Cuti-Cuti At Sg. Klah Hot Springs

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday, as promised, we took the kids away from home for some fun. To unwind.

They were not too excited when MrGart shot their Sunway Lagoon and their Genting Highlands ideas. Yikes! But when we mentioned the Octopus pool, they were eager.

We first discovered the place when the whole of Gart's clan (Tuk, Mak Ngah, Mak Ndak, Pakcik Awi, Azfar, Mak Teh etc) were menghantar rombongan meminang Yazzir's bride at another Felda around here. As the main agenda then was to meminang, we didn't spend a lot of time at the pool. The kids were not that happy and the whole gang of counsins under 12 rebelled and sulked then.

So, we came back to redeem ourselves.

The place was only about an hour away from Bukit Jelutong. Toll was RM15.30. Drive up north and and take the Sungkai Exit. Then drive for about 10 mins into the place. Follow the signboards for Kolam Air Panas Sg. Klah. It says something abour Felda Villa and Spa.

We arrived around 11-ish, having set out from the house at 10, in gloomy skies and drizzles. Alhamdulillah, weather was great when we arrived.

BTW for adults, they charge RM10 per head and kids at RM8. Told Aliya that, kat sini, satu family boleh masuk, kat Sunway Lagoon, sorang je la.

Anyways. This was the Octopus pool. It's actually Mountain Springs Pool. In BM it says Air Gunung. Even in the hot hot sun, the water was so cool. Sejuk! Mengigil la jugak. And I didn't smell chlorine at all. Wow!

It's a massive pool divided into 2. The one you see here are below 3 ft depth. It has graduated depths so the littles ones, babies will stay at the gigi-gigi air la. Ariz could walk the whole of the pool without assistance, air the max at his chest. They have pebbled stoned as flooring which I thought was great. The pool was clean too, I'm impressed.

BTW, the facilities are great and modern and clean. Super-impressed. The toilets are plenty and clean. The changing area was great and nestled in greens. Murah pulak tu! Mai mai!

After a while, I said that we should check out the Hot Springs, which was just a short walk. People just walk in their wet attire. I'm not talking about one little pool, ok. There are at least 3 small pools kot yang yon can sit in and have therapeutic benefits of natural hot water. Tahan dengan tak tahan aje la kot.

We went into the 30 - 30C therapeutic small pool. Basically, you step inside and brace yourself. Tapi panas weh! Itu je la yang mampu. There was one at 40-50C in which MrGart dipped his toe and winced greatly. There was one at 35-40C and there was one makcik sitting there with scrunched up face. I dipped my toe and opps, next one! There's also a reflexology path where the hot water runs through them. Makcik sakit kaki ler. There's a ayurvedic treatments amidst the park too but we're too broke for that!

Anyways, I think this is a great place for families of all ages. Your makciks and datuks and neneks can lounge the hot springs while the younger, livelier ones splash themselves silly at the Octopus pool. Cool mountain springs vs hot springs. And it's cheap too. How many times did i have to stress that? Haha..

See the massive park. For RM10, a great deal, I thought.

We then walked to the fenced up areas where the source of the hot spring. Membuak-buak and berasap. Foooh.

Here's the 90-100C pool where you can boil your eggs. They have the raga for you but you can buy the eggs from the cafe nearby. Kids are off-limits, understandably.

A view of the hot springs massive pool.

This is the Hot Springs Pool. Dunno how hot, probably at least 30C. It's floors are pebbled stoned and depths were graduated too, so babies can sit at the gigi-gigi air while mak mak test power duduk air panas.

The trick is to step in slowly and lower your body very slowly and brace. After a few minutes, you'll feel more comfortable. There are 3 tempayans, huge ones at the entrance for you to rinse yourself with cold water just to cool off. That was bliss. My Pak Lang kata, lepas berendam dalam kolam panas, mengantuk kalau nak drive balik. So, kena siram banyak-banyak dengan air sejuk. Memang betul pun, aku tido tak bagi can punya on the way back!

The view from the other side of the Hot Springs Pool.

BTW, I would've loved to stay here longer, but Ariz would'nt hear it at all. Panas dia kata! The girls were sitting down and chatted but soon the novelty wore off them. Off we go to back to the Octopus Pool.


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OO said...

best nyaaaaaaaaa!!!
nak pegi jugaklah next time!!

orang kata berendam air panas hilang sakit2 sendi dan urat! and to think of the water without the smell of chlorine, that's a bliss!!! selalu kat pool tu tak tahan chlorine and hairs become keras kejung lepas tu!

that octopus looks errrrr menarik???!!!!

Nusayba said...

wah. best best.
my girlfriends and i plan to go there sometime in april. ada nice accommodation tak kat situ? ada area nak buat bbq sendiri x?

looks so nice, and a good review by you i sure can trust. if you have more pictures, boleh share tak?

oh teruja nyaaaaaa. :D thanks for posting this up.

gartblue said...

OO .. that place was really good .. I truly recommend that .. tapi I tak rendam lama sangat .. eh betul la .. bebudak punya rambut tak keras kejung lepas mandi .. in fact rambut ariz lepas shampoo bergitu mengerbang .. khasiat air gunung kot! and that octopus was seriously scary actually .. was talking to MrGart, takkan takde sea animals lain yang lebih menariks ..

nusayba .. bbq maybe takde kot .. it's a theme park .. but I saw a spot within the hot springs area where macam bekas orang buat bbq .. u can ask la .. accomodation .. they just launched the Felda Villa and Spa .. I tak tengok but I guess it would be affordable .. last year takde. baru bukak la kot .. banner masih banyak about the perasmian. btw, will post more pictures soon ..

theotheraj said...

tu baru namanya getting your balls in hot water.. ada ke pepatah ni? takde? lantak la

gartblue said...

screw ... "getting your balls in hot water" ??! hmm ... i doubt if there's a peribahasa for that .. but it sure would do you good, if you try ..

Anonymous said...

I heard this place fr my bil. Ermm...good place for a day trip of fun without having to spend too much. Cuti labor day nanti kot...We are off to DinoTrek this afternoon, insyaAllah.


Cherry said...

can it cure my toothache --- no dentist open this sunday ... uwaaaaa