The Fever, The Hour and The Sleepover

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Fever, The Hour and The Sleepover

It’s a baton-passing thing that my children are playing between themselves and MrGart.

2 weeks ago, Ariz was down with stomach flu. He was better in 24 hours.

Then, Adani was down for 6 days for throat infection with 40C fevers and left her weak, lethargic and clingy. She had zithromax and now a jumpy, excited Adani again, slightly thinner from a week of no appetite. At the same time, the biggest baby of the house, MrGart caught the same thing too and later complained that I did not sponge him down when he was feverish like I did Ariz. *eyebrows menjungkit*

Last Friday, Ayisha had a 40.1C fever at 4am and woke up crying and skipped school. I came home from work in the afternoon to a 39.3C feverish Ariz. Off we all went to see Dr Rasool at the clinic.

Both have inflamed throats and I didn’t even object for antibiotics for both of them. He mentioned that throat infections always lead to high grade fevers. I quivered. Yikes!

True enough, the whole weekend, Ariz went through a cycle of 39.5C fevers every 5 hours. He had a lot of problem swallowing the zithromax which he said was “macam pasir” but I made him pinch his nose while he swallowed it. Course completed.

Ayisha was better by Saturday but since she already started her augmentin, that’s gonna have to complete la.

This morning, I thought Ariz was better but he had a 39.3C at 7am. I thought of calling in half day leave but by 7:30am, his fever was subsiding and I thought I’d save the leave for worse rainier days.

I just called home and he was ok but throwing tantrums. Yikes!


Aliya had her first sleepover at her best friend Farah’s place for 2 nights. We missed her but she apparently enjoyed her stay very much. *sulk* But I guess she kind of deserve the time off away from her demanding little brother and sisters. I’m glad that she enjoyed that. Ayisha and Adani meanwhile were asking where Aliya was every few hours and when to pick her up again.

Ariz suddenly had an imaginary friend who asked him for sleepovers and Mummy should be sending him off to that friend’s house with a bag full of books and clothes. Hmmm.

Earth Hour. We were so prepared. MrGart put the tent out. He charged our emergency light (BTW, everyone should have this in case for another involuntary national blackout, like it never happened before la kan?). He had both torch lights ready. I had the 3 little battery powered star night lights from IKEA ready. We had candles, scented ones prepared.

So, when the hour came, we gladly put out all lights and stayed in the tent. 10 minutes later, we gor bored and decided to walk around the neighbourhood to a street full of wandering neighbours and crackles of laughter from the girls next door. It takes a dark night to get neighbours together.

I felt so good doing what little we could do in the name of the Earth.

Well, by 10pm, we’re ready for bed and me, ready for Grey’s. Heh! Once a TV addict, always a TV addict.

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

big baby always need attention maaa regardles sakit or not hihih... :P

anyway, we walked in a semi dark mall during the earth hour...although it's quite dark, but business as usual.

rotidua said...

oh can demand sponging meh?

bila nak demam ni? hihihih

10mins je bley tahan senyap eh. Naim ajak main nyuruk-nyuruk dalam gelap. Takde makna. Kitaorg naik bukit tengok KL. Jamnya ya Rabbi! Tini macam confuse. Kenapa orang tutup lampu. Penat pulak makcik nak explain.

gartblue said...

zan ... sangat betul the comment on the big baby part .. kalah bebudak!

roti .. hahahah .. aisey kesian kat MrRoti lepas ni MissRoti nak mintak sponge ..
you know, masa the neighbours dok sakan berborak tu, a patrolling security guard lalu, dia siap tanya "letrik takde ke?" .. ish ish ish .