The End Of The Story

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Read Saya Sangat Berang.
Then read, The Sequel : Saya Sangat Berang.
Then cool down by reading Hati Sudah Tenang

What follows is the conclusion.

This was what happened on Tuesday.

The 2-page letter I wrote to the school focused on 7 reasons why Ayisha could not have bullied Tasha, even if she wanted to. These range from the weak premise on which the accusation was formed, Ayisha's physique, her character predisposition and interaction they have had and so on. My letter had 2 objectives. I wanted to clear my daughter's name from the malicious accusation thrown at her and I wanted the school to understand my fear of retaliation from the brothers.

I met the Penolong Kanan, Penyelia Petang and the highest ranked Discipline Teacher. I thought I had to fight my case. It turned out that once I've explained that this was a very petty and minor issue. The only reason why I was there was because the parents had over-reacted and dragged us into this. The teachers knew the family and thus, I sat there a good hour listening to THEIR horror stories. But point was taken, from both sides.

I picked Asha up on Tuesday evening and she was so chirpy.

She spoke about being called to a meeting between Discipline Teacher, and class teachers of hers and Tasha. The teacher asked Tasha to tell the truth now of what really happened.

Tasha said that opps, it wasn't Ayisha. It was someone else who bullies her at school but does not attend the school there. I was like, eh, biar betul! Kalau dia tak sekolah sini, siapa dia? Entah-entah, she was making up stories all along.

Whatever her reasons are, the teachers got the truth they were after and Ayisha's name has been cleared from the accusation. Alhamdulillah. I asked for Allah's guidance and help and also a jalan keluar and alhamdulillah.

I am so happy that the school acted swiftly after I met them in the afternoon. I am so happy that the teacher managed to dig the truth out of that girl and set my girl free. I al so happy that Ayisha is happy again. Hati kan dah tenang, this is an added bonus. Alhamdulillah.

Now. Do you think an apology from the parents will come? 3 days have passed. Counting.

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

zan said...

hehehe...lupakan sajalah pasal mintak maap tuh..but i'm happy to read this happy ending story :) i would do the same if i were in your shoes..protective mum hahah...but it goes with the saying..happy kids, happy mum kan kan..

so i guess, we can call Tasha, the drama queen?

elisataufik said...

You dont need an apology, kan?
It would be a bonus, but you dont *need* it. kan?

You actually need a pat on the back.
AND a hug :)
*pat and hugggggs*

Lollies said...

Don't count anymore. Just count the blessings that your heart is content and you are at peace.

Gartblue said...

zan .. a drama queen definitely .. but she's a 7 year old, all 7yos ARE drama queens!

elisa ... it would be a bonus but not counting on it la .. hugs I need.

lolls .. yup, you're right la .. alhamdulillah and insyallah we are at peace .. but mataku masih kembang ... the office just stops working for today ..

famyGirl said...

maybe depa tu tunggu hari raya baru nak mintak maaf :P

sofea went through several occasions of 'mysteriously missing books' and i think a few of her classmates did too. Ibu still investigating...

Lollies said...

tapi minah. gua cayalah sama lu for doing something about this to another level. aku macam bengang kalau orang komplen but not d o anything. for that minah you get a salute from me. SALUTE

and see where does this bring you and asya (betul ke spelling ni?) semuanya happy happy ala wonderland.

Inilah namanya the truth prevail. And macam ni lah a real mother should fight. tigress gitu.

Gua bangga sama lu lah. You are now the epitome of the fighting mother. (for the right cause).

Anonymous said...

serial drama eh? heheh..

don't count on getting an apology. they won't give you that. plus, menyakitkan hati je kira hari nak dapat apology. baik bagi aku pinjam wish tu next weekend.

nae said...

Phew...that was a very good ending. But be careful though. Who knows what the psycho family will be up tp next.