Labour Day Weekend

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is Labour Day. I feel labour-ed enough today though. So, we're looking at a particularly long weekend. yay!

Nothing much planned.

I have cookies to make and tudungs to sew and books to arrange.

I have excess fat on my girth needing a jog and a twist.

I have girls and a boy who are restless and needing a distraction. A cheap distraction's the best. Ooh. You remember the Nik NurMadihah, the girl who scored 20A in the last SPM. I received a txt from Shah Alam Library inviting us to the LIbrary for her talk on Sunday at 8:30am. There! Cheap and informative.

I think we need a pool trip this weekend. Maybe early tomorrow morning, once we all wake up and before the hot sun shines.

I think I need an Orange Glow Chiffon Cake or maybe a Chocolate Souffle Roll with whipped cream filling this weekend. Oh oh oh, I know. A Cordon Rose Cheesecake with strawberry toppings. Or a Pavlova with strawberry topping. Or better, a tiramisu. Hmm .. decisions. decisions. decisions.

I think to think how best to get Ariz to get his haircut. Or not. He looks rather cute with his long hair. If only it's not as itchy.

I think this weekend will be fun, family-fun. Insyallah.

Hope yours will be too.

Mother's Day Is Coming Up Fast

Mother's Day is sneaking behind you fast, people. And these were what I've been working on last night.

It's the second Sunday in May and you have less than 2 weeks to impress and to show your love for your Mom, Mak, Mummy, Amma or Ummi.

Razzle Dazzle Cookies have teamed up with Farah Florist & Gifts to come up with a perfect gifts for your moms.

See the flyers below. For a mere RM75, the woman who painstakingly listen to your babbles when you were a baby, change your soiled diapers and wipe your puke and you thrown spaghetti off the floor, will receive a bouquet of flowers, 3 of my cookies and cupcakes to boot.

So, sons and daughters. Call Farah at 019.220.4939 or email her at

Still Worrying But A Tag Would Help

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Since famy kinda tagged me on this and I'm still planning my report, I guess, there's no harm in doing this. Right ?

Thr33 Things Tag

The Three Names I go by

Three Jobs I have had in my life
-Counter girl at McD
-Executive here at KompeniLetrik
-Trainee at Skegness Pleasure Beach

Three Places I have lived
-Kuala Lumpur

Three TV Shows that I watch
I do watch more than 3 shows actually, but if I had to pick then they would be:
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers & Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy

Three places I have been
- dalam negara: Pulau Langkawi, Sabah, Sarawak, all over lah but wanna go to Redang.
- luar negara: US of A, 10 countries in Europe in 28 days, Thailand, Singapore.

People that e-mail me regularly
-Big Boss
-the girls

Three of my favorite foods
-i don't love food that much.

Three things I would like to do
- read more books
- master the dslr and take lots of pictures
- learn to paint or sketch

Three friends I think will respond.
- Nagai
- Moshie
- Butterflutter

Things I am looking forward to
- the day I can leave the KompeniLetrik
- the day we're membesarkan empayar ke rumah sebelah
- the day the house keeps itself clean for more than 10 minutes.


Worrisome Days

I couldn't help myself but worry incessantly everytime I pick up the papers these days. Yesterday, I got even more worrisome.

The swine flu outbreak is super-scary, with the rate it's propagating and of course the lack of cure. Yikes!


At the home-front, the kindy Ariz and Adani go to is closed for a week, starting yesterday. Very immediate. They were containing the spread of the hand, foot and mouth disease in the school. I seriously appreciate the long letter they sent out to parents explaining their rationale for closing the school down even when there are a few cases todate instead of waiting for 7-8 to make that decision.

So, Adani and Ariz are at home, probably at each other's throats over which channel to choose and who gets to hold Bubbles the cat. Me, I can rest easy in the mornings cos it's just me, myself and I need to get ready for work. Normal days, I need to get both of the showered, dressed, hair-tied and bundled downstairs. So, I'm early today.

Last week, while I was waiting for Ayisha at the school, the teachers announced at the assembly that all pupils who are sick and feverish to stay at home. HFM is rife too at the school. The teachers blared on the PA system that cleanliness should be the utmost concern. No sharing tupperware of water bottles. Wash your hands.

Aliya came home saying her class of 38 was reduced to 26 cos people are dropping off, feverishly. Yikes! I pray that Allah protects my family from this test. Last night, all of the were sneezing and oozing clear snoots. A round of Actifed. Must get more supplies today.

Anyways. My throat seems a little scratchy today and my voice keeps hoarse-ing every now and then. Hmm. I need coffee.

Btw, a bizarre thing happened yesterday at the Bukit Jelutong Toll Plaza. A car stopped and a woman stepped out hurriedly. Hmm. She then started to bend down and look under cars, not hers, but others. I was like "EH?, biar benar makcik ni."

Then I saw them. 2 or 3 kittens were running and jumping about. *terbeliak mataku*

They must be hers. All cars stopped. Even the PLUS girls helped to look for these kittens. But I didn't see any caught. After a few minutes, the line started again. I couldn't see where the woman was by now.

When I passed the tollbooth, after the bar was lifted, my eyes buldged when I saw a scared brownish long-haired kitten cowering in the middle of the other Smartag lane and cars whizzed past her. I thought I saw the woman by now.

I hope the kitten is okay.

Dough-y Kiddos

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The weekend before last, MrGart's office had a BBQ for his office staff. There were games and foods and more games.

The location was superb, near a lake and the amenities were great.

However, while the adults were watching a "tarik tali" event near the lake, these were what my kids were doing.

Ariz being cheeky.

Ayisha being a leader.

Adani just being a kid.

The plates of flour were from the "find sweets in a plate of flour" game for 6 to 8yo which Adani refused flat. She said that no way she was gonna stick her nose into a plate of flour, for sweets?

Well, she did that well afterwards, huh!

Let's Walk to the School

These days, I prefer to walk to Ayisha's school and pick her up. It's scenic walk, under trees and there are plenty to see. There's a wakaf before we reach the school and the walking path is away from the roads, so I can let Ariz loose while he jumps and skips. Adani is more content to pick up sticks the shapes of Y and I and X. I would point out the leaves, from tiny pine needles to huge ketapang leaves. Ariz would pick 2 dried ketapang leaves and pretend he has wings and fly.

Well. Last Friday, as we were setting out, MrGart came home. I heard a loud whirring of a helicopter, which is all not unusual since BJ is near air force base and there are all manners of jets and planes and choppers which fly at all hours of the day, very low or very high up in the sky.

But this particular time, it was extra loud. In fact, I couldn't hear myself scream. Hmm. MrGart stepped out of his car and quickly ran to the source of the sound i.e. the huge 3-fields park a block from ours.

To our amazement, a slick modern black heli just landed, right smack in the field. Boys playing in the north basketball court stared. The boys playing football in 2 other fields stared too. I stared.

MrGart said later that he ran towards it because he thought it was a army chopper in distress. Aha.

The even more bizarre thing next was a Malay man in a blue shirt nonchalantly stepped out of the heli and walked towards the houses and the chopper flew straight up and left the field.

I guess, he could tell his wife .. "Honey, I'm home. In a heli today".

Home and Away

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am still kicking myself for forgetting to watch Grey's tonight. Grr!!

So, while I was busy downloading and catching snippets and spoilers of Season 5 of Grey's, I found that a new character will emerge. Sadie.

I stared at her in scrubs and I knew I've seen her before. Not personally, within the idiot box.

A little googling and tada ..!!

I knew it! She was Angel in Home and Away. I should admit here that between 1991 and 1995, I was an ardent and fanatic fan of Home and Away and Neighbours. I was. these were soaps, mind you. Downright soaps. But once you get caught into its nasty web, you're in.

I remember watching each episode in the evening or catching it at noon. And I remember Angel very well. And Shane and Shannon (Isla Fisher) and Ailsa and Alf and Fisher and Marilyn and Sam and Sally and OMG! I googled again and came up with this clip of the opening of the episodes in 1993. Click here and remisnisce over the good old days.

Good old days in deed.

Now, I should get into bed. Tomorrow morning it's Pasar Tani and IceBlended Cappucino satu!

Pick Munch Pick Munch

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just got back from a fun lunch with the gals and MrSarahPiss. And it was like a blitz. And everytime we lunch there, it's always blitzy.

We would sit down, laughingly. Then we'd be ordering the one who sits closest to the belt to "quick quick, get the baby octopus". There's always "cepat, cepat, that wrapped unagi".

And the plates would be piling.

Today, we measured the plates and they were the exact height of Hazel, sitting down.

I'm full and heading over to PJ for a meeting. Hope to keep myself awake.

MrGart's Birthday in Colour

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay, I have a lot of work .. but I thought I'd spiced up MrGart's nofrills birthday piccies last February 2009.



Notekaki : I know I misspelled "birthday" but imagine that I didn't. Boleh tak ?

Scrapbooking .. First Cut

Har har har har har ..

Ain't this pretty?

Har har har har ..

I am fasting today, many more to come and while I was waiting for some feedbacks from a party we're negotiating, I became bored. There's nothing much on my Google Reader apart from some political stuff. Sigh!!

People are not blogging heavily as they used to, I guess.

Anyhow. I downloaded a scrapbooking free kit from ShabbyPrincess and went through a tutorial on Photoshop and tada.....!!

Har har har har ..

The Bane of Mommies

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obviously, I would suck if I were a lyricist or an author, trying to name a thing, a book or a nukilan. Bane and mommies should never go together.

And that is why I guess, I'm stuck at blogging and baking and trying to be a mom.

Talking about being a mom. I might not have noticed it before but the minute Aliya popped out of me and changed my status from a hip chick to a mom, I became one, regardless if I felt the same person that I was before. *if you do not understand this, me neither*

And these days it's apparent.

2 weeks ago, the whole neighbourhood were jolted by sms-es of a 7 yo boy kidnapped in front of his house at 8:20am. I received no less than 5 sms-es. Aliya came home reporting that all of her friends' parents who live at BJ received the same sms-es. The sms didn't mentioned which street but had a name and a phonenumber. It looked authentic. Alarm bells sounded and warnings were promptly issued to my kids and the maid, Andes. It turned out that it was a hoax and that the exact same sms was circulated with a Subang Jaya address before.

Such a sick sick joke !

Anyhow, there's been talks too of a foiled kidnapping attempt at school few months ago because the man who was supposed to pick up "his" child did not know that the child was off sick that day. And of course news of kids being snatched at roundabouts make hearts like mine, quiver with fear.

I worry. Mothers worry. It's never-ending. When you think you're just not care right now, you can't because the nature of a mom is to worry and cause grey hair to sprout more.

Then last week, a colleague emailed a footage of CCTV of a maid literally kicking, stepping on, slapping a little girl and I had to stop watching it. It was too close to home. It was harrowing. It was too painful to watch. I join the bandwagon for career women who leave their kids in the care of a maid during the hours they spend at work and the risk is there, permanently. It scared me shitless. Seriously.

I'm a mother. Watching another child suffer is too much on my maternal instincts. We always put ourselves in that child's shoes and think what we think he is thinking. Too much analysing, I know. But that's what we do well.

I know that when I wait for Ayisha at school, each time a boy falls down or I hear a cry, I'd hurry and ask to help. Because deep in my heart, I hope that when of my mine does fall or cries for whatever reason, another parent would do the same for them like I do to theirs. Insyallah.

Head Splitting 42.2

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot, Sweaty Weekend

Monday, April 20, 2009

I cannot remember when the last time it rained here in Shah Alam. The serious, cats and dogs rain.

Saturday we were at Cyberjaya for mrGart's office BBQ and sort of family day event. The venue was perfect. It's at a park near the Community Park behind the MMU Campus. There was a stage and a BBQ pit. They were next to a lake.

There were ample funkily modern designed benches and garden tables for picnics and designated picnic areas. Trees were aplenty and they were such heavenly things to sit under when the sun shined so brightly. The lake looks not so clean but there were lotus leaves and Ariz even spotted a frog sitting on a plate-sized leaf. Cool, I thought.

There was a very huge playground with ladders and bridges and all manners of play stuff to satisfy the mosy physically inclined kids. I sat swinging myself on a swing which was shaded while the kids ran themselves silly. Must protect my not-fair-at-all skin. There was a floating bridge to the middle of the lake which I thought was cool.

Anyhow. But it was hot. Severely hot.

Ariz refused to join the pick-the-sweets-off-the-mat games. Adani refused to stick her head in a plate of flour, fishing out sweets. No way. hose. Ayisha refused to sit on balloons to pop it the fastest. Instead, joined Aliya in a Musical chair. All was fine and Ayisha was out at the last 4. Aliya made it to the final 2, against this rather hefty, cheeky port boy, about Aliya's age, I assume.

That boy has his eyes fixed on winning, whatever it takes. When the music stopped, he grabbed the chair and swung it to his side. Aliya acted timely to avoid sitting on air and fell rather ungraciously. I yelled "Unfair" and demanded for the sneaky boy to be disqualified. The crowd loved this. And it continued. Second time, he grabbed it again! Darn! I thought. Aliya had the expression of ish-mmg-nak-kena-lepuk-mamat-ni.

They still let this cheating boy in the game, after committing fouls twice. Aliya should have won cos both times, Aliya had the chair but he had to snatch it away, almost causing injury to Alilya,

The third time, he got lucky and sat instead and won it. Hmmpppff!

Anyhow, I thought it was battle not to be fought anyway. Bullies are bullies, however you call him.

Well, during the tarik tali event, I was lending support to huffinf and puffing Mrgart while my 3 youngest charges were playing baking with the flour and water. Sungguh comot. There were white with flour and their slippers had dough on them.

We went home, head pounding and tummies full from the roast lamb and the bbq chicken and everything else in between. I had so much fun and I take my hats off to MrGart's colleagues who are sporting enough to do this. My office has not had a family day in, I dunno .. before Ayisha was born. Maybe?

Ayisha Ayisha Ayisha

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ayisha at 2 years old, back in 2002.

I wanted to name her Alisha, initially. But my Harfiyah ustaz said that Alisha meant "shelf" or "para" in Malay. Uhmmm.

Then we were talking a lot about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s most beloved wife, Aisha r.a. and I instinctively knew Ayisha was right. I pray that my Ayisha will grow as inquisitive, as bubbly and as knowledgeable, a fraction of Aisha r.a. was.

My Ayisha is rather cembeng, actually. She was born on the 1st December 2000. I remember telling myself earlier that 2000 was gonna be full of babies, a Golden Dragon year and a millenium to boot too. But Allah has other plans and Ayisha was impatient in emerging.

She's pretty challenging compared to Aliya who is less complicated, more obliging and quite agreeable. Ayisha wanted things done her way, her colors, her time and her her and her.

She is headstrong from day 1. Remember the drinking milk from syringe by Kak Jun at 2 months old. She is still headstrong today. Unwavering.

Academically, she's lagging and that worries me to no end. She's a late baby, I heard myself muttering excuses. At Std 1 when she just turned 6, I was coaching her to read. Spelling was a challenge. I had suspicion of dyslexic but that soon was ruled out. Alhamdulillah. Now, she no longer writes b as a d.

Last year, I taught her Maths and all subjects at night and most nights were unpleasant. This year, I thought she has improved and I thought she needed to learn the techniques that I couldn't teach in maths that I sent her to a tuition centre. Just for Maths and BM. Aliya needs to go, so I thought she'd tag along too.

On Monday, MrGart reported that the teacher said that she's lagging and needs to do more maths at home. And I got upset.

So, this week, I thought tuition with Mummy resumes.

Last night. I yelled and I slapped her hand and grabbed her arm. She had tears streaming down her cheeks. She had snoots all over her face. Over a page of addition. My palm hurts today drom slamming the table. My voice got hoarse. The whole street must now know what I sound like, shouting.

This morning. I hugged her. She said that her arm hurts. I said that my palm hurts. And we hugged. I promised to make it up to her. I promised to be better if she would work harder. We hugged.

The Chatterboxes in The Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last weekend, my mom dragged all of us to my Mak Ndak's place at Taman Rashidah Utama, Seremban to visit my bed-ridden Tok. Mak Tam from Kedah was there for the weekend too.

I made a Guilt Free Chocolate Chiffon cake as buah tangan. My mom has this rule that you'd better be taking something when you visit someone. Except her house as we always trot down to Gombak on empty stomachs and plenty of empty tupperware for takeaways, even frozen cucur udang for us to fry when we get home. I know. I know. Such spoilt kids!


Gartred and me, Gartblue are such chatterboxes. When there are the two of us, anywhere, be assured that it will be merry.

Gartred works in a hospital and has been evern since she started working and she always regale us, the clan with stories of illnesses and dead bodies having to be brought downstairs via the stairs since the lifts could not accomodate a body lying down, before rigor sets in. She also tells of the people stories and it never fails to fascinate us. And of course, the boob jobs, the tummy tucks stories are always the best, particularly who's who and how it's down. We'd be oo-ing and ouch-ing and ehem-ing.

Our little sister, call her GartLilSis is also a pharmacist but she works at a drugs enforcement agency, a governmental body, if you may wonder. She's not like Gartblue or me at all. She's rather small-ish and a lot less talkative than us. But when she does share, we'd love to listen to stories of what drug will come in and what drug's been taken off the shelves and sometimes she shares with us the samples which she gets by the bucket.


I work in a very boring industry, not worth mentioning to my clan, unless I want them to sleep. Face it! Compared to haunted hospital lifts and drug scandals, my coal and gas issues are rather bland, to say the least.

But I've found a new topic which caught the attention of my clan. Not that there's any competition. Yikes!

It's baking. My aunties still can't believe for the lifes of them that I can bake. And teach people some more. So, everytime I bring a cake, they'd be peppering me with the questions of how, what and the rest. Finally!


Remembering the reason why we're there, we set out butts in my Tok's room, massaging her skinny legs and helping her to change sides to relieve her sores. And new topics began anew.

Mak Tam was talking about the current fave of "rebung madu" i.e. honey bamboo shoots. I love rebung and never made them. Gartred was dishing out how to make masak lemak rebung with only 3 ingredients. Kunyit, cili api and santan. Then the rebung and ikan bilis la.

Then Mak Tam said, "bawang takkan takde" to which a resounding no from Gartred, my mom and Mak Ndak. Mak Tam then said "la, Mak yang ajag ni." She then turned to Tok and said jokingla " Mak, mak cakap kat cek sekarang sementara mak ada lagi. Apa lagi ajaran-ajaran sesat mak dah ajag cek selain dari masak lemak".

We all were laughing with tears streaming down our cheeks. Tok just smiled.

Rumah Merah Menang

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have completely forgot to blog about this.

It's that time of the year again, when parents make a beeline to the fields, under the hot, smoldering sun in sunglasses to cheer on their precious athletic kids.

Anyhow. My kids aren't particularly sporty. Hmmm. Kenapa agaknya?

Well, Aliya was not given a part in her Hari Sukan. Her bestfriend Farah was in the marching. Ayisha meanwhile, participated in her Sukaneka. This was Friday before last, uhmm the 3rd April 2009.

MrGart couldn't make it. I had to squirm and got away from a meeting to attend her Sukaneka. It was hot. Super hot. And it was Friday and alhamdulillah I had my silk kebaya. Good that it's cooling but not that great that I looked out of place.

Anyhow. The event itself.

Ayisha in the thick of things. She has to walk with a beanbag on her head. Manoever a football with a hockey stick and then put on a pair of construction boots. She was smiling all the way. I thought she looked a little too relax while she was managing all this.

Yes, Rumah Merah of 3 Keruing won!! With her fellow Rumah Merah-ans! yayaya!
*mak over dari anak*

A group photo of the winning team. Yee haaa! Looking at this, Ayisha isn't the smallest of the lot after all. There are smaller kids. *phew*


Friday, April 10, 2009

Ariz : Mummy? Mo apa?

Mummy : Moolah.

Ariz: Bukan la. Move it! *jigs to the Madagascar sing*

Mummy : *rolls eyes*

Ariz: Ta?

Mummy : Tanah?

Ariz : T-aik!

Fast forward to the bedtime story time and I was reading "It's Not Easy Being a Bunny", an eternal favourite of Ariz & Adani.

Mummy : ".. PJ did not like being a bear, a bird, a pig, a beaver or a ?"

Adani : "Possum!"

Ariz : "T-aik"

This morning, after he's all dressed and ready for school, singing ..

"Happy t-aik to you. Happy t-aik to you. Happy T-aik to you. Happy t-aik to you"


Mummy & Daddy : Geleng kepala! Hai! Anak teruna aku ni. Obsess sungguh with that word. Not too long ago it was a d-ick, and then there was "b-on-tot" and now it's t-aik. Apa cerita ni babe?

And by the way, Ariz is still not pronouncing anyti=hing with a r right. Orang becomes oyang. Marah is mayah. Sembahyang is fayang (don't ask me how this comes about). It's funny when he pleads with me "Mummy jangan fayang tau" at 11pm when he's sleepy and needs to sleep and needs me to hug him for him to fall asleep.


Monday Is Not So Blue Afterall

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's blue-r.

Had a run-in with a friend and though that hurts her more than me, I do hope that she accepts my apology. Sincerely.

On the other hand. I'm feeling a little behind myself.

I feel like I'm reading less to the kids these days. I've not been terribly successful in introducing them to new foods or vegetables. I've had my eyes buldged seeing the results of Aliya & Ayisha's Ujian Bulanan. I've forsake my one-hour a day without TV this year.

I think it's time to buckle up, Gartblue.

Yesterday, I took charge again.

We are doing the one-hour no TV again. Strictly. I hope when we re-do the new wing's master bedroom's into a study, we can all congregate in that room and do what's best for all. Readings or anything.

We are doing the jamaah prayers together and I will do lessons for them. Yesterday's hour long discussion on Jannah and Jahannam was peppered with questions and even bizarre answers from the girls. The discussion on Jannah intrigued them. Insyallah, I pray for Allah's mercy in seeing me through all my aspiration.

We are doing reading-alouds every day. Adani's been reading by herself lately and I've been slacking with her cos I know she can do it by herself. But I forget that she needs a step forward and I should be giving that to her. Ariz is intrigued with books these days but I was also intrigued with my TV, *shame* And the girls. Did I know vow to read to them, Shel's poems ? Whatever has happened?

So, today on a blue Monday, I'm making renewed vows. It's up to me to make the difference, and insyallah, by Allah's will, I will.

Note: Pictures were taken at Genting late last year. That's the foggiest day ever in Malaysia and the coldest (I thought -9C or -14C were normal to me, heh!) . *brrrr*

Wet Wet Weekend

It rains a lot these days. Bucketfuls of fresh water from from the clouds. Alhamdulillah.

Yesterday it rained twice, stormy. Heavy enough to suspend the F1 at Sepang which MrGart gleefully went and came home to a pants stained with red earth and not knowing who won the race. Ceh! I had to tell him the results. Hmm!

Anyhow. We stayed in while MrGart was fending the rain at Sepang. Wanted to hop over to get supplies at Gi-ant but it rained again late afternoon. The girls painted stones to make paperweights while Ariz napped. I was reading.

Well, quite uneventful.

Eee bohsannya ini entry.

*must think of more interesting thing to write about*

Ariz is Weaned. Finally !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I know. I know. *shakes head*

I could've written this when Ariz was 30 months old and not when he's err *counts finger* 49 months old! 49 months .. 4 years and a solid month and 2 weeks Wow!


Yes, people. Ariz is officially weaned. He hasn't asked to be nursed for the last 8 days. I feel like Firhad when he annouced his 5 months of cig-free days. Haha!

Suddenly he seems like a big boy.

Suddenly I feel a little less needed. So I hug him a little more at night. Smelling his hair and snuggling close to him, just breathing him in. He's oh so peaceful when he sleeps, not the tornado that he is when he's awake.

I'm a little loss now that he doesn't breastfeed anymore.

I kinda lied when I said that I was trying to wean him off. Half a lie, actually. Especially when I "thought" about weaning him and did nothing whatsoever to effect that. I thought about the asam jawa. I talked to him though, but never with much conviction. I just love breastfeeding him.

I gave in to him, everytime he needed to nurse. He needed the comfort as much as I needed to be needed.

I love breastfeeding. I love his dependedness on me. I love the thought of a physical and emotional submission to a child, all by Allah's will. I love that I was able , alhamdulillah, to fulfill what was the fitrah of a child and I love the feeling Iget when I feed a baby and knowing that every single drop of milk he gulps down, there's barakah to it to me and him.

To all of you out there, young wives, young mothers, young husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends. Breastfeed your child. Make that effort. Do not look back and regret that you never tried hard enough.

It's a new world altogether. It's far more rewarding that you'd ever think possible. Trust me. I went through 4 babies and a total of 9 years of full exclusive breastfeeding and I love every minute of it.

But pardon my sombre entry. My lull of happiness just ended.

Note: Hugs are welcome.