Ariz is Weaned. Finally !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I know. I know. *shakes head*

I could've written this when Ariz was 30 months old and not when he's err *counts finger* 49 months old! 49 months .. 4 years and a solid month and 2 weeks Wow!


Yes, people. Ariz is officially weaned. He hasn't asked to be nursed for the last 8 days. I feel like Firhad when he annouced his 5 months of cig-free days. Haha!

Suddenly he seems like a big boy.

Suddenly I feel a little less needed. So I hug him a little more at night. Smelling his hair and snuggling close to him, just breathing him in. He's oh so peaceful when he sleeps, not the tornado that he is when he's awake.

I'm a little loss now that he doesn't breastfeed anymore.

I kinda lied when I said that I was trying to wean him off. Half a lie, actually. Especially when I "thought" about weaning him and did nothing whatsoever to effect that. I thought about the asam jawa. I talked to him though, but never with much conviction. I just love breastfeeding him.

I gave in to him, everytime he needed to nurse. He needed the comfort as much as I needed to be needed.

I love breastfeeding. I love his dependedness on me. I love the thought of a physical and emotional submission to a child, all by Allah's will. I love that I was able , alhamdulillah, to fulfill what was the fitrah of a child and I love the feeling Iget when I feed a baby and knowing that every single drop of milk he gulps down, there's barakah to it to me and him.

To all of you out there, young wives, young mothers, young husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends. Breastfeed your child. Make that effort. Do not look back and regret that you never tried hard enough.

It's a new world altogether. It's far more rewarding that you'd ever think possible. Trust me. I went through 4 babies and a total of 9 years of full exclusive breastfeeding and I love every minute of it.

But pardon my sombre entry. My lull of happiness just ended.

Note: Hugs are welcome.

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mosh said...

I love breastfeeding too! For whatever reasons you might think of, say... like the father will almost always get uninterrupted night sleep :p

famygirl said...

49 months, exclusively lagi, wow! :)

butterflutter said...

Oh sedih mmg sedih...I still get Hannahs hand or leg on any one part of my body at night. Kalau tak dia tak leh tido :-P

gartblue said...

mosh .. hmmm .. I guess so, for daddies la .. easy nights for you guys ... and whatever else you meant by that ..

famy .. *hugs back*

butterflutter .. now Ariz nak tidur nak kena peluk lebih sikit and mmg kaki/tangan or the whole body will bersilang dengan I .. sakit jugak kalau kena kick .. hish ..

Anonymous said...

heee lepas ni kecut.


Anonymous said...

mr gart is one happy dude from now on

OO said...

hahahahahaha...*points to nina!!!!*...hahahahah...rolling on the floor...errrr..*stand up, betul-betulkan baju*, congrats Ariz!!! to mommy, it's time for a new baby!!!!

Wiz said...

Oh Gart, how I wished I could breast feed my children as long as you did. Breast feeding didn't come naturally to me as it did to everyone else I know. But please trust me that I tried my damnest hard at it, bought gadgets, read books, pergi berurut, dan bermacam2 lagi. It came to a point that I almost went meroyan because I just couldn't. The nipples kept on bleeding and cracking. Nursed them for a few days and then the same thing happend lagi. I cried buckets for my incompetency as a mother as I wanted and had dreamt of this experience years before I had babies.

But my kids alhamdulillah turned out ok. When they were brought to the doctors for their regular check ups, most of the doctors would comment "You must have breast fed your children"

I just smiled. In my mind I did.

lana said...

wow, lamanya. congrats, babe! and hugs too. i mcm boleh relate to how you feel (well, almost) now that adly decided to sleep on his own.

Cherry said...

so proud of you ! and ariz too

Gartblue said...

roti ... *kejarrr*

screw .. *sengih* and ehem me too ..

OO .. oppss .. new baby ? masih dalam pertimbangan. eh tak la .. implanon baru je masuk last month. ada lagi 3 tahun ni !

Wiz .. *tabik* .. babe, I'm so proud of you. It's the thought that counts and every single tear and effort that you did. I seriously take my hat off to you .. ada baby lagi ke lepas ni?

lana .. adly sleeps on his own? wow .. ariz still sleeps with me. uhm whether he likes it or not la ..

cherry .. hehehe .. thanks and alhamdulillah we made it this far .. tapi dah lama sangat dah tu kot!