Let's Walk to the School

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These days, I prefer to walk to Ayisha's school and pick her up. It's scenic walk, under trees and there are plenty to see. There's a wakaf before we reach the school and the walking path is away from the roads, so I can let Ariz loose while he jumps and skips. Adani is more content to pick up sticks the shapes of Y and I and X. I would point out the leaves, from tiny pine needles to huge ketapang leaves. Ariz would pick 2 dried ketapang leaves and pretend he has wings and fly.

Well. Last Friday, as we were setting out, MrGart came home. I heard a loud whirring of a helicopter, which is all not unusual since BJ is near air force base and there are all manners of jets and planes and choppers which fly at all hours of the day, very low or very high up in the sky.

But this particular time, it was extra loud. In fact, I couldn't hear myself scream. Hmm. MrGart stepped out of his car and quickly ran to the source of the sound i.e. the huge 3-fields park a block from ours.

To our amazement, a slick modern black heli just landed, right smack in the field. Boys playing in the north basketball court stared. The boys playing football in 2 other fields stared too. I stared.

MrGart said later that he ran towards it because he thought it was a army chopper in distress. Aha.

The even more bizarre thing next was a Malay man in a blue shirt nonchalantly stepped out of the heli and walked towards the houses and the chopper flew straight up and left the field.

I guess, he could tell his wife .. "Honey, I'm home. In a heli today".

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

nae said...

Gosh..make me wish I have a chopper too.

rotidua said...

seriously? wah cayalah. Agak-agak bley tumpang balik sekali tak?

Gartblue said...

nae .. i know .. the traffic at the NKVE toll plaza would be so thing-of-a-past !

roti .. serious babe! ish, kalau boleh tumpang, dah lama aku tanya mamat tu. melayu kay!