The Sequel : Saya Sungguh Berang

Friday, March 6, 2009

Things exponentially got worse since I last posted the entry.

Okay. *heaves in*

I went to pick up Ayisha at school, as usual as this is Friday. Saw both the husband and wifey's cars were at their house, which was unusual. Should have suspected something. Then at school, while I was chatting with a friend, saw the Mother. She looked at me and looked away, rather too quickly.

I gave no notice of her. Then I saw Ayisha and she looked different, slightly quieter. She said nothing happened. Until her friend asked her while we walked to the car, saying "Apa Cikgu Asma tanya?" and he told me about Asha being called by the Discipline teacher.

*darah sudah naik upstairs*

I thought I already said to her that I would talk to Ayisha and didn't they called MrGart to complain too? Why go to the teachers and complaine about something which was so bizarre? Are you trying to ruin my kid's reputation at school? Character assassination, even when she's completely not guilty?

I asked Asha and tears welled up. She said that during recess she saw Tasha's parents, brother and a cousin at school and the older brother called her but she ran away. She tried to call me but I didn't pick up. I had 2 missed calls from the school.

I put them in the car and ran back to school hoping to catch Teacher Asma. Alhamdulillah, she was still there. She said that the parents complained but she and Asha's class teacher had problems believing them. But she had to make sure and called Asha to ask.

I explained to the teacher that this could be a case of baseless accusation made by Tasha's parents and I do not believe that Asha was capable of bullying anyone.

I pleaded with her to watch out for Asha and told her that I could not prevent what the parents would do and have done. But what I can do is distance my family from them from now on. We will not associate ourselves with them anymore afraid of what they are capable of. It is clear that we are victims of circumstances and Ayisha has been accused of something she would never be capable of. In fact I would like to write to the school to set the record straight.

I cried when I talked to the teacher. I felt so teraniaya. I felt cheated that a neighbour whom everyone has shunned all this while and to whom I've kept completely neutral of, could frame us like this. What have we done to her? What have my kids done to theirs? They were the ones desperate for friends and when we became their friends, this was what you repaid us in return?

I was furious and when I was telling the kids that from now on we avoid the kids and their family at all costs, like a plague, Adani told me that the secondary school brother came looking for Aliya in the afternoon. I immediately became alarmed.

So, I've talked to the kids. Anytime anyone who's not a teacher disturb you at school, immediately run to a teacher. Call me. I am afraid for my kids if the brothers take it out on my other kids at school or wherever it is.

I've talked to a neighbour about this asking her and her maid to watch out for my kids and to the van drivers to just keep an eye out for them.

I am scared.

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Lana said...

alamak.. lecehlah kena face this type of situation ye? take it easy, babe. mmg patut mereka takde kawan pun.

ery kumagai said...

*just read the prev post utk memahami situasi*

ishh. menggangu ketenteraman jiwa lah mcm tu.
first of all they are troublesome parents hence anak2 pun bermasalah but they accused the neighbors le plak aisehh.

ini agaknya spesis parents yg marah & saman cikgu2 kalau jentik anak2 dia. huish.

theotheraj said...

wooaaahh.. it's escalating into this?

you should lodge an official report with the HM because no unauthorized person is allowed within a school compound, and your kids' safety is at stake. and if things get ever more uglier, you should lodge a report with the police against the family, for posing threats and criminal intimidation. but all these should be the last resort, unless you can't get the other party to trash things out amicably.

butterflutter said... easy to blame anak org lain eh. Anak sendiri ada problem kata anak org lain pulak. Orang mcm ini mmg tak boleh di beri muka. Seram jugak baca your previous entry on the eldest boy tuh...
Kalau I pun sure I nangis mcm u...sedey... sampai hati org buat mcm tu kat anak kita.


rotidua said...

astaghfirullahulazim! i just read your 2 entries. Ni mata tengah terbelalak lagi.

Kenapa nak cari Aliya pulak. Alamak! Ariz Ariz.. cepatlah besar. Boleh jaga kakak. Tapi I'm sure Asha is strong enough. Tapi.. tapi... erk.

I don't like the kiasu-ness of this family. Screw is right but that would be last resort. How do we know when is that 'last resort' is another thing la kan. Have Asha carry a whistle in her pocket. Is she is cornered, that should attarct other people's attention.

You take care.

rotidua said...

*If not is

azGROWLen said...

was watching this drama melayu Tuntutan Maut when I read this more interesting drama, Jelutong 90210 wow! Wow! and wow!

Gartblue said...

lana ... am trying hard to take it easy la babe .. thanks.

ery .. entahla .. i never was involved in their dealings but they've crossed the line now ..

screw .. that's what i thought too if situation worsens .. i am definitely writing a letter to the HM to clear the accusation.

butterflutter .. betul tu .. it's so the very sad to have been in this situation, but Im looking at this as a test from Allah. Insyallah, I hope we'll get through this easy and with no permanent scars .. insyallah.

roti ..*hugs* .. I need support more than anything right now. i just need to know that we and asha have done nothing wrong to cause this on us. And the whistle, great idea. will get one soon. was thinking of a pepperspray but then again, takut ter salah guna pulak ..

azGROWLen .. for the audience yes, but for the ones dragged through it unwillingly, this is pain.

theotheraj said...

better yet. teach her to yell either 'fire!' 'fire!' sebab kalau jerit tolong2 ni, orang jarang nak pi tolong. tengok ada la..

jerit je 'molester!' 'molester!' heheh

azGROWLen said...

Wokey, Wokey. Berat mata memandang berat badan memikul. But cooler heads should prevail. By all means talk to the HM, remind him (her) of the fact that non authorized persons should not be on school grounds. Can't reason with unreasonable persons, what's left? don't know, ignore them! can't say. do what you think is right and if you need help you know where to find me

Intan Saleh said...

im not a parent yet but i feel ur pain, babe. pls be patient k.. like aliya said, doa org teraniaya ni makbul. lagipun u know ur princesses need u most at times like this.

to get a whistle is a good idea. klau pepperspray ni penah ada kes yang kena sembur tu pegi saman plak si penyembur tu.

been reading from googlereader tak prasan u dah tuka template. btw, out of topic but do u have gmbr efxers ramai2 with us pengantin aritu? i want a copy, pls! tq!

zan said...

i smell trouble ..hugs to your girls.

tak sukalaa bab2 nie..rasa mcm bully situation pulak, dok corner2 org..seriously, you must really keep on going back to the teachers and HM, i just worry about your girls safety.


elisataufik said...

aiyoh aiyohhh
my red alert lights are flashing.

betullah.. need to write to HM to make sure no unauthorised persons are allowed in the school. This will at least keep them at bay, kan.

Tak tahulah nak buat apa lagi, except berdoa, mintak dilindungi..