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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is one of the recent picture of Aliya. Lucky she's sitting down and not standing next to me. That would certainly put a new meaning to "short" and "stout" to me.


Aliya is really tall now. I think she's only about few inches shorter than me and when we walk arm in arm, she's at par already. She's also wearing my pants (the sporty, stylo jogging pants which I no longer wear due to uhmmm excess inner capacity) and been seeb trying on my shoes and all.

She also gets a lot of phonecalls these days. Most of them are from Mimi or Farah or Azmina. Her classmates. These days, when the phone rings, we no longer get excited cos we know it's always for her. And she carries her hand-me-down handphone everywhere now.

Which I check every now and then. The ones she calls and the ones calling her. The messages and all. So far, it's still very girlish and all.

Aliya is really showing off her true character these days. She's the cool chick. She's not the talkative type, but rather the stand at the side, head tilted and scrunches her face, summing up the situation. And peole will always ask her what she thinks. Ala-ala wise la kot. *musti gene aku la tu*

And dressing wise. Hmmmm .. she doesn't like skirts. She doesn't like flowery stuff. She doesn't go for pinks anymore. She loves jeans and because she's slender and slim, she looks great in them. I think she looked like me when I was her age. Slender and her posture is straight which I so love. She loves long-sleeved t-shirts the most, especially ones with damask designs or swirls, but never flowers. She loves the type of shirts which is short-sleeved but has an inner sleeve. see picture. get it?

She loves layered look these days. Her hair is very wiry and straight length hair makes her look hefty, so this haircut is pretty new. Layered and it makes her face looks even longer.

But one thing my anak dara still does is twirl her hair. Now that her hair is short, we no longer find her in the mornings, finger stuck in the twirled hair. A habit she started when she was a baby and has never seem to be able to shake it off. Hehe!

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

siap sedia la mr gart nak bertepis, bersilat. reminds me of what brader hish told me years ago when his daughter dah jadi teenager. tak menang tangan.

mosh said...

my niece sorang pun macam tu jugak. she used to twirl her hair while sucking on her thumb tapi while thumb-sucking couldn't can persist over standard 3 but the hair twirling while watching tv etc went on sampai form 3 camtu kot.

Gartblue said...

screw .. i know! hisham still regales us of his stories of his 5 girls .. sooo scary ...*yikes*

mosh ... haha .. i guess it will still persist .. asha on the other hand needs to have a string like tali bantal peluk where she would just run it across her lips .. once when she was a toddler and we forgot that particular bantal, i cut a tali from a bag. hokeh!

butterflutter said...

How long have we been blogging huh. Semua anak dah besar2 belaka. We are entering into the next phase with no more babies around. A diff set of headaches *ouch. We are going for layers too panas la now ni

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah...!! She is so big now!!

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. hahah .. i started blogging when Adani was just a few months old and now she's almost 6 yo. Time sure flies eh and they sure grow grow and grow. makes me feel .. uhmm rather o.l.d

elisa .. *smiles* kan? anak awak pun dah hensem and macho these days .. sigh .. refer to my butterflutter's comment.