MrGart's Birthday in Colour

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay, I have a lot of work .. but I thought I'd spiced up MrGart's nofrills birthday piccies last February 2009.



Notekaki : I know I misspelled "birthday" but imagine that I didn't. Boleh tak ?

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

famyGirl said...

oh sungguh rajin :)
i have several unfinished scrapbooking projects... ntah bila nak siap hahaha

Anonymous said...

bird? hmm..

gartblue said...

famy .. i guess that's why yiour blog was called scrapbooked .. heheheh

screw .. like i said babe, imagine!

zan said...

saya sukaaa... :)

gartblue said...

zan ... *muahs*

mosh said...

mr gart = bird?