Labour Day Weekend

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is Labour Day. I feel labour-ed enough today though. So, we're looking at a particularly long weekend. yay!

Nothing much planned.

I have cookies to make and tudungs to sew and books to arrange.

I have excess fat on my girth needing a jog and a twist.

I have girls and a boy who are restless and needing a distraction. A cheap distraction's the best. Ooh. You remember the Nik NurMadihah, the girl who scored 20A in the last SPM. I received a txt from Shah Alam Library inviting us to the LIbrary for her talk on Sunday at 8:30am. There! Cheap and informative.

I think we need a pool trip this weekend. Maybe early tomorrow morning, once we all wake up and before the hot sun shines.

I think I need an Orange Glow Chiffon Cake or maybe a Chocolate Souffle Roll with whipped cream filling this weekend. Oh oh oh, I know. A Cordon Rose Cheesecake with strawberry toppings. Or a Pavlova with strawberry topping. Or better, a tiramisu. Hmm .. decisions. decisions. decisions.

I think to think how best to get Ariz to get his haircut. Or not. He looks rather cute with his long hair. If only it's not as itchy.

I think this weekend will be fun, family-fun. Insyallah.

Hope yours will be too.

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

have fun blue.. wa balik kedah, jumpa sedara mara + tengok anak itik main hoki

gartblue said...

theotheraj .. ish ish ish .. dah lama dengar anak itik dok main hoki. tak terer-terer lagi ke ?

Anonymous said...

blue, you're confused between them and red devils kot..

mosh said...

hate to tell you this but don't think those fat will go away in one day, or 3 days even.

elisataufik said...

My chocolate banana moist caje with almonds is in the oven ;)

ha ha saja nak confuse you more :)