The Kamachis In Our Lives

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I started blogging in 2003, shortly after the birth of Adani. So, there's not much being written here about the days when Aliya and Ayisha were babies.

Anyhow, when Aliya came, we were staying with my parents but I sent her to a nursery near my office when she was about 4 months old. I could not get my mom to watch her since she was already taking care of my brother's baby. *sulk*

When there were just the four of us. Baju pun matching lagi.

Aliya around 2 months old. Hmm, abaikan itu aurat dibelakang.

With Daddy dearest.

So, the days began by dropping her off at the Kompeni's taska and often Lollies and I would chitchat and share horror stories. I knew Lollies from the UK but we didn't work together then yet. But both Haziq and Aliya, being of the same age, were in the same care until they were about 4 years old.

The thing about the Kompeni's taska is that the caregivers were so different from one another. KakTun was so caring and gentle. Nellie on the other hand scared me shitless. KakShidah was very gossipy but nevertheless very nice.

The principal KakDalilah still scares me, even when she's been relocated and works as a receptionist in my building. KakTun is now the tea lady at our eS-Vee-Pee's office and I get special treatment when I go to meetings there. Nellie, altough she knew I was scared of her, gave me special treatment at the Dispensary. Yay!

Like I said all the time, always be nice to everyone because you don't know where you'll end up and who you'll be asking for help in the future, so make friends, people!

Well, Aliya as a baby had very bad separation anxiety and I had sorrowful mornings having to tear her away from my arms into KakShidah's or KakTun's or Nellie's arms. All through the 4 years, I think I shed a lot of tears, doing this. Walking away from her, hearing her cry, just pained me to no end. I later learned that as soon as I turned away, the cries always stopped. But aku kan ada selective hearing.

So, it never got any easier. So, I'm very blessed now that the kids have Andes when Mummy's making the dosh for our living.

Aliya cried buckets and wailed and screamed. But respite came to us in the form of a small, gentle Indian lady called Kamachi. She spoke oh-so-softly and has always been super-gentle to the kids. Aliya soon got attached to her and I was told stories of how Kamachi had to put a small towel on her head for Kamachi to even go to the toilet and the mornings when Kamachi's on leave, I would cry too when Aliya cried in the not-Kamachi's arms. Mornings became easier.

Fast forward 7 years.

Last Saturday was the Kompeni's Family Day. Not personal at all as it was Kompeni wide which means that half of KL was there. I always make it a point to go, always looking forward to meet friends in the Kompeni I don't see everyday. Yes, I am that positive or sicko, some would add.

We walked and I saw Kamachi and my heart leaped cos Aliya was with us. When I greeted her and pointed to her that this was Aliya, she melted. She held Aliya's cheeks and kissed her, just like when Aliya was 6 months old. It was certainly touching.

Love has no boundaries, surely. It touches everyone and anyone and it never lets you forget.

Walaubagaimanapun, my ever so grateful daughter Aliya, looked completely tak-kenal and stood there, squirming. Well, I didn't expect her to be melting and crying buckets, but ah well. Memang dia tak ingat pun rasanya.

So, there you go. That was the Kamachi in our lives not too long ago and I'm so grateful to her for all she's done to Aliya, her love for her and her gentleness that got me to work sanely.

Thank you KAMACHI and Aliya, babe, can you at least show some emotion? Ish!

Tulis Tangan

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 10:  The LiveScribe Smart ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Hehehehehe ..

New gadget. It's called Livescribe and it's the funkiest little thing.


Well, this is what I've planned for the class I'm doing this Saturday at Cake Connection. We're doing the Wedding theme and I was blown away by the number of students who've paid up for it well in advance.
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We Are the Champions

Monday, July 20, 2009


FutsalImage via Wikipedia

Hmm .. Naib Johan is still CHAMPIONS, kan?

Anyhow, since EnScrew has retracted his doubts of me and futsal should never be in the same sentence, I feel no need to lepuk him for a bout a week or two, unless he shoots me another official letter la. He joined us for a training session on Friday and squashed his own doubts and I suprised myself and pulled a muscle or two too.

Well, leaving EnScrew topic now.

Anyhow. Sunday, we had the tourney, official Division stuff. We were short of a ladies team and Fina quickly assembled a team, inclusive of me and mosh and some other sporting gals, plus a few import players. Someone wanted to name us BELASAHAN for reasons best not to be elaborated, but someone wiser came up with Wonderpets purely their lyrics. I've never heard this song but the lyrics in BM is really cool.

Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! kami datang,
Membantu haiwan yang dalam kesusahan!
Kami tak besar,
Dan kami tak kuat,
Bila Bekerjasama semua jadi mudah.
Yeah, Wonder Pets! Yay!
Apa yang penting??
Apa yang penting?

I, for the live of me, never thought I'd be good at futsal. Although I should add that I spent the whole of my 5 years in the UK, following all the games of Manchester United, including chasing Ryan Giggs through the Arndale Centre while he was evading the papparazzi and parading

Cover of "Giggs"Cover of Giggs

through the Old Trafford when they won their Treble, the day before my Final Year exams.

But I never touched the ball. Until Friday.

Stretford End of Old TraffordImage via Wikipedia

Apparently, I played a good defence and striker too, but pancitness took the best of me and I pleaded to play defend. So, all the 4 games yesterday, I played full-time at defend. And managed to not let goals through to Mosh, our goalie. Except when we played the real champion team, Naimah and the gang. Intimidated siut! And we let them scored 4 goals. Chit!

I felt like my lungs were about to burst from the sheer tiredness and pure unfitness of me. But I did hold my fort kinda well and we managed to win 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1. That gave us the 2nd place. NAIB JOHAN! Whoohooo. Moshie kecundang in his team of Perut-Jalan-Dulu. *lari*

MrGart brought his team too but the men's teams were super fast and scarily ganas. Yikes!

We came home yesterday, me with kaki lebam kena sepak dengan penat ya amat, tido sampai petang. Bangun lagi sakit! But I thought we had fun, tremendous fun!!

Whoohoo .. We Are the naib Champions!
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The Aftermath of A Birthday

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And yes, MrGart is walkng fine this morning. *specially directed to curious Roti*

And me too, if you're wondering still.

And no, there's not much celebration yesterday either.

Since it was a Tuesday and the girls have tuition and Ayisha needed te be picked up and 9 and Aliya at 10 so, no birthday dinner and no cutting cakes either. Maybe tonight.

Walaupun, the sidekicks of SarahFizz and Ken, brought a cake during a morning meeting. Yay!


Being 36 feels .. uhmm .. the same. Although MrButterflutter clearly pointed out that 36 sucks as a number since it's rounded to 40! *what?????*

But seriously, it feels no different. No different than when I turned 24, 18 or 31. But that's life, eh?

Well, am in a very long and tiring and boring akp session the whole day today .. so wish me luck. kamarul is looking extremely bored and azlan is counting the hair on his arm. that bored!


I Need Coffee

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today is the day. The 12th anniversary of me and GartRed's 24th birthday! Geddit?

Hahahaha ..

Ye la tu, if I were 24, I'd better not be beating round the bush. When I said so this morning at a meeting, these engineers who make and break the country mind you, added it up very intentionally wrong! Cehs!

So, there.

For you mathematically challenged folks, I'm 36 today. Yikes! But it's just a number. *gulp*

And thanks to fb, my phone has not stopped beeping since morning. Yay! Thanks for remembering today.

And to GardRed, Happy Birthday to You!

*going to get coffee, black*

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Anak Jantan Sorang

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tu la orang dah kata.

I never really agree to the notion of boys are a lot of boisterous than girls are, while I was doing my rounds with the 3 girls. That's until I held Ariz in my arms.

And that was fine.

Until he turned uhmmm let's see. I guess 4 last February 14th.

Ariz now is most destructive and prone to self-inflicted injuries after naps and especially between 8 to 10pm. Remember the 3 bloody incidents. Arghhh!!

And he's a lot more talkative too. He talks back too. Sikit-sikit "Tak nak kawan dengan Mummy". "Mummy tak cantik pun". "Nanti Iz letak Mummy kat luar". Grrr !!

But he's really funny too.

These days, I make it a point to call him by his full name. Normally with a murderous tone when he's ruffled Ayisha's hair, or punched Adani at the back or ran around with Aliya's book in hand.

So, in bed, after we're done reciting the doa tidor, ayat kursi, the 3 Quls, we'd normally chat and when I asked his name, he proudly said. "Ahmad (Ar)Iz Zuhayr". *Ah well, he's still a little pelat and he still calls himself Iz, instead of Ariz. "R" is not that easy to pronounce, hokeh!

And I asked him my name, and he said "Azrina" and when it comes to Daddy. He said "Ahmad Daddy Zuhayr". What??

Eh, bukan la.

Betul! Ahmad Daddy Zuhayr! *repeat 3 times with escalating tone*

Apa-apa la labu!

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Jalan Jalan Cari Gas

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ish! Dah naik bersarang dah blog aku ni. Lama eh tak update. Bukannya apa, saje je nak letak gambar Anuar Z@in kat top page. Bagi roti nyampah sikit je lagi ... hehehe

Anyhow. Am going for a overnight to Kerteh to the place where you see the gas flares on top of those structures. With a bunch of colleagues, fun ones may I add.


Am so looking forward to this. We're doing the pool this afternoon. Mosh is planning for a skinnydipping session at midnight and I'm so locking myself in the room. Bukannya apa. Takut my innocence kena zap!


Fantaslistic Concert .. WhooHooo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

*suara sangat serak dan hati sangat gumbira*

Let me tell you this.

Am glad that my kids didn't get to see me clapping, gasping, screaming and singing at the top of my voice and generally swooning at the very sight of Anuar Zain.

And am so glad too that they didn't get to me waving my hands up in the air and whoohoo-ing every time Anuar look at my way.

Am relieved that my kids or MrGart didn't see me with my swoon-ed expresion on my face, hands on my chin, head tilted in a dreamy kind of way, when he belted Mungkin and Terman Terulung.

Am so relieved too that they didn't see me screaming and giggling happily at the very sight of him taking him his jacket and THEN .. his tie. And they didn't hear me when I screamed "ME" when Anuar asked if anyone would help him take off his tie off.


Where is GartRed ?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's 5:19pm and an unusual time to find me still sitting in my room.

Normally, by 5:15pm, I would've dashed to the car headed for home.

But. Jeng jeng jeng...

Tonight is the Anuar Zain's concert. Yay! And I am going. With GartRed, since MrGart has developed a sudden allergy over the sights of MrCroon's meneran while he sings and for the life of him, he could not tolerate seeing MrCroon's whites of the eyes while he belts out his ballads. So Gartred it is.

Where is she?

Anyhow, thought I'd gloat a bit, while I wait. No?

Here's what kept me busy last night. 50 of these.

The theme was silver and white. And I am so so glad that the silver worked. Heheheheh! Serious. I've never done silver before, something about metal fear. But I did an Aztec Gold before and it was a blast.

Nah! Close-up. Obviously still swooning over my silver.