Thunder on Thursday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The title should give away the clue that I have nothing specific to write about.

I heard a thunder just now and Thunder begins with a T just like Thursday. Genius!

Anyhow, Aliya and Asha have their Science and Spelling and Maths papers today. Aliya is mostly studying downstairs or in her room and I am okay with that as she comes up to me every now and then asking specific questions which makes me feel okay la since the questions are legit.

Ayisha, I still have to hold her hands and read the stuff together. Last night, we went through the notes for Science. And thank you to Bubbles, I could gladly point out the difference between "fur" and "feather" and "moist skin". I think, insyallah both of them would be okay today. Hasil? Insyallah.

While the TV was off ( CSI was on at 10pm, so okayla) and we were reading and cramming, Ariz was busy revising too. Not books, but how to run on 4 limbs, like Wildmutt. He was busy practising how Wildmutt roars and perfecting his running up and down the little steps we have on all arms and legs. He was also busy fighting off aliens and changing his alien form by the constant hitting of the invisible omnitrix on his wrist. Hmm!

Adani was very interested in what I was reading with Ayisha and Aliya and would keep by my side, reading together with us. After 10pm, I caught her in Aliya's room reading Aliya's grammar revision book. Hmm.

I should also mention here that Ariz has developed a penchant for being read to these days. His favourite books are "Baby Rhino's Escape" and "Hush". That got him going everytime. He makes me read like 5 books while Adani looks on impatiently with her own 5 books. Adani's into Horton Hatches The Egg now and Princess and A Pea.

Yesterday, Adani excitedly told me that she had an Agama lesson. She told the Ustazah that "Allah is up there and Allah sees and hears everything that we do even if Mummy doesn't see it". Exactly what we discussed during the Aqeedah lesson (baru 2 kali) we had with the kids. She said that Teacher Badri wanted to give her 5 stars for that. Adani beamed! I beamed too. Wow! I'm impressed and alhamdulillah.

Anyhow. It's about to rain cats and dogs here in Bangsar. I have Harfiyah lesson at 1pm and Moshi's not in today, so ada sedikit bohsan. Moshi makes any class feels less stressful.

Btw, I got The Reader cd and am so gonna watch them tonight. Have a copy for Famy too. Thanks to azGROWLen. *muahs*

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butterflutter said...

The march test is finally over. Leganya.... Hannah loves cikka cikka boom boom and sarah reads on her own.

Ohhh The Reader cd. Best tu..I am looking for kite runner

famyGirl said...

aidiin suka fourarms :)

Re: The Reader, ooooohhhh serunutnya! thank you very much to mr azGROWlen, individu yang sungguh baik hati. :) err... tapi kena bayar balik ke??

Kite Runner is another movie i want to watch.

ery kumagai said...

wht happeng to ur sassy layout?

Anonymous said...

days of thunder. the thunder from down under. thunder and lightning. thundercats. thunder kat maner.

Anonymous said...

oh. yeah.

thunderbirds are go!

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. yup Ujian Bulanan 1 is over but they have the ujians at AdDaris pulak next week. Hannah mustbe super-cute doing the Boom Boom song ..

famy .. we have a four-armed from the mcd and it's always always get into a fight with the Batman by the bedside. hahaha .. kite runner, yup. But I haven't read the book yet!

ery .. the layout was giving me grey text over white background and sometime the pictures don;t load. thought this is a lot cleaner, minus the sassiness!

screw .. thunder kat bangsar ler .. mana lagi? not it looks grey here again .. yikes!