Boycott Story

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Few weeks back, I was driving 3 of my girlfriends to our favourite MV for lunch.

It was a short drive. Typically, on the way to MV, we would be talking about work and who's pissed who and who got promoted and meetings and whatnots. On the way back, conversation would be very lively and at the traffic light from Abdullah Hukum to Bangsar, we would break out in great huge laughter, often in tears over something typically small but hilarious, nevertheless.


On that very day, Day was talking about boycotting the mcd and the nestle and all. Lay was not and was vocally voicing that out. So, we have Day and Lay (both of their names rhyme) arguing about the merits and demerits of boycotting giant companies like that.

Although I love lively debates like that, I know both of my friends and they're not about to let it slide. We were at the parking area then I said something about being awkward and the debate ended to be replaced with where-to-eat conversation.


I agree with Lay that 1 or 2 persons may not make a big change in the world. The giants will stay giants. A ripple is the sea ain't gonna move the beach. *peribahasa buat sendiri*

But I agree more with Day that although 1 or 2 may not make the change, it is a person or 2 persons' efforts towards change. We do what we can afford to do.

Ayisha, my 8yo very strong-minded daughter was very adamant that we never set foot inside Mcd ever again. Adani still says that "tak boleh makan mcd, nanti kena bom dekat gaza". Aliya is neither ok nor ko. But Ayisha really suprised me by her steadfastness and unwavering belief. Once she sets her mind on something, that gets done. Insyallah.

So, there we are. What little I can do, I will do.

BTW, for Nescafe addicts, maybe you wanna try Old Town Coffee, the 3 in 1, coffee with 40%less sugar with sugarcane. I'm a new fan. Seriously.

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mosh said...

i am on the boycott side. i am not trying to make a difference. i just do it for personal belief, that i don't put up a helping hand, however small the hand maybe. who are we to argue about which evil giant would be bigger or smaller but at least i won't be cooperating in making the evil giant bigger and more arrogant.

nonetheless, i don't like 3 in 1's. i'd stick to indocafe though it's a bit too creamy to my liking

zan said...

*wave* to mosh..

wow..aisyah ikut sape ehh??must be u la Gart :)

i still boycott Tesco and boncafe mocca is just like Nescafe gold :)

OO said...

same here like mosh, we are boycotting more on personal effort...have you heard about the small bird when nabi ibrahim kena bakar dengan namrud dulu? that small bird guna paruh dia untuk muat air dan siram api yang bakar nabi ibrahim, other animals told the bird that his effort was useless tapi the bird tetap dengan effort dia, katanya "aku takut nanti dipersoalkan di akhirat apakah usaha yang telah aku buat untuk melawan kekejaman" (something like that lah)

so to me effort tu penting, niat laaaagi lah penting kan? lagipun sanggup ke kita still using something that we surely know ada kaitan terus dengan kekejaman terhadap muslims.

yeah, I missed my nescafe gold - have yet to find the substitute; old town coffee eh? I saw the shop in malacca yesterday - i wonder it's the same one.

butterflutter said...

Dah berbulan-bulan jadi peminat old town *wink..wink..

Anonymous said...

mcd mahal. carls junior lagi sedap and value for money. aku dah lama dok beli oldtown coffee. jom pi minum kat kedai pulak.

Anonymous said...

*high 5* for old town. Our current craze is the hazelnut. A bit pricey but .. hey.. okay lah.

Tho i'm a bit disturbed after emails circulated pasal kehalalan old town, the restaurant, itself. Err.. we've been there few times (before the emails) and were hooked with their spreads. Sedap gak. Aisey rugi lah kalau tak halal. Toast Kluang Station je la gamaknya.

I'm all for boycott. Bukannya mati kalau tak consume the listed products anyway. (somebody reminded me that Disney is very the Yahudi one.. so why bother to go for Disney on Ice heh.. isk kalau dapat tiket free camna?)

Anonymous said...

old town kan dah dapat cert halal

Intan Saleh said...

just my humble thought: klau semua orang fikir apa la sangat usaha sorang dua and take no effort.. then isn't that the very reason it will never work in the end?

mamarawks said...

Untuk menafikan usaha orang lain agak janggal tapi kaedah itu adalah salah satu cara kita memberi sokongan...

we do what we can do...

aisah said...

im not sure about now but the last time i went to old town white coffee was about a few months back. my hubby asked them if they were halal and and the waiter said they were but got no cert yet. we asked why and they said they didnt have enough muslim staff. since we were still was2 we didnt eat la.