Monday Is Not So Blue Afterall

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's blue-r.

Had a run-in with a friend and though that hurts her more than me, I do hope that she accepts my apology. Sincerely.

On the other hand. I'm feeling a little behind myself.

I feel like I'm reading less to the kids these days. I've not been terribly successful in introducing them to new foods or vegetables. I've had my eyes buldged seeing the results of Aliya & Ayisha's Ujian Bulanan. I've forsake my one-hour a day without TV this year.

I think it's time to buckle up, Gartblue.

Yesterday, I took charge again.

We are doing the one-hour no TV again. Strictly. I hope when we re-do the new wing's master bedroom's into a study, we can all congregate in that room and do what's best for all. Readings or anything.

We are doing the jamaah prayers together and I will do lessons for them. Yesterday's hour long discussion on Jannah and Jahannam was peppered with questions and even bizarre answers from the girls. The discussion on Jannah intrigued them. Insyallah, I pray for Allah's mercy in seeing me through all my aspiration.

We are doing reading-alouds every day. Adani's been reading by herself lately and I've been slacking with her cos I know she can do it by herself. But I forget that she needs a step forward and I should be giving that to her. Ariz is intrigued with books these days but I was also intrigued with my TV, *shame* And the girls. Did I know vow to read to them, Shel's poems ? Whatever has happened?

So, today on a blue Monday, I'm making renewed vows. It's up to me to make the difference, and insyallah, by Allah's will, I will.

Note: Pictures were taken at Genting late last year. That's the foggiest day ever in Malaysia and the coldest (I thought -9C or -14C were normal to me, heh!) . *brrrr*

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

it's never too late :) one of my vows for this year is to watch tv less but to 'watch' my kids more tapi kan saya tetap dgn American Id0l saya hehe...yg lain2 tu sudah berjaya House, Heroes :(

butterflutter said...

I've been watching less and less tv nowdays. Once in a while I sleep late or wake up early and hv tv all to myself. My personal timetable and list of chores for the whole family are still pending.

When to start belajar ngaji again? When to start line dancing? Eish..Tak pernah cukup masa esp for the maidless me *sigh.