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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tu la orang dah kata.

I never really agree to the notion of boys are a lot of boisterous than girls are, while I was doing my rounds with the 3 girls. That's until I held Ariz in my arms.

And that was fine.

Until he turned uhmmm let's see. I guess 4 last February 14th.

Ariz now is most destructive and prone to self-inflicted injuries after naps and especially between 8 to 10pm. Remember the 3 bloody incidents. Arghhh!!

And he's a lot more talkative too. He talks back too. Sikit-sikit "Tak nak kawan dengan Mummy". "Mummy tak cantik pun". "Nanti Iz letak Mummy kat luar". Grrr !!

But he's really funny too.

These days, I make it a point to call him by his full name. Normally with a murderous tone when he's ruffled Ayisha's hair, or punched Adani at the back or ran around with Aliya's book in hand.

So, in bed, after we're done reciting the doa tidor, ayat kursi, the 3 Quls, we'd normally chat and when I asked his name, he proudly said. "Ahmad (Ar)Iz Zuhayr". *Ah well, he's still a little pelat and he still calls himself Iz, instead of Ariz. "R" is not that easy to pronounce, hokeh!

And I asked him my name, and he said "Azrina" and when it comes to Daddy. He said "Ahmad Daddy Zuhayr". What??

Eh, bukan la.

Betul! Ahmad Daddy Zuhayr! *repeat 3 times with escalating tone*

Apa-apa la labu!

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7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

At that age, ohhhh them being cheeky kengkadang tak larat nak layan. At least they are still cute kan..kan...

Eh, kita nak pegi pasar tani kat stadium, besides dadih world, your cappucino tu apa lagi yg menariks and worth trying wink..wink...

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. hmm .. you must check out the flea market. that's after you finish your round of haiwans and dauns. I once bought that IKEA toy, the one you stand on it and try to spin around. Must've cost over 100 but I got them at 30, used but usable. I always try to look out for bizzare things like that .. and there's this stall, a new one that sells ori crocs at half the price. dunno the deals, but it's worth it. I got my maryjane at R70. hehehe. yang lain. the akoks, the must try tapai daun .. and those orang jual ubats are amusing.

theotheraj said...

aik dah jadi promoter pasar shah alam?

mosh said...

you sure he's not really talking about his biological father? ehehehe

*ya ampun*

azGROWLen said...

Happy Birthday Gart

butterflutter said...

The other day we went, after breakfast Afiq sakit perut ha..ha..ha...tak sempat lah nak pegi the flea market. Saw the crocs but not many stocks. Aiyooo so menarik, told Sarah we'll get her school bag there. Wl be our once a month outing nampaknya.

Hey, Happy Birthday, Girl

Gartblue said...

thanks azGROWLen and butterflutter ..