A Whirlwind

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People can only see so far, the rest of Allah's will.

This week has been crazy. Really crazy.

Last week's been crazy too, but not as crazy as this week. Work has been a pain. I've been swamped and didn't have time to blog properly, which was unusual for me. The kids have been rather well-behaved considering exams were over. But we were slightly more edgy and get upset easier.

This week, we have it all sorted out. I have a sudden trip to Singapore (am writing this in MAS Lounge) and MrGart has a golf time with his buddy today. Work has been crazy since Monday and I put in more hours than I normally do.

Then just when we thought things were falling into place, Ayisha complained of chest pains and difficulty in breathing. She didn't look so good so I let her off school. I was on leave yesterday and I gave her ventolin as she was coughing a bit. She slept all day long and I completed my 120 milk bottle cookies for Farida.

By nightime, she wasn't getting any better and MrGart took her to the clinic as I was packing brownies for Ariz and Adani's Teacher's Day do today. mrgart called later to say that the nebulizer didn't work and she was referred to DEMC.

Off we all went, cookies left at home, untied.

The Emergency doctor ordered a chest x-ray cos her chest sounded tight. He needed to rule out pneumonia. Alhamdullillah the chest x-ray showed mild pneumonia and she needed to be on the nebs every 4 hours. The rooms were full, so we needed to come every 4 hours.

We came at 6am, groggily.

But this morning, Asha seemed okay and I decided to continue with trip (as if I can cancel it la kan?).

BTW she just called to report that Ariz has been bulllying the little Rexx and she sounded really "herself". HMmm..

Anyhow. Need to get to my Gate now. I love the Lounge when it's less ppl around. I literally curled myself on the sofa. Bliss!!

Ciao people. Lion City, here I come. Hmm sapa nak ajak I dinner malam ni ha?? screw dah balik mesia.

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

same hotel? pi je esplanade kalau dah malas. or the food court at the mall next door, if dah open balik heheh..

butterflutter said...

Alhamdulillah all is well.

nae said...

Poor Asha...last time the same thing happened to Amri, I went to klinik adek and requested to bring back one nebuliser unit. Still chaotic juga because Adam was still a todd at that time and regarded it as a new toy to fight for.

Anyway...enjoy your trip!

zan said...

arghh sana sini budak sakit2...that include mine (so far Nael only)..

hope all will be well again!

Anonymous said...

Which part of golfing time that u refer to??? I had to cancel my whole golfing programme for today to take care of Asha!!! - Mr. Gart

elisataufik said...

ada orang sudah complain...