Birthday Cookies For Adam

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nadia from D-EMC requested for these for her son's Adam 6th birthday. She didn't specify any designs except that she wanted the name Adam and 6 on the cookies for his party.

So, here they are. 15 of these half-car on a round cookie and 15 of these number six-es with dots. I sure hope Nadia and Adam like them.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

famyGirl said...

very cute! :)

i might require your service again this year. bersedialah untuk mendesign ben10 cookies august nanti hahaha

Gartblue said...

famy ... ooo he's into Ben10 these days, eh? these bens (referring to Aiidin & Ariz) should gang up to fight off aliens off the face of the earth .. hahah ... boleh boleh .. no worries .. just shout and I'll come by delivering to you .. hahah

Lana said...

saya kat kulim and adly's birthday is drawing near. boleh ke deliver gak?

Gartblue said...

lana .. lots of ppl in the states post these across states .. but i've never done it before .. but i guess boleh dibuat cuma takut the courier baling-baling aje la .. the cookies are pretty sturdy sebenarnya .. any chance of shopping for tudung anywhere in kl ?