have Ujian Bulanan 1 this week. So, we the parents put our foot down and said that we're staying in throughout the weekend. No movies. No window shopping anywhere. (Ik-ea tengah sale ni, sigh!!)

Minus the local trips for milk and bread and ice-creams and such. Unavoidable.

We watched the Slumdog Millionaire Friday night. I found it truly harrowing and the epitome of human suffering. The girls were glued to the TV too, asking questions about hows and whys. I guess my kids, our kids are sheltered from these hard living conditions and they'd never imagined life harder than theirs would ever be. Seeing movies like this and Bersamamu on teevee3 sure will open their eyes a little.

Even Mummy flinches every now and then. The part where Jamal jumped into the shit hole determined to meet this idol was a bit too much, I thought. The storyline was clever, dissecting each question and how Jamal knew the answer. I laughed when Jamal broke into a large grin when faced with very last question on the Three Muskateers. His acting was superb. I believed him.

But I never did get Latika. She didn't connect with me. I didn't like her. But the Bollywood musn't be forgotten cos long after the credits rolled, I was glued watching the dance, the sashaying of butts and arms, Bollywood-style.


We went to look at potential friends for Bubbles, the pet on Saturday. He's 4 months old now and very big. He looked like a typical adult cat, even when he's only a baby. A Maine Coon trait. We were at the cattery where we got him and I met Bubbles' parents, Mulia and Aurora (eh, betul ke? funny la pulak). They are just HUGE cats. Yikes!

Anyway, another Maine Coon was giving birth while we're there. I ain't watching, if you're wondering. Ouch! We sort of put a deposit on its baby, if it's red and a boy. Uhmmm .. wonder if Andes is thrilled at this propect. But I guess Bubbles will be thrilled for a friend he can gang up against Ariz.

Ariz. Ariz. Ariz. MrGart and me did such a great covering-up job at the cattery when asked by the owner how Bubbles is settling in at home. We said that the kids adore him, especially Ariz. We talked about Ariz had allergic reaction to a neighbour's cat but never to Bubbles. We talked about how the synergy at home has changed with the presence of a cat. We talked about the kids becoming more responsible with the cat.

BUT. We were silent about the stomping and the chasing of Bubbles, Ariz does on an hourly basis. We were mum about Ariz opening the cage and carried the sleeping Bubbles to keep him company while he watches Ben10 on TV. We kept quiet about the bickering who gets to hold Bubbles and the tug and the pull. Responsible? Ayisha definitely. Aliya is still not touching Bubbles or any other animals, insects, birds or even ants. Adani is very compassionate with Bubbles, especially if Ariz is holding him. Ariz is uhmmm too much stomping. Ouch!

So, how now brown cow?

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

azGROWLen said...

You watched Slumdong on TV? Do I detect lanun at work

famyGirl said...

cattery kat mana ni? we all pun tgh mencari-cari calon pasangan yang sesuwai utk our Harry. :)

errr tapi kena deposit?? *gulp* mahal ke?

pssst pssst if you get hold of The Reader let me know ya? ;)

Gartblue said...

azgrowlen ... uhmm uhmm .. that will be right.

famy .. it's imakatz kat kemuning .. they do a lot of maine coons and persians .. they sell cheaper maine coons than the rest of the catteries.

The Reader? Tu kena i yang pegi pilih, Mrgart would amik cerita cerita like Valkyrie and the such ..

Nina Zan said...

i like slumdog as compared to benjamin button.

Nina Zan said...

eh tertekan submit.

nak cakap apa tadi ntah.

lupa lah.

Tak nak berbesan dengan famy ke? pet-wise.

No, that's not the only thing i wanted to comment. Still lupa.

azGROWLen said...

I got The Reader but its mmmmmmmmm borderline of biru

Gartblue said...

button vs slumdogs .. yup. i love the slumdogs better .. but the news about how underpaid the child actors are disturbing ..

berbesan? well, uhmmm my Bubbles is I guess a straight cat? is your Harry straight too, Famy? ... dua-dua jants ler nina .. hahah .. but great idnea nevertheless ..

azgrowlen .. you got The Reader already? border blue line? what's that? didn't know that's a porn ? *lari* ... recorded dalam wayang ke? the slumdog I have is crytal clear ... btw, watched The Day The Earth Stood Still ... slow and sedikit bohsan and kayu. but they drove around in a Hondo Civic baru .. that I noticed. nampak sangat jurang memberangsangkan.

azGROWLen said...

Crystal. Some say its art others may say borderline........benjamin, 7lbs, revolutionary road

Gartblue said...

azgrowlen .. art? lemme be the judge of that if there's an ounce of artiness in me, which is zilch!

but I wanna watch Button. Day and me thought of catching it on a friday afternoon, but time's never on our side with the amount of window shopping we're doing .. hahaha ...

btw, you know zmn's undergoing a surgery today ... a gallstone removal. hope he's alright ..

azGROWLen said...

Me knows. Benjamin is good but unbearingly tooooo long, Treat u guys to Shopoholics?

Gartblue said...

shopaholic is definitely something both of us wd enjoy.. my first chiclit and day's beginning of a hundred more afterwards. Dah tengok ke?