Fever .. Fever .. Beaver

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a week, man!

Just fevers though. No beavers yet. Thought fever rhymes with beaver. Anyways!

Adani's better now, alhamdulillah. After close to 6 days of 40C fevers and a course of Zithromax (her first every antibiotics) she's kicking now. Turned out her throat infection was kinda not relenting. But she's teary-eyed this morning. Guess the many days off got her hooked on home. Ish.

Ariz meanwhile has been going to school without so much as a whimper for the whole of the week. Considering that the normally the 3 of them (Ariz, Adani & Ayisha) would hop of Manjit's van, the past week saw only him, or him with Adani or him with Ayisha. I'm so proud of him. Takut jugak kalau dia pun nak cuti macam kakak-kakak yang kurang sihat.

Aliya's been busy with school projects and we've been ferrying her to her friend's house for her project team to work. Bless Allah for making us decide to stay here where her friends' houses are nearby and I can get to know them in person. too.

Last night, Ayisha ran a fever. At 4am, she was at 40.1C. yikes! She's been coughing the dried ivy leaf cough meds I gave her, obviously not working that well. Hmm. Must pay a visit soon.

In the meantime, today is Friday and it's pay day. Whoo hoo! *macamla nak shopping sangat*

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mama pasha said...

sama lah kita satu rumah nihpun dah kena batuk...aiyooo cam na nak gi class this sat eeh... pending lagi kut? ckckck..

famyGirl said...

is it musim demam/flu now? i just recovered from episode sakit-demam myself. mujurlah kids tak jangkit

gartblue said...

mama pasha .. arghhh .. sama la rumah kita.. even MrGart pun was so sick yesterday to even bangun. today baru la pg kerja. yikes!

famy .. think the weather's been too hot, then cold, then too hot again. alhamdulillah I was blessed with good health, kalu tidak, jenuh jugak .. dengan bapak budak pun demam selalu ..

theotheraj said...

adam went down with a fever last week, 1 hari je out and by the next day dah melompat menjerit as usual.

then it's my niece yg down with stomach flu and berhingus all the time. abih all the tissues in my house.

musim ni, cuaca and temp tak menentu. good thing tho, i get to sleep in the afternoon, dengan hujan yg menyamankan suasana haha