Hati Sudah Tenang

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm done "makan Hati" and I'm done worrying. Why should I? Haven't I known it already that Allah knows best. Aliya told me that the du'a of those oppressed will be heard by Allah, no hijab whatsoever. I was so consumed by anger that I forgot that.

From then on, I realised with a pang that, in moments like this, one should turn to Allah. In any moments whatsoever.

So I prayed for peace of mind. I prayed for His protection upon us all.

I realised that humans are humans. But what makes us a person is the sense of right from wrong and that our reliance on Allah.

So, I'm taking a half day leave today. I have just written a 2 page letter to the HeadMaster, copies to Penyelia Petang and Ayisha's school teacher to explain what the incidence. I have made the letter very point-form, factual, staying away from emotional outburts. My hands trembled with anger still and my heart was bursting with the unfairness of it all. But I firmly believe that Allah knows what's best for us. This is my part, whatever happens next, is Allah's will.

Just like when Maryam, weak from just delivering Isa under the tamar tree, Allah asked her to shake the trunk of the tree for dates to refresh her. Tamar trees has the sturdiest trunks and Maryam couldn't have shaken it even if she tried. But Allah wants us to do our part, the rest of it is His part.

So, this is my part. I'll send in the letter and I'll just carry on as usual.

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

famyGirl said...


baru baca berang sequels kejap tadi. apa awak tulis dlm surat tu? i am curious to know the guru besar's reply

Gartblue said...

famy .. ooo .. amd blogging about it now .. tungguu ...