The Fever, The Hour and The Sleepover

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Fever, The Hour and The Sleepover

It’s a baton-passing thing that my children are playing between themselves and MrGart.

2 weeks ago, Ariz was down with stomach flu. He was better in 24 hours.

Then, Adani was down for 6 days for throat infection with 40C fevers and left her weak, lethargic and clingy. She had zithromax and now a jumpy, excited Adani again, slightly thinner from a week of no appetite. At the same time, the biggest baby of the house, MrGart caught the same thing too and later complained that I did not sponge him down when he was feverish like I did Ariz. *eyebrows menjungkit*

Last Friday, Ayisha had a 40.1C fever at 4am and woke up crying and skipped school. I came home from work in the afternoon to a 39.3C feverish Ariz. Off we all went to see Dr Rasool at the clinic.

Both have inflamed throats and I didn’t even object for antibiotics for both of them. He mentioned that throat infections always lead to high grade fevers. I quivered. Yikes!

True enough, the whole weekend, Ariz went through a cycle of 39.5C fevers every 5 hours. He had a lot of problem swallowing the zithromax which he said was “macam pasir” but I made him pinch his nose while he swallowed it. Course completed.

Ayisha was better by Saturday but since she already started her augmentin, that’s gonna have to complete la.

This morning, I thought Ariz was better but he had a 39.3C at 7am. I thought of calling in half day leave but by 7:30am, his fever was subsiding and I thought I’d save the leave for worse rainier days.

I just called home and he was ok but throwing tantrums. Yikes!


Aliya had her first sleepover at her best friend Farah’s place for 2 nights. We missed her but she apparently enjoyed her stay very much. *sulk* But I guess she kind of deserve the time off away from her demanding little brother and sisters. I’m glad that she enjoyed that. Ayisha and Adani meanwhile were asking where Aliya was every few hours and when to pick her up again.

Ariz suddenly had an imaginary friend who asked him for sleepovers and Mummy should be sending him off to that friend’s house with a bag full of books and clothes. Hmmm.

Earth Hour. We were so prepared. MrGart put the tent out. He charged our emergency light (BTW, everyone should have this in case for another involuntary national blackout, like it never happened before la kan?). He had both torch lights ready. I had the 3 little battery powered star night lights from IKEA ready. We had candles, scented ones prepared.

So, when the hour came, we gladly put out all lights and stayed in the tent. 10 minutes later, we gor bored and decided to walk around the neighbourhood to a street full of wandering neighbours and crackles of laughter from the girls next door. It takes a dark night to get neighbours together.

I felt so good doing what little we could do in the name of the Earth.

Well, by 10pm, we’re ready for bed and me, ready for Grey’s. Heh! Once a TV addict, always a TV addict.

Fever .. Fever .. Beaver

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a week, man!

Just fevers though. No beavers yet. Thought fever rhymes with beaver. Anyways!

Adani's better now, alhamdulillah. After close to 6 days of 40C fevers and a course of Zithromax (her first every antibiotics) she's kicking now. Turned out her throat infection was kinda not relenting. But she's teary-eyed this morning. Guess the many days off got her hooked on home. Ish.

Ariz meanwhile has been going to school without so much as a whimper for the whole of the week. Considering that the normally the 3 of them (Ariz, Adani & Ayisha) would hop of Manjit's van, the past week saw only him, or him with Adani or him with Ayisha. I'm so proud of him. Takut jugak kalau dia pun nak cuti macam kakak-kakak yang kurang sihat.

Aliya's been busy with school projects and we've been ferrying her to her friend's house for her project team to work. Bless Allah for making us decide to stay here where her friends' houses are nearby and I can get to know them in person. too.

Last night, Ayisha ran a fever. At 4am, she was at 40.1C. yikes! She's been coughing the dried ivy leaf cough meds I gave her, obviously not working that well. Hmm. Must pay a visit soon.

In the meantime, today is Friday and it's pay day. Whoo hoo! *macamla nak shopping sangat*

Loo Trips Would Never Be The Same Again

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big Kahuna's last day is tomorrow and they're planning a big send-away do for her for the traditional last swipe before she goes off.

I have been working for the Big Kahuna for the past 7 years, maybe more, I wasn't counting since it's too far from my retirement. And I have such huge respect for her.

She has an envied photographic memory which is a bane to us sometimes and scares the hell out of me when I forget a page she remembers some 6 years ago and wants to see it again. Darn!

Her attention to detail is just amazing. She remembers every single letters and events and literally put me to shame, at times. She's one of those rare women engineers who climbed up to the top, in this sexist world and even more sexist organisation and remained true to herself.

She believes in the marriage and family institutions and has told us that if your children are sick, be with them instead. For that, I take my hat off to you, Big Kahuna.

There are other types of the Veeps who think that just because I've scraped and struggled and burned bridges with my wife and children and friends to get where to I am today, you should too. And the other sicko types who think that weekends are best spent poring over documents and having meaningless meetings.

I loathe these veeps, typically men who are short and pudgy and stout and portly with fake grins and they normally gorge their faces with food during official dinners and they normally have their gargantuan-sized egos as their bestfriends.


My Big Kahuna has never been any of the above. She hardly ever holds meeting past the official working hours, unless it was completely necessary. For the days, I was kept in meetings way past time, I have accepted it as I saw it fit for her to conclude issues. And she was always asking me about my kids and my plans and personal stuff.

For the past 3 years, I think, I've worked closely with her and I saw the unadulterated part of her and I'm proud to be there. She might not have won many hearts but she sure struck mine. My respect for her was truly earned and never demanded.

Colleagues would argue that I felt that way since I was always picked by her for assignments and she would march down my lowly-end-of-the-world room to tell me a conversation she just had with someone.

But like my SecondInLineBigKahuna would say, my toilet trips would never be the same again once BigKahuna retires.

You see. For some reason or another, I bump into BigKahuna the most at the exact spot in between the 2 sinks in the women's toilet.

I've had assignments handed over while I washed my hands.
I've had to present status of current crisis and issues to her while I put on my hijab after ablution.
I've had to report to her how my feverish child was recovering.
I've had small talks of where I bought my simply brooches.

My last encounter with BigKahuna in the loo was last week.

She just finished ablution and I was walking towards the loo at the very end of the toilet. She hmmp-ed at me and I acknowledged her her a hmmp myself. I went in the cubicle and locked the door.

Then I heard. "Gartblue!". Yikes!

I unlocked the door and came out, nature call aborted for the next 6 minutes as she was asking me about one of her current favourite issues.

I had no choice but to succumb to it. My kidneys just had to wait a bit longer.

When I was relating this to SecondInLineBigKahuna , instead of nods of sympathy, she might as well rolled on the floor, laughing, because that's exactly what she did. In fact, she ended her hysterical laughing fit by saying that, "Your loo trips would never be the same again!".


I hope the she enjoys retirement. I hope she enjoys not having to deal with this crap on a daily basis ever again. I hope that she finds new adventures in her travels.

And thank you for teaching me what I need to learn. A living example of a working, successful woman with all her values in tact. Thank you, so much.

p/s Now I can pee in peace. No pun intended.

It's Really Hot These Days

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scorchingly hot, may I add.

Last night, we had all the kids in our room since except Ariz, all the girls are either feeling quesy, fevers and coughing-kung-kung-kung. Aliya and Ayisha bunked down on the floor and Ariz and Adani wedged in between us. I was lying in bed, diagonally, constantly worried about MrGart squashing Ariz and Ariz's free-kicking legs would do extra time with Adani next to him.

Woke up around 3-ish to a whiny Adani and a 39C fever too. Once that dealt with and her asleep again, I turned the air-con on again. After the July 2008 electricity tariff hike, all the bedrooms air-cons are set to go off at 3:30am. Even with that, our electricity bill is around RM250. Ciss!

But last night, it was so hot that I had no choice. Berpeluh-peluh ni karang Ariz sure mengamuk punya. Good thing too the girls are with us, so jimat satu malam punya aircon costs. Haha!


We're supporting this next week, the 28th March 2009. We've been spewing too much CO2 and the SOx and the NOx and I feel kind of weird for having a hand in burning a rough total of 12 million tonnes of coal last year alone. *points to the sinful power stations*

So there. We're going dark, next weekend.

This is what we plan to do.

Spread a mat on the field, grab some food and drinks. Get some balls to kick and just chill. Probably I should print some stars charts and we could try to spot them.

But what if it rains? Yikes!

The Unwell Weekend

It started really well.

We decided to join my colleagues to attend Matju's wedding at Terachi (must drive through Bukit Putus and lalu Ulu Bendul).

Ariz was better by then, still no appetite but chirpy still. The girls were fine. Then at fast lane near Senawang, we heard a loud knock from under the car. Yikes! Then the air-conditioner blew hot air instead. Double yikes!

Hokeh! A check at the nearby PETronas revealed a long cable (possibly from the cable on top of cars and has become un-tacked) tangled under the bumper. Yesterday MrGart found out that it leaked the radiator and would be a little costly and not to mention, one less car today.

Well, we're almost there but now we're nearing the kenduri in all our fineries, dripping in sweats. We wound the windows down for some cool air, but Bukit Putus jam la pulak. Adoi! Saturday turned out to be one of the hottest day this week, or this month! Tak apala, practise for Earth Day.

Kenduri done. Congratulations to MatJu and Liza and thanks for having us.

We stopped at Ulu Bendul for a dip. Best jugak. Ramai orang Kompeni yang singgah after kenduri. Even my brother took his kids over there too, knowing that I was there. So, I left Aliya and Ayisha with them while we drove to my Mak Ndak's at Rashidah Utama with Ariz and Adani, who's now feeling feverish.

Sunday. Adani got worse. She complained of stomach aches and feverish and a little cough. This Last night Aliya threw up once. This morning Ayisha called me crying kata she's coughing and "bernafas laju" and boleh tak tak pegi KAFA? Hmm

So, so much for the first day of school. Aliya's at school now. Ariz went on the van this morning alone, minus Ayisha and Adani. I hope Ayisha feels better to go to SKBJ in the afternoon.

And I hope that the kids will all get better soon. Insyallah.

Stylo Girls

Friday, March 20, 2009

We were at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday and at the Orange Atrium, there's this charity Cut-A-Thon by A Cut Above. They were targetting for 1500 heads for RM10 per Dry Cut.

Well, I got 3 tickets for Aliya, Ayisha and MrGart. Ariz refused and Adani was adamant of wearing her hair long.

Here's Ayisha with her graduated layered look. The guy who cut her hair was cautious about cutting it really short. But her supervisor came and snip snip-ed and the result was remarkable. I like!! She loves it!

Ayisha new haircut

Aliya was a little more more nervous. The hairstylist kept her length and looked perplexed on what to do with her long fringe. She consulted her Supervisor and he took a hold of that long fringe and with a long steady move, it was done. And Aliya couldn't be happier.

Aliya new haircut

For RM10. For Charity. I like!

The Stomach Bug Came Calling Again

This was Ariz yesterday around 8pm. From the time I arrived home from work yesterday to 8pm, he had thrown up about 5 times. The last time was greenish, indicating there's nothing else in his tummy.

He became thirsty and parched and asked for ribena or water and as soon as he plopped himself back after drinking it, he would weakly said to me "Nak muntah .." and I quickly got the puke bowl to him and held him while he wretched and he shuddered.

MrGart went out and got him 100Plus. That spent about 5 seconds before it too got ejected out. At 3am, he was still throwing up every single drop of liquid he drank.

It was harrowing. This was painful for a mother to go through and this was nothing, mind you. Apatah lagi, the mothers whose children have much much more severe illnesses than Ariz's. Astaghfirullahadzim.

In those wee hours of the night while MrGart snored and Ariz rested in between his throwing up sessions, I rubbed Minyak Yuu Yee on his tummy and patted him to sleep. I was reminded of Kak Jun who babysat Ayisha when she was 2 months old until she was about 9 months old i.e when Andes came for good.

You see. Kak Jun is such a strong person. At that time, she was caring for Fatin, her 9 years old invalid daughter, body twisted, bed-ridden and was fed through a tube. Fatin always laid in the middle of her quarters at the Kompeni, a few doors from the Kompeni's Nursery where Aliya was. Kak Jun's husband was paralysed on his left side froma stroke suffered a few years back. But he still went to punch his card in the morning and came home. The Kompeni kept him on its payroll.

Kak Jun was so determined to give the best to Fatin and her other sons. But sometimes things got a litle harder. Ayisha was once left to the care of her 15 yo son (who is now at Germany, I believe studying Engineering) while she carted off Fatin in a rickety stroller to the nearby Pantai MC. Mind you, she had to push the stroller, rather heavily too, down a hill, cross a very busy Jalan Pantai and up the hill to the Hospital. All because she couldn't afford a cab fare. If she had told me.

Once, she told me while I was dropping Ayisha off hers, how she was so tired that she didn't wake up and Fatin was seizing for a good half hour due to her high fevers. She felt so guilty because of that. And during the day, she still had the tenacity to care for Ayisha who was the most strong-minded baby I and she has ever known.

You see, Ayisha loved to nurse. Fullstop. Straight from the breast. Nothing else matters.

So, we've gone through a gazillion teats, bottles, formula and none worked. In the end, what worked was feeding her my expressed breast milk from a syringe. Imagine that! Even I was not that patient. She was used to it, she said. Sometimes she used a spoon. But syringes were easier. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and I so respect her for her strength and determination.

Kak Jun now lives in a flat at Sentul. Fatin passed away at 13, a coupe of years ago and her husband was finally terminated under a medical board by the Kompeni and they had to vacate the quarters. Her eldest son, Idris is now a clerk at the one of the Kompeni's subsidiary where I always go for meetings in PJ and he recognised he immediately. I thought he looked familiar but never would've guessed the connection. The son, who was minding Ayisha on that fateful day, is studying at Germany and I'm sure the mother is proud of him and his other son.

Anyhow. Kak Jun might have lost her only daughter Fatin, but I can assure you that throughout Fatin's short life, Kak Jun cared for her with such love that was above herself.

Today I took a day off. I did not answer phonecalls. So to Sara-With-A-Fizz and Ken, I will speak to you on Monday. Bukannya apa, I hardly slept last night for fear of Ariz running up a temperature. So, I was napping with him. Ariz when he's sick, became a clinger, a super-clinger. So I had no choice but to snuggle on the sofa, with a glass of iced coffee and the Astro remote.

Ariz meanwhile ate nothing today. But alhamdulillah he could keep fluids down and has not vomitted anything yet today. But he stil refuses to eat. I guess I could keep offering and he's bound to accept a bread or some porridge later. Insyallah.

I think we can skip the trip to the clinic la since he's getting better. He's doing the Madagascar 2 dance right now. His favourite. The one Alex performed while both he and Zuba was cornered by the newyorkers.

Ah well.

Cuti-Cuti At Sg. Klah Hot Springs

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday, as promised, we took the kids away from home for some fun. To unwind.

They were not too excited when MrGart shot their Sunway Lagoon and their Genting Highlands ideas. Yikes! But when we mentioned the Octopus pool, they were eager.

We first discovered the place when the whole of Gart's clan (Tuk, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak, Pakcik Awi, Azfar, Mak Teh etc) were menghantar rombongan meminang Yazzir's bride at another Felda around here. As the main agenda then was to meminang, we didn't spend a lot of time at the pool. The kids were not that happy and the whole gang of counsins under 12 rebelled and sulked then.

So, we came back to redeem ourselves.

The place was only about an hour away from Bukit Jelutong. Toll was RM15.30. Drive up north and and take the Sungkai Exit. Then drive for about 10 mins into the place. Follow the signboards for Kolam Air Panas Sg. Klah. It says something abour Felda Villa and Spa.

We arrived around 11-ish, having set out from the house at 10, in gloomy skies and drizzles. Alhamdulillah, weather was great when we arrived.

BTW for adults, they charge RM10 per head and kids at RM8. Told Aliya that, kat sini, satu family boleh masuk, kat Sunway Lagoon, sorang je la.

Anyways. This was the Octopus pool. It's actually Mountain Springs Pool. In BM it says Air Gunung. Even in the hot hot sun, the water was so cool. Sejuk! Mengigil la jugak. And I didn't smell chlorine at all. Wow!

It's a massive pool divided into 2. The one you see here are below 3 ft depth. It has graduated depths so the littles ones, babies will stay at the gigi-gigi air la. Ariz could walk the whole of the pool without assistance, air the max at his chest. They have pebbled stoned as flooring which I thought was great. The pool was clean too, I'm impressed.

BTW, the facilities are great and modern and clean. Super-impressed. The toilets are plenty and clean. The changing area was great and nestled in greens. Murah pulak tu! Mai mai!

After a while, I said that we should check out the Hot Springs, which was just a short walk. People just walk in their wet attire. I'm not talking about one little pool, ok. There are at least 3 small pools kot yang yon can sit in and have therapeutic benefits of natural hot water. Tahan dengan tak tahan aje la kot.

We went into the 30 - 30C therapeutic small pool. Basically, you step inside and brace yourself. Tapi panas weh! Itu je la yang mampu. There was one at 40-50C in which MrGart dipped his toe and winced greatly. There was one at 35-40C and there was one makcik sitting there with scrunched up face. I dipped my toe and opps, next one! There's also a reflexology path where the hot water runs through them. Makcik sakit kaki ler. There's a ayurvedic treatments amidst the park too but we're too broke for that!

Anyways, I think this is a great place for families of all ages. Your makciks and datuks and neneks can lounge the hot springs while the younger, livelier ones splash themselves silly at the Octopus pool. Cool mountain springs vs hot springs. And it's cheap too. How many times did i have to stress that? Haha..

See the massive park. For RM10, a great deal, I thought.

We then walked to the fenced up areas where the source of the hot spring. Membuak-buak and berasap. Foooh.

Here's the 90-100C pool where you can boil your eggs. They have the raga for you but you can buy the eggs from the cafe nearby. Kids are off-limits, understandably.

A view of the hot springs massive pool.

This is the Hot Springs Pool. Dunno how hot, probably at least 30C. It's floors are pebbled stoned and depths were graduated too, so babies can sit at the gigi-gigi air while mak mak test power duduk air panas.

The trick is to step in slowly and lower your body very slowly and brace. After a few minutes, you'll feel more comfortable. There are 3 tempayans, huge ones at the entrance for you to rinse yourself with cold water just to cool off. That was bliss. My Pak Lang kata, lepas berendam dalam kolam panas, mengantuk kalau nak drive balik. So, kena siram banyak-banyak dengan air sejuk. Memang betul pun, aku tido tak bagi can punya on the way back!

The view from the other side of the Hot Springs Pool.

BTW, I would've loved to stay here longer, but Ariz would'nt hear it at all. Panas dia kata! The girls were sitting down and chatted but soon the novelty wore off them. Off we go to back to the Octopus Pool.


Boycott Story

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Few weeks back, I was driving 3 of my girlfriends to our favourite MV for lunch.

It was a short drive. Typically, on the way to MV, we would be talking about work and who's pissed who and who got promoted and meetings and whatnots. On the way back, conversation would be very lively and at the traffic light from Abdullah Hukum to Bangsar, we would break out in great huge laughter, often in tears over something typically small but hilarious, nevertheless.


On that very day, Day was talking about boycotting the mcd and the nestle and all. Lay was not and was vocally voicing that out. So, we have Day and Lay (both of their names rhyme) arguing about the merits and demerits of boycotting giant companies like that.

Although I love lively debates like that, I know both of my friends and they're not about to let it slide. We were at the parking area then I said something about being awkward and the debate ended to be replaced with where-to-eat conversation.


I agree with Lay that 1 or 2 persons may not make a big change in the world. The giants will stay giants. A ripple is the sea ain't gonna move the beach. *peribahasa buat sendiri*

But I agree more with Day that although 1 or 2 may not make the change, it is a person or 2 persons' efforts towards change. We do what we can afford to do.

Ayisha, my 8yo very strong-minded daughter was very adamant that we never set foot inside Mcd ever again. Adani still says that "tak boleh makan mcd, nanti kena bom dekat gaza". Aliya is neither ok nor ko. But Ayisha really suprised me by her steadfastness and unwavering belief. Once she sets her mind on something, that gets done. Insyallah.

So, there we are. What little I can do, I will do.

BTW, for Nescafe addicts, maybe you wanna try Old Town Coffee, the 3 in 1, coffee with 40%less sugar with sugarcane. I'm a new fan. Seriously.

English. Bahasa Malaysia. So?

The country is in disarray. Front page news aren't about how the country's achievement, its doom economic outlook or even the caring Government actions to safeguard the welfare of its people. No siree.

The papers flash news of who's has graft charges, whose dirty hands in money politics, who's under disciplinary probes for election wrong-doings and all these are not crooks. These aren't thieves. These are personalities that we (at least the unsuspecting majority) have entrusted to run the counrty. People with titles, datuks and tansris and puansris of whom I supposed was blessed with these titles from their lifelong devotion to the country.

The only news that catch a mere mortal being like me is the Nik Nur Madihah success story and her many scholarship offers. By the way, obviously I had to show and tell the story to my own children to have them realise that what a blessing they have. Nur Madihah ate bread so much that she came to love it that much. My kids had ikan kembung goreng one night and was complaining to the heavens how they hated fish.


I for one, could not care a hoot for anything "political" in nature. I do not associate myself with any political parties, not even the Kompeni's women association.


I read with alarm in the UKS about the views mortal people like you and me have, on the issue of Teaching Math and Science in English. Last week, I read with much dread about the nation's lead sasterawans marching to the Istana to hand over some memorandum to abolish the policy. And the not so peaceful gathering too. Sungguh merisaukan.


I dunno about you, Mr Politician or you too, Mr Sasterawan. But I have school-going children. 2 this year and another will join the bandwagon next year. I betcha you have yours either in private schools or they've graduated from UK universities or have taken residence in Australia and London and ain't coming home anytime soon.

But sir.

You do not introduce some policy as widespread as this and 6 years later, just say "Opps!, twas a mistake". No you don't! I don't give a hoot about winning elections or garnering support from the not-so-urban people about going back to Bahasa Malaysia as the language to teach my kids their Math and Science.

Let me tell you this. Kids have already gotten used to this. They've adjusted well to this. So, back off! Did you care to ask a typical Standard 3 boy? or a Standard 6 girl for their views on this? After all, it isn't you who's gonna have to flip flop and get confused all over again. It's them. All this flip-flops will only damage the kids. And you, fight for credits which is worth shit to their eyes.

Come on you grown men! You say you have ambitions. You speak about visions and missions for the people. But you're on a policy today and change your mind tomorrow not unlike my daughter who changes her clothes 5 times a day. She can change her clothes as many times as she wishes but you, Mister have the future of the generation in your hand.

I plead with you MrPolitician and MrSasterawan and MrPolicyMaker and MrNormalPeopleOnTheStreet and MrNeedPoliticalLeverageToWinElections, just leave things the way they are.

Kids have adjusted well. Maybe you can learn a thing or two on the subject of integrity from them.

Bored-Kids Buster Ideas

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's the thing.

We're so ill-equipped this term school break that we have not planned for any breakaway trips, no hotel rooms, no cheap flights in or out of the country and not even day out at the beach. Well basically, no plans whatsoever.

Here's the trouble. 4 very restless and bored kids. And mummy and daddy who cannot afford to take time off work for too long. Meetings and whatnots. I always save my leave days for emergencies and for when the maid goes home. MrGart generally saves his leave days for golfing session or self-fulfilling activities. *pout*


Here's the plan.

Wednesday, both parents have taken time off work. I may take Friday off too to just be with the boisterous kids and home.

Either :

1. Lepak at Mines Resort & Mines Villa (apatah namanya which has a sandy pool). Kids want to just swim in pool. This is completely FREE.

2. Genting Highlands. Aliya's perennial favourite. She's egging me to get on that Solero Shot ride again. Me? Green with puke! This will easily set us back RM400 for tickets, food and other fanciful stuff the kids would get crazy on up there on that rather sinful hill, what with the gambling and all. I never like the place. But the cable car rides and the coolness of the highland is refreshing. But bukan baru je ke kita pegi. Gambar pun tak post lagi kat blog.

3. MrGart fresh from his camping trip a week ago is still gung-ho on going back to nature mode. He suggested we drive up to Kalumpang or Lintang (on the way to Karak, my father suggested this place) and camp for the day. Hmmm. Yikes ..

4. Another of the kids' favourite. Sunway Lagoon. Great entertainment for the kids. Great big hole on the parents' pocket. Tickets will set us back around RM200. But the kids will love us to bits for this. Jusco card boleh dapat diskaun kan? Or was it TouchnGo card?

5. MrGart and another green, cheap idea. Drive to Sungkai and go to that Kolam Air Panas place where they have huge huge pools and the place is done up nicely. Well shaded. Minimal cost. There's a smaller hotter pools where you can even rebus telur. We discovered the place while menghantar my cousin's Yazzir's kenduri last year.

Pick a number, people!

School Is Out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Woke up early this morning. And it looked bright. After Subuh prayers, MrGart and I took out the bikes, I'm borrowing Aliya's to go round the neighbourhood. My thighs need some intervention.

We were also looking forward to check out any other houses in the area for renovation ideas.


The neighbour who had early this week caused so much headache to us had parked his huge XC90 right smack in front of our new property. Completely blocking the house and made taking the bicycles out a hassle. *sikit lagi aku nak calarkan aje kereta dia ni* Hishhh! Geram jugak.


Baru 2 streets away, raindrops fell. First tiny ones, then they got bigger. Quick quick! Home abound.

Well. Coffee time. Nak buat macamana. Dah hujan. Bila hujan teringat kubur arwah Zul. Wonder if the tent was still over his grave?

I was watching American Idols while I piped letters A and H for Hazel's engagement favor cookies this weekend. And sapatah-namanya was singing You Are Not Alone. Termenitik air mataku.

Anyways. A short term break of a week for the kids. We have no real plans. Nowhere concrete to go. Anywhere cheap, I guess or better, free! Haha. Aliya was telling me about her friends who are going to Hong Kong and Bandung and Disneylands and the faraway places. And I was only offering Genting Highlands. Sungguh sedih! But alhamdulillah we are together.

Anyways. The girls are getting ready for the hari jalan-jalan sedunia. Tengahari karang nak makan domino la.

In Remembrance of Zul

Friday, March 13, 2009

Received an email this morning about a blog post of zul during his teens and the heart operation he underwent in Australia. Read it here.

There was also a lot of pictures of the burial ceremony taken by mamanuraina and here's a picture of the family.

The one in white headscarf was Zida, the wife and in white baju melayu was his eldest son, Danny. The 2 girls in shades of blue tudungs were his daughters and the little long-haired boy in beige baju melayu (not facing the camera) was his 4th son. The youngest son was being comforted by relatives.

pictures taken from the blog post by mamanuraina.

If the morning after is hard on us, I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is on Zida. I pray that Allah gives the family strength and patience to get through this test. Insyaallah.

I thought I was okay this morning. Until I was at the canteen and stood there at KakNor's stall. My voice broke when I asked KakNor for nasi lemak. I remember how Zul loved KakNor's food. Chapati. Roti Arab. And of course Nasi Dagang.

This morning too, as I walked into the office, I stole a glance at his room. Still dark. What was I expecting? He was normally early. He always closed his door before 8am. And I never knew what he was doing while the door was closed. But past 8, he would always respond to my "Jom makan" calls.

I miss Zul.

The End Of The Story

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Read Saya Sangat Berang.
Then read, The Sequel : Saya Sangat Berang.
Then cool down by reading Hati Sudah Tenang

What follows is the conclusion.

This was what happened on Tuesday.

The 2-page letter I wrote to the school focused on 7 reasons why Ayisha could not have bullied Tasha, even if she wanted to. These range from the weak premise on which the accusation was formed, Ayisha's physique, her character predisposition and interaction they have had and so on. My letter had 2 objectives. I wanted to clear my daughter's name from the malicious accusation thrown at her and I wanted the school to understand my fear of retaliation from the brothers.

I met the Penolong Kanan, Penyelia Petang and the highest ranked Discipline Teacher. I thought I had to fight my case. It turned out that once I've explained that this was a very petty and minor issue. The only reason why I was there was because the parents had over-reacted and dragged us into this. The teachers knew the family and thus, I sat there a good hour listening to THEIR horror stories. But point was taken, from both sides.

I picked Asha up on Tuesday evening and she was so chirpy.

She spoke about being called to a meeting between Discipline Teacher, and class teachers of hers and Tasha. The teacher asked Tasha to tell the truth now of what really happened.

Tasha said that opps, it wasn't Ayisha. It was someone else who bullies her at school but does not attend the school there. I was like, eh, biar betul! Kalau dia tak sekolah sini, siapa dia? Entah-entah, she was making up stories all along.

Whatever her reasons are, the teachers got the truth they were after and Ayisha's name has been cleared from the accusation. Alhamdulillah. I asked for Allah's guidance and help and also a jalan keluar and alhamdulillah.

I am so happy that the school acted swiftly after I met them in the afternoon. I am so happy that the teacher managed to dig the truth out of that girl and set my girl free. I al so happy that Ayisha is happy again. Hati kan dah tenang, this is an added bonus. Alhamdulillah.

Now. Do you think an apology from the parents will come? 3 days have passed. Counting.

I Lost A Friend Yesterday

I just came back to the office from the burial of my friend, boss and colleague.

Eyes puffy and head splitting from the crying, I need a short nap.

Zul passed away yesterday at around 4:30pm from complications from his second surgery after his first gallstone removal surgery. I regret not finding time to visit him before he went under his second surgery and never regain conciousness again.

Yesterday, we were jolted by news that he had a turn for the worst and we came in droves, hugged Zida, the grieving and sad young wife. Patted the shoulders of Danny, the eldest at 15, Nina at 13 and Alyssa at 10. We took Andri and Baby who are 5 and 2 to breakfast and stayed around to babysit the younger ones.

It looked bad. I came to his bedside twice. This was only the second time I ever was in the ICU/HDU. The first was to visit Lollies' mom. Zul looked pale, he looked asleep but I prayed for him. He was sweating profusely the second time I went in.

By 4:30pm, the dreaded phonecall came in.

I rushed to the hospital with Hisham, his fellow Kelantanese and a very good friend, being of the same age. I saw the kids and tears flowed.

It was time. It was time. This is Allah's promise.

And this morning, alhamdulillah the burial went well. The sun shone brightly. Fresh tears flowed.

I came in the office, glancing at his room, dark and read his name on the door and I smiled through my blurry eyes. I knew him from the very first day I started work here, 12 years ago. We shared many stories together. Many jokes together, most of them rather x-rated and trips all over the country, meetings , negotiations and every possible thing that could have befall us, 8 hours a way, 5 days a week.

We bought our first houses together and celebrated the birth of our children together. We discussed what cars to buy and he would always ask me of my opinion with his health or Zida or any of his children. You see, Allah is great. Zul was worrying about having to have an open heart surgey to replace his now-warranty-expired 23 years old mechanical heart valve. And this surgery he had was a minor one. And that's what caused his death. His ailing heart held out longer than his body could. Allahu akbar!

MissKLSentral was a wreck too last night. Lollies would be too, if she was here.

Zul was a super likeable person. He was always making people laugh. 2 weeks ago, in his last Harfiyah lesson, he was cracking jokes and we were all reduced to teary-eyed laughing growups all through the class. More than usual, I thought and I was telling everyone about THAT particular harfiyah lesson because I enjoyed it so much. Moshi's missed the class, otherwise we would be on the floor, in stitches. He was always the class's clown. Making jokes and asking innocent questions. Who would've thought he would be gone today?

The last time I saw him, he came to my room returning azGROWLen's cds of The Hereafter series by Anwar Al-Awlaki. A month ago, he saw them in my room and was instantly intrigued. I was telling him the lessons I've learnt from those 18 CDs and he was instantly sold.

We discussed the CDs, the many many things that we never knew that we really should. He was so feeling slightly guilty for holding on to the CDs for so long to which I said, I was sure azGROWLen wouldn't mind. Zul was so so grateful that he had the opportunity to listen to the Cds again and again and he told me how his children, especially Nina was into them.

He completed the whole series last 2 weeks and now his journey has begun. I pray that Allah have mercy on him. I pray that Allah have mercy on his widow and young children. I pray that Allah grants us all enlightening. A death is a minor sign of kiamat. Especially when it's someone we know and we've grown close too, almost family.


Hati Sudah Tenang

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm done "makan Hati" and I'm done worrying. Why should I? Haven't I known it already that Allah knows best. Aliya told me that the du'a of those oppressed will be heard by Allah, no hijab whatsoever. I was so consumed by anger that I forgot that.

From then on, I realised with a pang that, in moments like this, one should turn to Allah. In any moments whatsoever.

So I prayed for peace of mind. I prayed for His protection upon us all.

I realised that humans are humans. But what makes us a person is the sense of right from wrong and that our reliance on Allah.

So, I'm taking a half day leave today. I have just written a 2 page letter to the HeadMaster, copies to Penyelia Petang and Ayisha's school teacher to explain what the incidence. I have made the letter very point-form, factual, staying away from emotional outburts. My hands trembled with anger still and my heart was bursting with the unfairness of it all. But I firmly believe that Allah knows what's best for us. This is my part, whatever happens next, is Allah's will.

Just like when Maryam, weak from just delivering Isa under the tamar tree, Allah asked her to shake the trunk of the tree for dates to refresh her. Tamar trees has the sturdiest trunks and Maryam couldn't have shaken it even if she tried. But Allah wants us to do our part, the rest of it is His part.

So, this is my part. I'll send in the letter and I'll just carry on as usual.

The Sequel : Saya Sungguh Berang

Friday, March 6, 2009

Things exponentially got worse since I last posted the entry.

Okay. *heaves in*

I went to pick up Ayisha at school, as usual as this is Friday. Saw both the husband and wifey's cars were at their house, which was unusual. Should have suspected something. Then at school, while I was chatting with a friend, saw the Mother. She looked at me and looked away, rather too quickly.

I gave no notice of her. Then I saw Ayisha and she looked different, slightly quieter. She said nothing happened. Until her friend asked her while we walked to the car, saying "Apa Cikgu Asma tanya?" and he told me about Asha being called by the Discipline teacher.

*darah sudah naik upstairs*

I thought I already said to her that I would talk to Ayisha and didn't they called MrGart to complain too? Why go to the teachers and complaine about something which was so bizarre? Are you trying to ruin my kid's reputation at school? Character assassination, even when she's completely not guilty?

I asked Asha and tears welled up. She said that during recess she saw Tasha's parents, brother and a cousin at school and the older brother called her but she ran away. She tried to call me but I didn't pick up. I had 2 missed calls from the school.

I put them in the car and ran back to school hoping to catch Teacher Asma. Alhamdulillah, she was still there. She said that the parents complained but she and Asha's class teacher had problems believing them. But she had to make sure and called Asha to ask.

I explained to the teacher that this could be a case of baseless accusation made by Tasha's parents and I do not believe that Asha was capable of bullying anyone.

I pleaded with her to watch out for Asha and told her that I could not prevent what the parents would do and have done. But what I can do is distance my family from them from now on. We will not associate ourselves with them anymore afraid of what they are capable of. It is clear that we are victims of circumstances and Ayisha has been accused of something she would never be capable of. In fact I would like to write to the school to set the record straight.

I cried when I talked to the teacher. I felt so teraniaya. I felt cheated that a neighbour whom everyone has shunned all this while and to whom I've kept completely neutral of, could frame us like this. What have we done to her? What have my kids done to theirs? They were the ones desperate for friends and when we became their friends, this was what you repaid us in return?

I was furious and when I was telling the kids that from now on we avoid the kids and their family at all costs, like a plague, Adani told me that the secondary school brother came looking for Aliya in the afternoon. I immediately became alarmed.

So, I've talked to the kids. Anytime anyone who's not a teacher disturb you at school, immediately run to a teacher. Call me. I am afraid for my kids if the brothers take it out on my other kids at school or wherever it is.

I've talked to a neighbour about this asking her and her maid to watch out for my kids and to the van drivers to just keep an eye out for them.

I am scared.

Saya Sungguh Berang

Translation : I'm Pissed As Hell.

*breathes in, out. In. Out*

A phonecall received a moment ago. A little background info. These are the neighbours ALL of my street neighbours and probably the whole of BJ have issues with. I wrote about their kids come-a-calling at our house, messing up the house at all hours of the day. Read here. The older brother has a long list of delinquent unspeakable acts that have brought the whole neighbourhood to detest the kids. I have had no issues with them, as long as I'm not dragged in any incidents. We have remained neutral, never taking sides all this time.


The super-busy mom called me up and first thing she said was "You have a problem, Gartblue!". I was stumped. "Err hhhmm.". Apparently, her std 1 Tasha has been throwing hell-ish crazy tantrums over the many days and refusing to go to school. Okay! BTW, I noticed that for the last few weeks, she has put Tasha on the same van Asha goes to school with, i.e Auntie Mala.

How is this my problem, I asked. She said that today her workers sent Tasha to school and while Tasha was screaming and refusing to go to school, Tasha pointed to Asha (who was at the time was talking to a bunch of her friends and was allegedly pointing at Tasha). Even Ilham (her Frm 1 brother saw Asha sinfully talking to her friends and pointed her fingers at Tasha. Apparently Asha's been telling her friends not be befriend with Tasha.

BTW, Asha is Std 3 and Tasha is Std 1 and this week was Exam Week.

And she also added that even at the padang, Asha's been telling the rest not to play with Tasha.

Hokey! Is that all Asha did? Talking to her friends and pointing to Tasha? Could Asha been telling her friends that Tasha lives 3 doors from me? Or That's Tasha, my neighbour? Did Asha beat Tasha up? What? What? What? The mother then said that I need to solve the problem. I said that I will talk to Asha to see if there's the truth in this to which she said that I needed to solve this cos she is so upset that Tasha is not gong to school.

*face is red now*

BTW, Tasha is tall and big for her age and Asha is pretty small for her age. They are in different levels and have different sets of friends. How is this my problem again? I just don't get it. I'm pretty pissed that she accused my Asha of this.

Could her child refused to go to school because of the Exam Week? Could there be other problems, non-Asha related? Could Asha is just a scapegoat?

Tasha's brothers are well-known for a long history of broken car windows, punching an adult in full view of the parents who said "biasala", beating up their maid with a golf club, shouting profanities to their maid (in Malay, mind you) while the whole neighbourhood gthered to see what the fuss was about, running home to get a pair of scissors during a fight at the padang, causing deep woulds on a neighbour's son's head after one son crashed intendedly on the poor boy with his bike and the parents never apologised, parents threatened to sue a child over a missing slipper, stolen type caps for all cars in the street which they used for their bikes.

MrGart called just now to say that the father called him up too to complain about Asha too. Wow!

I'm getting super-vexed now. But I think this is what I will do.


I'm just gonna ignore her. But I will swap Asha from her Aunty Mala van to Aunty Manjit who already ferries Aliya, Adani and Ariz to school. Asha's been asking to change and Manjit gives me better rate and she's very personal with me and the kids too. I like Mala but I don't like Asha to associate with Tasha anymore than she has to.

Saya sungguh berang. Sangat berang sehingga report saya tergendala sebentar kerana masalah ini. Grrrr ...

Thunder on Thursday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The title should give away the clue that I have nothing specific to write about.

I heard a thunder just now and Thunder begins with a T just like Thursday. Genius!

Anyhow, Aliya and Asha have their Science and Spelling and Maths papers today. Aliya is mostly studying downstairs or in her room and I am okay with that as she comes up to me every now and then asking specific questions which makes me feel okay la since the questions are legit.

Ayisha, I still have to hold her hands and read the stuff together. Last night, we went through the notes for Science. And thank you to Bubbles, I could gladly point out the difference between "fur" and "feather" and "moist skin". I think, insyallah both of them would be okay today. Hasil? Insyallah.

While the TV was off ( CSI was on at 10pm, so okayla) and we were reading and cramming, Ariz was busy revising too. Not books, but how to run on 4 limbs, like Wildmutt. He was busy practising how Wildmutt roars and perfecting his running up and down the little steps we have on all arms and legs. He was also busy fighting off aliens and changing his alien form by the constant hitting of the invisible omnitrix on his wrist. Hmm!

Adani was very interested in what I was reading with Ayisha and Aliya and would keep by my side, reading together with us. After 10pm, I caught her in Aliya's room reading Aliya's grammar revision book. Hmm.

I should also mention here that Ariz has developed a penchant for being read to these days. His favourite books are "Baby Rhino's Escape" and "Hush". That got him going everytime. He makes me read like 5 books while Adani looks on impatiently with her own 5 books. Adani's into Horton Hatches The Egg now and Princess and A Pea.

Yesterday, Adani excitedly told me that she had an Agama lesson. She told the Ustazah that "Allah is up there and Allah sees and hears everything that we do even if Mummy doesn't see it". Exactly what we discussed during the Aqeedah lesson (baru 2 kali) we had with the kids. She said that Teacher Badri wanted to give her 5 stars for that. Adani beamed! I beamed too. Wow! I'm impressed and alhamdulillah.

Anyhow. It's about to rain cats and dogs here in Bangsar. I have Harfiyah lesson at 1pm and Moshi's not in today, so ada sedikit bohsan. Moshi makes any class feels less stressful.

Btw, I got The Reader cd and am so gonna watch them tonight. Have a copy for Famy too. Thanks to azGROWLen. *muahs*

I'm Not Gartblue. Just Her Twin.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I thought I should do a community service this morning. There's been too many incidents of mistaken identity this year and the year is only quarter done.

Some of you may know that I have a twin. Not just any twin. An identical twin. One who looks exactly like me (maybe a kg lighter than me and slightly, I mean seriously slightly taller than me), sounds like me and even wears the same style as I do. Tudungs and all. Call her Nobita.

I once looked at a picture of me and I wondered why that dress on me was so unfamiliar. Then it hit me. Heck! That's not me, that's Nobita. Darn! Even I confused us.

Our real names are the same except for a letter, I'm an N, she's a T. And no, I'm not Nobina. Our IC numbers are 2 digits apart. I was always dressed in blues and she'd be in reds when we were huge, fat, cherubic babies. My grandparents even had an artist painted us and the big potraint of us cute, fat, twin babies is hung at my parents' now.

Side Note: Apparently identical twins are far less common than fraternity twins. Hmmm.

We're born 10 minutes apart and I don't care what you think but I am the older of the twin as I came out screaming at 8:29pm on a Saturday night 10 minutes before she did.

Anyway. We always have separate sets of friends after school. I went straight to the UK after my SPM and she spent 3 years here before flying to UK. Then, it's always her friends thinking I was her and my friends thought she was me. They never saw us together, so that's forgiveable.

Now, we both live near each other. And now our kids go to the same schools. Adani & Ariz attend kindy with Imran. Aliya & Ayisha attend SK and AdDaris with Annissa.

So, the circle of people who know us both has considerably grown larger. And so, the incidents of mistaken identity increases. These normally escalate in the first few weeks or months of the beginning of school years and should taper off by the end of the year.

I've had friends and neighbours commenting how foolish they felt when they said hi to "me" only to be gently and embarassingly told that I'm not "me". It's her twin. Everytime me and Nobita meet, we'd be exchanging reports of who's been mistaking us with whom and we'd be describing how that person looked like so that the other can be reminded who she was. Sometimes we call that person up to say that "sorryla, that wasn't me la babe!"

I had 2 incidents in the last week. One was last weekend at my cake deco class. Patutla dia senyum semacam je kat I. I thought she was just friendly until she asked me about one of "our" mutual friends at KPP/ITM and then I realised she thought I was Nobita. I never did attend KPP/ITM.

Then last night at the friendly DincyStore. One of the storekeeper who knows us very well over the years and she knows my kids too, especially Ariz's penchant with ice-creams and she was also the one who called us up when she found Asha was about to throw a big spending party for her friends with RM50 that MrGart mistakenly gave her for pocket money last year.

She was red in the face when she told me that she asked Nobita why weren't Ayisha and Ariz with "me" to which Nobita replied that "these are my children" poniting to her own i.e. Annissa, Imran, Irfan and Arissa. The storekeeper then disbelieving said "Ala kakak ni bergurau pulak". Nobita was gently letting her in that she was really not Gartblue. Adoi!

Anyhow. Not to discourage you. Say hi to me whenever you see me. Do not fret if I may have a look of completely not recognising you. Chances are that's not me. Nobita is as nice as I am. We may bite but we normally smile, warmly, may I add.

Whenever we have to do the yikes-you-got-the-wrong-twin we always always do it gently.

Betul. Serious. I will you down gently. Lepas tu, I gelakkan you la pulak. Hahahaha .. this is amusing. I guess, all those years of sharing rooms and stuff and everything else finally pays off with seeing these looks on your faces. *evil laughs*

News? What News?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I was reminded last night of WHY I hardly watch the primetime news anymore.

When I was younger and was still in school, we watched the news every night. Because at 8:30pm, shows like the 21 Jump Street, Knight Rider and the likes would be aired. It's a compromise. We would never wrestle the remote control from our Abah who's determined to watch his news. And there was news on the TV. I watched and I felt and I believed.

Last night. Since there were just me and Adani in the living room while MrGart sent off Aliya & Asha for tuition, I flicked to the TeeVeeTiga.

Menyirap darahku bila isu-isu like the name of Allah be bandied about by these politicians (of one single party), the way they haphazardly slandered a MB of the state of Kelate when he said that "Allah is for everyone". There was also a high-ranking ustaz or a mufti who held a press conference denoucing what the MB was said.

People of all ages, races and religions all are servants of Allah. Their beliefs in Allah and its Messengers are what set them apart. But we are all servants of Allah. That should never be bandied about.

I shook my head in disbelief at the disarray the country is in, politically and economically too. I had to refrain from uttering profanities hearing these arrogant and self-righteous grown, old men who think they are the great leaders and perfect leaders for the people, for Adani was doing her homework and have such sensitive ears.

I shuddered seeing their big-headedness with such unflappable air of arrogance, no heed whatsoever of what the HereAfter will befall them. Astaghfirullahadzim. Don't they realise that we are all judged for every zarah that we do? Good or bad? And worse if you are leaders and you're dishonest and you're slandering others and just playing dirty? You think you're getting away with it? Seriously!

Then I watched the clip on the secondary school boy being bullied and punched and kicked and he just slumped over. What are they teaching kids these days? Don't people believe in punishment and Hellfire anymore? What's wrong with our people?

Then the business news came on. I was ready to flip to AFC to watch Sugar cos I need some much-needed dessert to soothe my frazzled nerve. Before my finger hit 703, the newscaster was announcing about how stock markets of the world tumbled down yesterday and they flashed that FTSE's report on its decline. But they din't spell FTSE. They spelled FOOTSIE!!

What? And you call your segment Business? You should know that although FTSE is pronounced as "footsie", it should be written as FTSE? Gila ke hapa? Sungguh memalukan. TeeVeeTiga should be ashamed of itself.

Now footsies remind me of some footsie being played under the table during a official meeting many many years ago. Opps! Too much already.

Safe to say I will not be watching anymore of those primetime news anymore. I doubt if I'll miss anything. I wish to preserve my sanity and my peace of mind and watching it rattles me far more than keeps me informed.


The Weekend We Stayed In

Monday, March 2, 2009

It rained. And Aliya and Ayisha have Ujian Bulanan 1 this week. So, we the parents put our foot down and said that we're staying in throughout the weekend. No movies. No window shopping anywhere. (Ik-ea tengah sale ni, sigh!!)

Minus the local trips for milk and bread and ice-creams and such. Unavoidable.

We watched the Slumdog Millionaire Friday night. I found it truly harrowing and the epitome of human suffering. The girls were glued to the TV too, asking questions about hows and whys. I guess my kids, our kids are sheltered from these hard living conditions and they'd never imagined life harder than theirs would ever be. Seeing movies like this and Bersamamu on teevee3 sure will open their eyes a little.

Even Mummy flinches every now and then. The part where Jamal jumped into the shit hole determined to meet this idol was a bit too much, I thought. The storyline was clever, dissecting each question and how Jamal knew the answer. I laughed when Jamal broke into a large grin when faced with very last question on the Three Muskateers. His acting was superb. I believed him.

But I never did get Latika. She didn't connect with me. I didn't like her. But the Bollywood musn't be forgotten cos long after the credits rolled, I was glued watching the dance, the sashaying of butts and arms, Bollywood-style.


We went to look at potential friends for Bubbles, the pet on Saturday. He's 4 months old now and very big. He looked like a typical adult cat, even when he's only a baby. A Maine Coon trait. We were at the cattery where we got him and I met Bubbles' parents, Mulia and Aurora (eh, betul ke? funny la pulak). They are just HUGE cats. Yikes!

Anyway, another Maine Coon was giving birth while we're there. I ain't watching, if you're wondering. Ouch! We sort of put a deposit on its baby, if it's red and a boy. Uhmmm .. wonder if Andes is thrilled at this propect. But I guess Bubbles will be thrilled for a friend he can gang up against Ariz.

Ariz. Ariz. Ariz. MrGart and me did such a great covering-up job at the cattery when asked by the owner how Bubbles is settling in at home. We said that the kids adore him, especially Ariz. We talked about Ariz had allergic reaction to a neighbour's cat but never to Bubbles. We talked about how the synergy at home has changed with the presence of a cat. We talked about the kids becoming more responsible with the cat.

BUT. We were silent about the stomping and the chasing of Bubbles, Ariz does on an hourly basis. We were mum about Ariz opening the cage and carried the sleeping Bubbles to keep him company while he watches Ben10 on TV. We kept quiet about the bickering who gets to hold Bubbles and the tug and the pull. Responsible? Ayisha definitely. Aliya is still not touching Bubbles or any other animals, insects, birds or even ants. Adani is very compassionate with Bubbles, especially if Ariz is holding him. Ariz is uhmmm too much stomping. Ouch!

So, how now brown cow?

Birthday Cookies For Adam

Nadia from D-EMC requested for these for her son's Adam 6th birthday. She didn't specify any designs except that she wanted the name Adam and 6 on the cookies for his party.

So, here they are. 15 of these half-car on a round cookie and 15 of these number six-es with dots. I sure hope Nadia and Adam like them.