Orang Utan vs Orang Hutan

Monday, May 25, 2009

Life resumes after I got back from Sing-ka-poh Friday night. Funnily the Changi seemed a little quieter than normal. There were less ppl around. Much less than I've seen Changi ever. Even KLIA. The Lounge was deserted. On my flight back, in the Biz Class, there were about 4 passengers. Hmmm .. takut nak travel ke?

At KLIA, we had to pass a temperature screening booth but these nurses in masks only were interested to screen you if your eyes were blue/green or grey and your hair was not black. Otherwise, you're free to go and spread the germs! Hmm .. Discrimination tak habis-habis.


Ayisha did have an athma attack on Tuesday night last week. Dr Rasool asked me to be alert anytime she complains of shortness of breath. Apparently if you have a family history, you're at risk at all ages. Hmm I thought once you sail through childhood with no attacks then you're fine. Hmm. Allergies too. Did I tell you that after Ariz weaned himself off me 3 months ago, he's had 3 allergic reactions that needed Zyrtec intervention immediately? He's never had any allergic reaction while he was on the breast. Now I'm feeling about him weaning.


We were back at the clinic straight from the airport as Aliya was teary-eyed and coughing with headaches. She has very low pain threshold, even headaches will make her cry non-stop, but not whining, just sad tears. Found out that she has throat infection and apart from that was okay. The weather these days are seeing people and kids fall sick all the time. Adani and Ariz as usual, tried to fish for attention and tried to sound sick. Ish bebudak ni!


Today is super-hectic. I have a long list of things to do today and blogging ain't in it. But hey! A girl's gotta unwind. HOKEH?

Ayisha asked me what's the difference between Orang Utan & Orang Hutan?

I said that Orang Utan is an ape, from the monkey family, large and hairy and very like you when you're grumpy. hahahahha. *mummy ni!* Orang Hutan is someone who lives in a hutan! Okay ka?

Then I was reminded of Ariz. He now has this penchant for reading encyclopeadias and factual books. He's not into storylines like the girls. He loves to flick through my 2inch thick of History of the Ages (from the Ice Age through to the Modern World) and finds much excitement looking at pre-historic animals and dinosaurs and mammoths and animals with at least 5 syllables to their names.

Anyway, we were reading a Two-Can Animals & Planet book one night and we're at the Apes and Monkeys section. There was a picture of Orang Utan and Spider Monkey. And he took them in with keen interest.

So, when Ayisha asked about the Orang Utan. He loudly proclaimed that "Mana ada orang utan? ORANG MONKEY MONKEY HUTAN la! Macam SPIDER MONKEY"

[edited to reflect Mummy's failing memory, as highlighted by MrGart]

Errkk .. no amount of convincing him will do. So, we're stuck with Orang Monkey from now on. Sorry Orang Utan, just bear with us a little longer.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

Ala mummy got it mixed up...it's MONKEY HUTAN(logical actually)la bukan orang monkey.

elisataufik said...

ya lor. how can orang jadi monkey? must be MONKEY HUTAN.
isy isy isy

Anonymous said...

only be worried if he start slapping his monkey

Gartblue said...

hokeh hokeh ..

patut la macam funny aje .. it's MONKEY HUTAN !!

screw .. hmm i guess you're right ler ..