Hot, Sweaty Weekend

Monday, April 20, 2009

I cannot remember when the last time it rained here in Shah Alam. The serious, cats and dogs rain.

Saturday we were at Cyberjaya for mrGart's office BBQ and sort of family day event. The venue was perfect. It's at a park near the Community Park behind the MMU Campus. There was a stage and a BBQ pit. They were next to a lake.

There were ample funkily modern designed benches and garden tables for picnics and designated picnic areas. Trees were aplenty and they were such heavenly things to sit under when the sun shined so brightly. The lake looks not so clean but there were lotus leaves and Ariz even spotted a frog sitting on a plate-sized leaf. Cool, I thought.

There was a very huge playground with ladders and bridges and all manners of play stuff to satisfy the mosy physically inclined kids. I sat swinging myself on a swing which was shaded while the kids ran themselves silly. Must protect my not-fair-at-all skin. There was a floating bridge to the middle of the lake which I thought was cool.

Anyhow. But it was hot. Severely hot.

Ariz refused to join the pick-the-sweets-off-the-mat games. Adani refused to stick her head in a plate of flour, fishing out sweets. No way. hose. Ayisha refused to sit on balloons to pop it the fastest. Instead, joined Aliya in a Musical chair. All was fine and Ayisha was out at the last 4. Aliya made it to the final 2, against this rather hefty, cheeky port boy, about Aliya's age, I assume.

That boy has his eyes fixed on winning, whatever it takes. When the music stopped, he grabbed the chair and swung it to his side. Aliya acted timely to avoid sitting on air and fell rather ungraciously. I yelled "Unfair" and demanded for the sneaky boy to be disqualified. The crowd loved this. And it continued. Second time, he grabbed it again! Darn! I thought. Aliya had the expression of ish-mmg-nak-kena-lepuk-mamat-ni.

They still let this cheating boy in the game, after committing fouls twice. Aliya should have won cos both times, Aliya had the chair but he had to snatch it away, almost causing injury to Alilya,

The third time, he got lucky and sat instead and won it. Hmmpppff!

Anyhow, I thought it was battle not to be fought anyway. Bullies are bullies, however you call him.

Well, during the tarik tali event, I was lending support to huffinf and puffing Mrgart while my 3 youngest charges were playing baking with the flour and water. Sungguh comot. There were white with flour and their slippers had dough on them.

We went home, head pounding and tummies full from the roast lamb and the bbq chicken and everything else in between. I had so much fun and I take my hats off to MrGart's colleagues who are sporting enough to do this. My office has not had a family day in, I dunno .. before Ayisha was born. Maybe?

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Lana said...

wah, eventful. still, panas betullah skrg ni