Still Worrying But A Tag Would Help

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Since famy kinda tagged me on this and I'm still planning my report, I guess, there's no harm in doing this. Right ?

Thr33 Things Tag

The Three Names I go by

Three Jobs I have had in my life
-Counter girl at McD
-Executive here at KompeniLetrik
-Trainee at Skegness Pleasure Beach

Three Places I have lived
-Kuala Lumpur

Three TV Shows that I watch
I do watch more than 3 shows actually, but if I had to pick then they would be:
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers & Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy

Three places I have been
- dalam negara: Pulau Langkawi, Sabah, Sarawak, all over lah but wanna go to Redang.
- luar negara: US of A, 10 countries in Europe in 28 days, Thailand, Singapore.

People that e-mail me regularly
-Big Boss
-the girls

Three of my favorite foods
-i don't love food that much.

Three things I would like to do
- read more books
- master the dslr and take lots of pictures
- learn to paint or sketch

Three friends I think will respond.
- Nagai
- Moshie
- Butterflutter

Things I am looking forward to
- the day I can leave the KompeniLetrik
- the day we're membesarkan empayar ke rumah sebelah
- the day the house keeps itself clean for more than 10 minutes.


8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

Trainee at Skegness Pleasure Beach

apa tu? at a beach? where? tell more ..tell more :)

Gartblue said...

hehehe .. it was a theme park, with heated pool .. 3 of them .. aku keja as a trainee aje, part of the work requirements. but we had great food, mandi pool all the time and bersukaria. kerja, satu benda pun aku tak ingat .. hahah

screwed muffin said...

are you sure skegness pleasure beach is a theme park? bukan strip club?

apa mau tunggu, resign je from kompenikedekutletrik.. come join us on the other side.. come join ussssss...

Gartblue said...

eh, sejak bila tukar nick from thescrew to screwed? does that reflect your current state of mind. eee lagi mau ajak aku masuk the dark side.

screwed muffin said...

aku tadi malas nak login to wordpress la babe.. dah le keluar nick kontot.. supposed to be 'screwed muffin' hahaha..

Gartblue said...

so, you're screwed less or what? or screwed completely. screwed and screwed some more? screwed commission? screwed and blue-d?


screwed muffin said...

screwed blue?

mosh said...

isk kena tag. eh what happened to the second part tu where you have to answer yes/ no? ooo something to hide? :D