Bored-Kids Buster Ideas

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's the thing.

We're so ill-equipped this term school break that we have not planned for any breakaway trips, no hotel rooms, no cheap flights in or out of the country and not even day out at the beach. Well basically, no plans whatsoever.

Here's the trouble. 4 very restless and bored kids. And mummy and daddy who cannot afford to take time off work for too long. Meetings and whatnots. I always save my leave days for emergencies and for when the maid goes home. MrGart generally saves his leave days for golfing session or self-fulfilling activities. *pout*


Here's the plan.

Wednesday, both parents have taken time off work. I may take Friday off too to just be with the boisterous kids and home.

Either :

1. Lepak at Mines Resort & Mines Villa (apatah namanya which has a sandy pool). Kids want to just swim in pool. This is completely FREE.

2. Genting Highlands. Aliya's perennial favourite. She's egging me to get on that Solero Shot ride again. Me? Green with puke! This will easily set us back RM400 for tickets, food and other fanciful stuff the kids would get crazy on up there on that rather sinful hill, what with the gambling and all. I never like the place. But the cable car rides and the coolness of the highland is refreshing. But bukan baru je ke kita pegi. Gambar pun tak post lagi kat blog.

3. MrGart fresh from his camping trip a week ago is still gung-ho on going back to nature mode. He suggested we drive up to Kalumpang or Lintang (on the way to Karak, my father suggested this place) and camp for the day. Hmmm. Yikes ..

4. Another of the kids' favourite. Sunway Lagoon. Great entertainment for the kids. Great big hole on the parents' pocket. Tickets will set us back around RM200. But the kids will love us to bits for this. Jusco card boleh dapat diskaun kan? Or was it TouchnGo card?

5. MrGart and another green, cheap idea. Drive to Sungkai and go to that Kolam Air Panas place where they have huge huge pools and the place is done up nicely. Well shaded. Minimal cost. There's a smaller hotter pools where you can even rebus telur. We discovered the place while menghantar my cousin's Yazzir's kenduri last year.

Pick a number, people!

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

rotidua said...

I like kalumpang. Went to their sites but didn't book a place. There's always set backs.

Air terjun kat Langat tu amatlah dekat dengan rumah kitaorg tapi firhad doesn't fancy air terjun sebab banyak batu takut bebudak jatuh. Hmm..

Why is no 1 free?

elisataufik said...

I'm a cheapskate and a nature lover, so I would do number 5.

Lepas tu, get them some paper and color pencils and get them to draw and write about the trip. That would tie them down for the next few days till the weekend, kan?

gartblue said...

rotidua .. kalumpang nice? maybe we will. yup .. i share firhad's fear .. tapi that's half the fun kan? no.1 free sebab ada membership la.

elisa .. true true true .. that kolam air panas tu has a theme park ring to it .. it really is nice .. yo should check it out bila balik nanti.

btw, check me out at am loving it! thanks elisa

theotheraj said...

or, go to 1 utama and lepaskan je budak2 tu kat that 'playground' across chillis. costs? RM20/pax, unlimited hours, parking RM1 for 4-6 hours, maybe some toll money and food. parents? boleh cabut for a while masa the kids are there. imagine what the parents can do within these free hours.. fuhh best

butterflutter said...

We went to Kalumpang but not overnight. Mandi best but must be careful lah mmg byk batu-batan. Can bbq jugak. A diff experience.
We don't hv plans jugak nih but wl definately do something. Tgk lah apa yg jadi. Thought nak pi DinoTrek. Hannah nak mandi bathtub so I told mr lets check in 1world (he got discounts) 4 1 night ha..ha..ha..he said HAH that wl be next to his office :-P My bil pegi kuala gandah last weekend.

mama pasha said...

i pick no.1 lah.. tak jauh dari rumah and free kan?? :P