The Unwell Weekend

Monday, March 23, 2009

It started really well.

We decided to join my colleagues to attend Matju's wedding at Terachi (must drive through Bukit Putus and lalu Ulu Bendul).

Ariz was better by then, still no appetite but chirpy still. The girls were fine. Then at fast lane near Senawang, we heard a loud knock from under the car. Yikes! Then the air-conditioner blew hot air instead. Double yikes!

Hokeh! A check at the nearby PETronas revealed a long cable (possibly from the cable on top of cars and has become un-tacked) tangled under the bumper. Yesterday MrGart found out that it leaked the radiator and would be a little costly and not to mention, one less car today.

Well, we're almost there but now we're nearing the kenduri in all our fineries, dripping in sweats. We wound the windows down for some cool air, but Bukit Putus jam la pulak. Adoi! Saturday turned out to be one of the hottest day this week, or this month! Tak apala, practise for Earth Day.

Kenduri done. Congratulations to MatJu and Liza and thanks for having us.

We stopped at Ulu Bendul for a dip. Best jugak. Ramai orang Kompeni yang singgah after kenduri. Even my brother took his kids over there too, knowing that I was there. So, I left Aliya and Ayisha with them while we drove to my Mak Ndak's at Rashidah Utama with Ariz and Adani, who's now feeling feverish.

Sunday. Adani got worse. She complained of stomach aches and feverish and a little cough. This Last night Aliya threw up once. This morning Ayisha called me crying kata she's coughing and "bernafas laju" and boleh tak tak pegi KAFA? Hmm

So, so much for the first day of school. Aliya's at school now. Ariz went on the van this morning alone, minus Ayisha and Adani. I hope Ayisha feels better to go to SKBJ in the afternoon.

And I hope that the kids will all get better soon. Insyallah.

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