Worrisome Days

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I couldn't help myself but worry incessantly everytime I pick up the papers these days. Yesterday, I got even more worrisome.

The swine flu outbreak is super-scary, with the rate it's propagating and of course the lack of cure. Yikes!


At the home-front, the kindy Ariz and Adani go to is closed for a week, starting yesterday. Very immediate. They were containing the spread of the hand, foot and mouth disease in the school. I seriously appreciate the long letter they sent out to parents explaining their rationale for closing the school down even when there are a few cases todate instead of waiting for 7-8 to make that decision.

So, Adani and Ariz are at home, probably at each other's throats over which channel to choose and who gets to hold Bubbles the cat. Me, I can rest easy in the mornings cos it's just me, myself and I need to get ready for work. Normal days, I need to get both of the showered, dressed, hair-tied and bundled downstairs. So, I'm early today.

Last week, while I was waiting for Ayisha at the school, the teachers announced at the assembly that all pupils who are sick and feverish to stay at home. HFM is rife too at the school. The teachers blared on the PA system that cleanliness should be the utmost concern. No sharing tupperware of water bottles. Wash your hands.

Aliya came home saying her class of 38 was reduced to 26 cos people are dropping off, feverishly. Yikes! I pray that Allah protects my family from this test. Last night, all of the were sneezing and oozing clear snoots. A round of Actifed. Must get more supplies today.

Anyways. My throat seems a little scratchy today and my voice keeps hoarse-ing every now and then. Hmm. I need coffee.

Btw, a bizarre thing happened yesterday at the Bukit Jelutong Toll Plaza. A car stopped and a woman stepped out hurriedly. Hmm. She then started to bend down and look under cars, not hers, but others. I was like "EH?, biar benar makcik ni."

Then I saw them. 2 or 3 kittens were running and jumping about. *terbeliak mataku*

They must be hers. All cars stopped. Even the PLUS girls helped to look for these kittens. But I didn't see any caught. After a few minutes, the line started again. I couldn't see where the woman was by now.

When I passed the tollbooth, after the bar was lifted, my eyes buldged when I saw a scared brownish long-haired kitten cowering in the middle of the other Smartag lane and cars whizzed past her. I thought I saw the woman by now.

I hope the kitten is okay.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Joe.Jaffar said...

how the heck did the kittens sampai ke toll booth?

gartblue said...

joe .. rasa-rasanya .. the kittens were being transported elsewhere, tapi tak letak dalam carrier .. maybe just a box with the windows open, or something like that la ..