Rumah Merah Menang

Monday, April 13, 2009

I have completely forgot to blog about this.

It's that time of the year again, when parents make a beeline to the fields, under the hot, smoldering sun in sunglasses to cheer on their precious athletic kids.

Anyhow. My kids aren't particularly sporty. Hmmm. Kenapa agaknya?

Well, Aliya was not given a part in her Hari Sukan. Her bestfriend Farah was in the marching. Ayisha meanwhile, participated in her Sukaneka. This was Friday before last, uhmm the 3rd April 2009.

MrGart couldn't make it. I had to squirm and got away from a meeting to attend her Sukaneka. It was hot. Super hot. And it was Friday and alhamdulillah I had my silk kebaya. Good that it's cooling but not that great that I looked out of place.

Anyhow. The event itself.

Ayisha in the thick of things. She has to walk with a beanbag on her head. Manoever a football with a hockey stick and then put on a pair of construction boots. She was smiling all the way. I thought she looked a little too relax while she was managing all this.

Yes, Rumah Merah of 3 Keruing won!! With her fellow Rumah Merah-ans! yayaya!
*mak over dari anak*

A group photo of the winning team. Yee haaa! Looking at this, Ayisha isn't the smallest of the lot after all. There are smaller kids. *phew*

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

butterflutter said...

Musim sports day eh. Mak memang selalu tumpang seronok. Yea...yea...yeah...jadi cheerleader

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. anak-anak awak dah lepas ke sports day?

the lil ones kindy sports day will be next month.

nae said...

Ingat ke aku sorang je mak yg over..cheerleader cum photographer

Anonymous said...

kuda ku lari gagah beraniiii..

eh tu lagu