I'm Not Gartblue. Just Her Twin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I thought I should do a community service this morning. There's been too many incidents of mistaken identity this year and the year is only quarter done.

Some of you may know that I have a twin. Not just any twin. An identical twin. One who looks exactly like me (maybe a kg lighter than me and slightly, I mean seriously slightly taller than me), sounds like me and even wears the same style as I do. Tudungs and all. Call her Nobita.

I once looked at a picture of me and I wondered why that dress on me was so unfamiliar. Then it hit me. Heck! That's not me, that's Nobita. Darn! Even I confused us.

Our real names are the same except for a letter, I'm an N, she's a T. And no, I'm not Nobina. Our IC numbers are 2 digits apart. I was always dressed in blues and she'd be in reds when we were huge, fat, cherubic babies. My grandparents even had an artist painted us and the big potraint of us cute, fat, twin babies is hung at my parents' now.

Side Note: Apparently identical twins are far less common than fraternity twins. Hmmm.

We're born 10 minutes apart and I don't care what you think but I am the older of the twin as I came out screaming at 8:29pm on a Saturday night 10 minutes before she did.

Anyway. We always have separate sets of friends after school. I went straight to the UK after my SPM and she spent 3 years here before flying to UK. Then, it's always her friends thinking I was her and my friends thought she was me. They never saw us together, so that's forgiveable.

Now, we both live near each other. And now our kids go to the same schools. Adani & Ariz attend kindy with Imran. Aliya & Ayisha attend SK and AdDaris with Annissa.

So, the circle of people who know us both has considerably grown larger. And so, the incidents of mistaken identity increases. These normally escalate in the first few weeks or months of the beginning of school years and should taper off by the end of the year.

I've had friends and neighbours commenting how foolish they felt when they said hi to "me" only to be gently and embarassingly told that I'm not "me". It's her twin. Everytime me and Nobita meet, we'd be exchanging reports of who's been mistaking us with whom and we'd be describing how that person looked like so that the other can be reminded who she was. Sometimes we call that person up to say that "sorryla, that wasn't me la babe!"

I had 2 incidents in the last week. One was last weekend at my cake deco class. Patutla dia senyum semacam je kat I. I thought she was just friendly until she asked me about one of "our" mutual friends at KPP/ITM and then I realised she thought I was Nobita. I never did attend KPP/ITM.

Then last night at the friendly DincyStore. One of the storekeeper who knows us very well over the years and she knows my kids too, especially Ariz's penchant with ice-creams and she was also the one who called us up when she found Asha was about to throw a big spending party for her friends with RM50 that MrGart mistakenly gave her for pocket money last year.

She was red in the face when she told me that she asked Nobita why weren't Ayisha and Ariz with "me" to which Nobita replied that "these are my children" poniting to her own i.e. Annissa, Imran, Irfan and Arissa. The storekeeper then disbelieving said "Ala kakak ni bergurau pulak". Nobita was gently letting her in that she was really not Gartblue. Adoi!

Anyhow. Not to discourage you. Say hi to me whenever you see me. Do not fret if I may have a look of completely not recognising you. Chances are that's not me. Nobita is as nice as I am. We may bite but we normally smile, warmly, may I add.

Whenever we have to do the yikes-you-got-the-wrong-twin we always always do it gently.

Betul. Serious. I will you down gently. Lepas tu, I gelakkan you la pulak. Hahahaha .. this is amusing. I guess, all those years of sharing rooms and stuff and everything else finally pays off with seeing these looks on your faces. *evil laughs*

11 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

aku dah terkena a few years back, kat pasar flora & fauna shah alam. i was like, 'selamba la minah ni, buat2 tak nampak lak'. tengok2 it was your twin. now i made it a point not to acknowledge you in public unless kau yg tegur aku dulu hahaha

same thing happened at ziha's wedding. baru nak tegur the pengantin yg tengah lepak luar khemah layan phone call, only to see ziha's actually sitting at the main table with the groom & family. yg depan aku tu was actually her twin.. cesss

Lana said...

haha.. funnylah you!

adly was born about minutes after his sister. bayangkan, if the sister masih hidup, sure best plus pening mummy nak layan diorang kan? Subhanallah, He only gives what we can handle..

butterflutter said...

Once at demc I was thinking sape lah this lady mcm kenal je..lama2 baru ingat your twin. Masa tu tak tertukar sbb she wore uniform. If jumpa at public places kena tgk husband & anak2 lah baru tahu yg mana satu.

famygirl said...

strangely enough i have not yet mistaken you and Nobita. even if i see you both on separate occasions. agree that you both look very alike, tapi so far i have never had incidents tertegur dia thinking she's you :)

tapi famyBoy, hahahahaha, dia selalu tak berani tegur takut tersalah twin although dia cuba-cuba bagi eye contact. and he told me on the several occasions that you both pick up anak2 at the same time, it was always you yang bagi indication first that you're the real Gart (not Gart's twin) :)

Gartblue said...

screw ... apart from Nobita tak kenal u, she's also shortsighted, so maafkanla dia .. if it were me, dah lama kena tegur. btw, i never see you at Psar Tani ..on ziha, I get confused too ..

lana .. I didn't you Adly's a part of twins. yup. Allah knows best. insyallah later kids? maybe ? bila tu ?

butterflutter ... haha demc is where most people terconfuse .. once a manager asked me if I was doing part time at demc's pharmacy? Nobita would normally tegur anyone who stares at her suspiciously ..because it happens selalu la jugak ..

famy .. patutla famyBoy hardly ever smiles at me and only warms up once I say Hi first .. hahahah .. hari tu, dia sikit tak pandang I ke? ataupun mmg tak perasan ..

Anonymous said...

nobita is my friend, in fb. hehehe

as long as MrGart and MrNobita tak mistaken both of you dah la.

elisataufik said...

i think I nak ikut trick toAJ lah.. I wont say Hi unless you say Hi first. :)
I dont think I've ever met Nobita.

Anonymous said...

puan gart, ko pegi awal sangat lah. me, 9-ish heheh...

i've always wondered macam rotinoti.. spouses of twins ni, takde ke termistaken identity partner masing2 ke ah? terpegang ke, tertepuk bontot ke, teraba ke.. haha

Gartblue said...

roti .. erkk?? how is nobita your friend ni fb? ini adalah satu kemusykilan ..

elisa .. screw's playing it safe .. i guess most ppl to it screw's way .. that's why i always tegur orang dulu .. and hmm mana tau insyallah bila you balik msia for good nanti kot ..

screw .. early bird gets the worm la babe .. lagipun pg lambat nanti parking payah .. and panas ler .. and no, the spouses know better than to ter confuse.

zan said...

i hv never met your twin plus nasib baik i tak duk BJ, else i'll be part of the confused community hehehe..

ery kumagai said...

shall i suggest, Nobita is gartred then?