Pick Munch Pick Munch

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just got back from a fun lunch with the gals and MrSarahPiss. And it was like a blitz. And everytime we lunch there, it's always blitzy.

We would sit down, laughingly. Then we'd be ordering the one who sits closest to the belt to "quick quick, get the baby octopus". There's always "cepat, cepat, that wrapped unagi".

And the plates would be piling.

Today, we measured the plates and they were the exact height of Hazel, sitting down.

I'm full and heading over to PJ for a meeting. Hope to keep myself awake.

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caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

oitt! Having a 'hen party' ke? Hehehe. The digi Layout looked awesome!-Darling Candy's Mummy.