English. Bahasa Malaysia. So?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The country is in disarray. Front page news aren't about how the country's achievement, its doom economic outlook or even the caring Government actions to safeguard the welfare of its people. No siree.

The papers flash news of who's has graft charges, whose dirty hands in money politics, who's under disciplinary probes for election wrong-doings and all these are not crooks. These aren't thieves. These are personalities that we (at least the unsuspecting majority) have entrusted to run the counrty. People with titles, datuks and tansris and puansris of whom I supposed was blessed with these titles from their lifelong devotion to the country.

The only news that catch a mere mortal being like me is the Nik Nur Madihah success story and her many scholarship offers. By the way, obviously I had to show and tell the story to my own children to have them realise that what a blessing they have. Nur Madihah ate bread so much that she came to love it that much. My kids had ikan kembung goreng one night and was complaining to the heavens how they hated fish.


I for one, could not care a hoot for anything "political" in nature. I do not associate myself with any political parties, not even the Kompeni's women association.


I read with alarm in the UKS about the views mortal people like you and me have, on the issue of Teaching Math and Science in English. Last week, I read with much dread about the nation's lead sasterawans marching to the Istana to hand over some memorandum to abolish the policy. And the not so peaceful gathering too. Sungguh merisaukan.


I dunno about you, Mr Politician or you too, Mr Sasterawan. But I have school-going children. 2 this year and another will join the bandwagon next year. I betcha you have yours either in private schools or they've graduated from UK universities or have taken residence in Australia and London and ain't coming home anytime soon.

But sir.

You do not introduce some policy as widespread as this and 6 years later, just say "Opps!, twas a mistake". No you don't! I don't give a hoot about winning elections or garnering support from the not-so-urban people about going back to Bahasa Malaysia as the language to teach my kids their Math and Science.

Let me tell you this. Kids have already gotten used to this. They've adjusted well to this. So, back off! Did you care to ask a typical Standard 3 boy? or a Standard 6 girl for their views on this? After all, it isn't you who's gonna have to flip flop and get confused all over again. It's them. All this flip-flops will only damage the kids. And you, fight for credits which is worth shit to their eyes.

Come on you grown men! You say you have ambitions. You speak about visions and missions for the people. But you're on a policy today and change your mind tomorrow not unlike my daughter who changes her clothes 5 times a day. She can change her clothes as many times as she wishes but you, Mister have the future of the generation in your hand.

I plead with you MrPolitician and MrSasterawan and MrPolicyMaker and MrNormalPeopleOnTheStreet and MrNeedPoliticalLeverageToWinElections, just leave things the way they are.

Kids have adjusted well. Maybe you can learn a thing or two on the subject of integrity from them.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

Last night baru discuss with MR on the english matters. Geram sungguh lah. Jom kita parents pulak buat memo. I really hope they focus on the lack of experience teachers to teach in english. That is the real issue.

theotheraj said...

whatever they do, i don't give a shit. PPSMI, or no PPSMI. aku still akan suruh anak2 aku get on with English.

mosh said...

methink it's in the policy to flip flop. i wonder if they go to the office or cabinet meetings in flip flops as well since it is the current trend.

Cherry said...

hahaha ... me lah the guilty party to start the uks discussion. seriously ... i am with you ... move on all the MRs ... let us the mothers take charge