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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exams is over, folks!

Err only if you're between the ages of 7 and 12 and schooling at Buikt Jelutong. And DAY, your ACCA is still not over yet. *hugs*


Am so glad that it's over. I don't have to keep reminding (or rather shrieking to) the girls why are they watching TV and not holding a book. Or chase Adani & Ariz out of the sisters' room. Sigh!

Insyallah they will do well. *sedapkan hati*

Meanwhile. We're almost *pinches fingers* this close to getting the keys for our new abode err next door. And I'm thinking hard about the rooms' arrangement.

Aliya is big enough for her to need privacy. From us and especially from the prying and nosey sisters and brother. I think she is brave enough to sleep on her own these days, provided that her room is decorated just straight off IKEA's pages.

Ayisha may need to bunk in with Adani instead now that Aliya needs time to herself. Next year kan nak UPSR. I know both Adani and Ayisha play very well together, especially on their specialised topic of "alienating ARIZ".

Adani has been pining for us to move her toddler bed to the girls' room. BTW, she was there for a few months but walked in the middle of the night, every single night to our bed that we moved her back. Now she wants out. Pening! And her toddler bed. Hmm .. kena tukar tu.

Ariz. Talks about his room, his bed, his pillow and his everything but sleeps bawah ketiak Mummy. So not yet la. Maybe a play room just for him, for his cars and dinos and his many herds of animals and trucks and stuffs.

We're also talking about converting the other kitchen into my Cookie Studio. Fooh .. bunyi mengancam siutt!!!

Last week we dropped by uninvited to Ninuk's newly renovated place and ooohhh-ed and ahhh-ed. I love her renovation ideas. *must copy*

Hmmm itu la sahaja angan-angan di siang hari ini. Jom zuhur!

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

theotheraj said...

heh.. nanti nak tiru idea reno.. and if ada good contractor also, let me know heheh

so dah decide nak buat connector macam mana to the new side? living area, kitchen area, top floor, underground?

butterflutter said...

Ahhhh lega. Boleh lah nak melepak lebih2 or pick up balik my books.

Cookies studio ermmm...nanti boleh buat kelas kat rumah kan. Amat menariks itu.

Sizuka said...

wah! i nak gi visit rumah k.ninuk la mcm tu. will ask hubby to find time to drop by at k.ninuk's house. hubby and k.ninuk were schoolmates. can u believe that? what a small world :D

nae said...

Wooohoo...and convert a room into library and another room into mommy's fortress. Jgn lupa invite me for cookie studio warming (with cookies in the oven)

elisataufik said...

wah sungguh curious ni.. i must drop by BJ bila I balik nanti.

mama pasha said...

gambo please! qeqeqe. :)

gartblue said...

Screw … will do .. when we put our plans together .. right now MrGart has this grandiose plan to brak down some pillars and what nots .. scary!!

Butterflutter .. betul tu .. the kids lega, we are much lega-er .. cookies studio is definitely in the pipeline .. hehe

Sizuka .. fooh sungguh small ini dunia .. kak ninuk eh? Nak panggil dia kakak jugak la .. psst .. tak keluar spital lagi eh? *hugs*

Nae .. the OTHER massive master bedroom will be a musolla/study room/library .. though MrGart wants a sound-proof audio room .. *rolls eyes*

Elisa .. toldja BJ’s a fun place to be .. err minus one or two bad apples la .. hehehe .. come come come .. with your seacrh for integrated school, BJ’s your choice .. hehe .. disclaimer: tiada komisyen dibayar dari pihak empunya development.

Mamapasha .. err right now, gambarnya sangatlah bohsan .. cos everything’s in the head lagi .. haha . .tunggguuu