Post Mother's Day

Monday, May 11, 2009

Was it Mother's Day yesterday? Cause I didn't notice it.

Could it be because apart from the kids' early Mother's Day presents, I didn't get anything else at all ?
Could it be because my special Mother's Day lunch consisted of leftovers of MrGart and the kids? As usual.
Could it be because I was still the one ensuring that the kids were dressed, showered and fed?
Could it be because I didn't get to spend some time on my own at all?
Could it be because no bouquets of flowers came my way? and no spa/massage either !

Well, I guess .. that's the huge difference between Mother's Day and Father's Day. On Father's Day, the daddies get great lunches, some feet off time from your normal chores (now, that's a real joke!) and great hugs and kisses to appreciate everything a daddy does and time off the kids and the whole day is spent reminding of what a Daddy means.

On a Mother's Day, a mother gets to be .. tada ..a MOTHER!

It's a never-ending thing. I get kids surrounding me everywhere I go. Even to the toilet sometimes. I find them upstairs when I want to pray. I find them at my feet when I'm cooking. I find them in the bathroom when I'm peering over the many ubans that's colonising at my jambul. And wherever I find them, I sure hear them.


If I sound a little dejected that my Mother's Day was a dissapointment. I'm not.
If I sound a little frustrated and a severely little under-appreciated yesterday. I'm not.
If I sound a tad sad for not being seen. I'm not.
If I sound a little ungrateful for the beautiful children that I have. I'm not.

*lap air hidung* what?? I have a cold.

*reminding self that every little thing that I do, it's "kerana Allah"*

p/s to all mommies-like-me, I urge you to get the Anuar Zain CD. It has proven to be an effective stress-buster, frustration killer and balm for wounded ego for me time and time again. He will sure make you cry and then he'll lift your spirits high enough that you'll find yourself belting out his songs at the top of your voice within the sanctity of your car and you will emerge a fresh and a new person. trust me. he soothed my nerves this morning and I was a wreck.

15 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...


Gartblue said...

roti .. hahahah .. yes babe .. o-oh! anyway .. i'm hopping over to resipirahsia lunchtime karang and poring over my book with a walnut brownies with ice-cream sebagai ganti lunch yang x jadi. wanna join?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kita belum jadi mak, like, proper proper mak pun, kita boleh faham perasaannya...

CD anuar zain hok mano satu? yang dia duet dengan pompuan whozername tu, buleh tak? *terus pasang on the computer...keluar lagu "semua untukmu"*

have fun during lunchtiiiiiimeeee!!! *hug hug*

famygirl said...

i understand you, totally!!!

Gartblue said...

roti kacang .. whoohoo .. babe, i love you .. takpe .. cd yang baru sekali .. the one yang teman terulung .. i especially love the 3rd song of the whole cd, apa tah nama lagunya .. messagenya is .. dulu aku cinta, kau ada orang lain, now that you want me back, sorry babe .. pergi sudah, tinggalkan aku .. ku tak ingin kau lagi ..macam gitula .. nangis-nangis gua .. ahaks!

famy .. hahaha .. somehow .. for a auspicious occasion celebrating "us", we don't feel celebrated, eh?

mosh said...

tu lah. next time you can learn from wifey. i was virtually "forced" to pay for a reciperahsia dinner. can like that? i thought i could get away with buying that empty card and asking the kids to draw some cute little stick figures on the card.

Anonymous said...

it's a conspiratorial celebration, similar to father's day, teacher's day, and pak mak menakan tok pak nek moyang's day created by hallmark and memory lane to boost card sales haha

everyday is mother's day. wait.. everyday is father's day :D

Gartblue said...

mosh ... heck babe .. been doing that for the *counts* past 11 years and hoping the 12th time lucky. nope! cute little stick figures? seriously mosh ...

screw .. am boycotting it next year .. and although it hurts to admit it .. everyday is a father's day! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

makcik! call olab. She's free this lunch i guess. I'm not. Need to be a mother in office too.

Anonymous said...

duh! sudah hilang pulak gue punya comment..

anyway, I wanted to say that, I'm tad sad abt this entry huhuhu...


- zan

butterflutter said...

* Sigh...What to do gart. Moms day or no moms day pagi2 dah pening kepala dgn kerenah anak2 & ayahnya sekali.

Gartblue said...

roti .. aisey .. i nak balik le ... *burp* sedap betul la japanese soba tu .. and i had no more room for the brownies .. heheh .. the company was great though .. we were lamenting how bleak the future looks now .. *sigh*

zan .. heheh .. *hugs back* .. cheers girlfriend!

butterflutter .. *hugs* ... that bad, huh?

Jo said...

Eh Madam Gart,.

We spent mother's day in Hospital. All four small ones were warded due to some *&^%*#@ virus..

Pipa, arip, ajim, dilla with erythromycin (sp?), cold rooms, and young nurses with uniforms... woopss.

Not bad eh ?

Gartblue said...

jo .. *terbeliak*
all 4 small ones .. oh tidakk!! i hope they're all better today, eh? alamak kasihan sungguh ..
true true true .. there's always someone with worse news .. eh, no offence eh! .. but the young nurses with uniform part tu .. ehem ehem ehem..

elisataufik said...

i had to change bedsheets because Izani peed in the bed, pastu make lunch for kids, kemas rumah, do laundry... last last sendiri masak nasi minyak with kari daging, broiled chicken, pappadum and acar timun+carrot to celebrate.
meh ... same ol same ol