News? What News?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I was reminded last night of WHY I hardly watch the primetime news anymore.

When I was younger and was still in school, we watched the news every night. Because at 8:30pm, shows like the 21 Jump Street, Knight Rider and the likes would be aired. It's a compromise. We would never wrestle the remote control from our Abah who's determined to watch his news. And there was news on the TV. I watched and I felt and I believed.

Last night. Since there were just me and Adani in the living room while MrGart sent off Aliya & Asha for tuition, I flicked to the TeeVeeTiga.

Menyirap darahku bila isu-isu like the name of Allah be bandied about by these politicians (of one single party), the way they haphazardly slandered a MB of the state of Kelate when he said that "Allah is for everyone". There was also a high-ranking ustaz or a mufti who held a press conference denoucing what the MB was said.

People of all ages, races and religions all are servants of Allah. Their beliefs in Allah and its Messengers are what set them apart. But we are all servants of Allah. That should never be bandied about.

I shook my head in disbelief at the disarray the country is in, politically and economically too. I had to refrain from uttering profanities hearing these arrogant and self-righteous grown, old men who think they are the great leaders and perfect leaders for the people, for Adani was doing her homework and have such sensitive ears.

I shuddered seeing their big-headedness with such unflappable air of arrogance, no heed whatsoever of what the HereAfter will befall them. Astaghfirullahadzim. Don't they realise that we are all judged for every zarah that we do? Good or bad? And worse if you are leaders and you're dishonest and you're slandering others and just playing dirty? You think you're getting away with it? Seriously!

Then I watched the clip on the secondary school boy being bullied and punched and kicked and he just slumped over. What are they teaching kids these days? Don't people believe in punishment and Hellfire anymore? What's wrong with our people?

Then the business news came on. I was ready to flip to AFC to watch Sugar cos I need some much-needed dessert to soothe my frazzled nerve. Before my finger hit 703, the newscaster was announcing about how stock markets of the world tumbled down yesterday and they flashed that FTSE's report on its decline. But they din't spell FTSE. They spelled FOOTSIE!!

What? And you call your segment Business? You should know that although FTSE is pronounced as "footsie", it should be written as FTSE? Gila ke hapa? Sungguh memalukan. TeeVeeTiga should be ashamed of itself.

Now footsies remind me of some footsie being played under the table during a official meeting many many years ago. Opps! Too much already.

Safe to say I will not be watching anymore of those primetime news anymore. I doubt if I'll miss anything. I wish to preserve my sanity and my peace of mind and watching it rattles me far more than keeps me informed.


7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!

they took MBKelate's words out of context. Eh wait.. what other context is there la?

I figured that the beginning of this 'Allah' issue was because they do not want the bible to be wrongly interpreted by muslims.. sebab kes murtad makin banyak kan.

BUT to bluntly say that 'Allah' is exclusively for muslims are buduh. Sakit dada makcik oi.

Anonymous said...

you only have yourself to blame. sebab apa? sapa suruh pi tengok berita TV3 hahahaha...

if you want some 'slight' fairness, Berita @ Bernama is still acceptable to the palate. Or takpun, Astro Awani.

I watched Media Prima's news channels kalau2 in the mood nak maki and sumpah seranah orang.

butterflutter said...

Boleh kena darah tinggi kalau tgk berita itu tv channel tau *emphhh

Sugar is much...much better
...drool...drool....can learn techniques with very min cost
(astr0 kena byr gak kan..)

Gartblue said...

rotidua .. betul! sungguh la out of context .. but the way they talk about MBKelata was so biadap. kalau anak I, mmg la nak kena cili. sakit dada betul .. I seriously had to refrain from menendang "mereka" virtually .. kasihan kasihan!

screw .. for once, you're right. I brought this on to myself. I never knew we've degraded ourselves that bad. kalau ye pun nak meracuni fikiran dan hati rakyat, subtlety always work .. ini tidak, terang-terangan mengutuk orang lain. ish ish ish .. tak pasal-pasal kita pulak yang berdosa eh ..

zan said...

saya pun dah lama tak tengok news even newspaper, i skipped the politicking part *yuckie* sungguh nak muntah baca :P

Lollies said...

everything that you wrote here including terms like zarah and sort are poofed gone when i read footsie under the table. so so so tell me now what i don't know. :D

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. ooo sugar's such a balm for messed up minds ...

zan .. i stayed away too .. but silly me, I thought we've grown!

lollies .. *gelak besar* I knew that would catch your attention. noticed I used "zarah", very un-me. Hahah .. itu footsie, later la boleh cerita .. sensitive babe ..
*tutup mulut*