Friday, April 10, 2009

Ariz : Mummy? Mo apa?

Mummy : Moolah.

Ariz: Bukan la. Move it! *jigs to the Madagascar sing*

Mummy : *rolls eyes*

Ariz: Ta?

Mummy : Tanah?

Ariz : T-aik!

Fast forward to the bedtime story time and I was reading "It's Not Easy Being a Bunny", an eternal favourite of Ariz & Adani.

Mummy : ".. PJ did not like being a bear, a bird, a pig, a beaver or a ?"

Adani : "Possum!"

Ariz : "T-aik"

This morning, after he's all dressed and ready for school, singing ..

"Happy t-aik to you. Happy t-aik to you. Happy T-aik to you. Happy t-aik to you"


Mummy & Daddy : Geleng kepala! Hai! Anak teruna aku ni. Obsess sungguh with that word. Not too long ago it was a d-ick, and then there was "b-on-tot" and now it's t-aik. Apa cerita ni babe?

And by the way, Ariz is still not pronouncing anyti=hing with a r right. Orang becomes oyang. Marah is mayah. Sembahyang is fayang (don't ask me how this comes about). It's funny when he pleads with me "Mummy jangan fayang tau" at 11pm when he's sleepy and needs to sleep and needs me to hug him for him to fall asleep.


12 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mamarawks said...

reminds me to my brother.. "lori aik" to all lori sampah yg passing by..

On 'r' things.. kena belajar ngan cikgu vocal kot kasik betul....*rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Anonymous said...

LIsten. First few minutes. http://www.bfm.my/Project-Revitalise-an-Initiative-for-Those-Affected-by-the-Downturn-Andrew-Wong-Gerard-Lim.html

Ajar dia new word pulak. 'Tenuk' ke 'tempe' ke... at least not taik ehehehe

butterflutter said...

Hannah sebut bulu as 'gulu' :-) Last weekend dia asyik sebut s.t.u.p.i.d eish tension sungguh semua org.

gartblue said...

mamarawks .. cikgu vocal hmm? funny jugak sbb none of the girls were ever liddat .. but betul jugak, R needs you to purse your lips and maybe lidah masih keras .. but if u must know, my r is a bit non-perfect anyhow.

roti .. ala babe .. must listen to that at home. Kompeni block ler .. kan? must ajar new word .. tempe sounds better ..

gartblue said...

butterflutter .. hahaha .. reminds of gartred's 2yo girl who picked up the word b.o.d.o.h from her elder brother and sister and couldn't help but spew the word every chance she has.

funny the first time as she din't understand what it means, but lepas tu .. tak boleh mawak majlis la pulak!

Cucu Tok Selampit said...


Mr Sathi, our Boss in BSN Commercial Bank passed away this morning. I thought you would like to know.

gartblue said...

cucu tok & nina, sorry to hear about your boss passing away.

nae said...

You meant, the three girls did not go through that phase? Lucky you.... Maybe girls have more sense

Gartblue said...

nae .. since I cannot remember anything remotely obscene coming out of the girls' mouth, nope, they didn't go through that phase.

you mean, both your kids went through that?

hahah .. i think the girls must have experimented dulu, but lepas caution, they'd learned to not say it. but with ariz, caution is attention to him, so he says it again and again and again.

but last night, he said "bo?" .. and instead of the favourite you-know-what, he said "bola"! *phew*

Anonymous said...

Cucu tok, thanks for the info. Anuar called me on Saturday itself.

err who are you ah?

ok ok i know who you are already. But why leave comment here? ehehhe Adakah Gartblue lebih glamer dari blog ku?

Anonymous said...

eh wait could it be that, cucu tok thought Gartblue = Nina?


Lana said...

aduh.. peninglah boys ni kan? my adly is spewing b-o-n-g-o-k sending both the parents up the wall. help!