It's Really Hot These Days

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scorchingly hot, may I add.

Last night, we had all the kids in our room since except Ariz, all the girls are either feeling quesy, fevers and coughing-kung-kung-kung. Aliya and Ayisha bunked down on the floor and Ariz and Adani wedged in between us. I was lying in bed, diagonally, constantly worried about MrGart squashing Ariz and Ariz's free-kicking legs would do extra time with Adani next to him.

Woke up around 3-ish to a whiny Adani and a 39C fever too. Once that dealt with and her asleep again, I turned the air-con on again. After the July 2008 electricity tariff hike, all the bedrooms air-cons are set to go off at 3:30am. Even with that, our electricity bill is around RM250. Ciss!

But last night, it was so hot that I had no choice. Berpeluh-peluh ni karang Ariz sure mengamuk punya. Good thing too the girls are with us, so jimat satu malam punya aircon costs. Haha!


We're supporting this next week, the 28th March 2009. We've been spewing too much CO2 and the SOx and the NOx and I feel kind of weird for having a hand in burning a rough total of 12 million tonnes of coal last year alone. *points to the sinful power stations*

So there. We're going dark, next weekend.

This is what we plan to do.

Spread a mat on the field, grab some food and drinks. Get some balls to kick and just chill. Probably I should print some stars charts and we could try to spot them.

But what if it rains? Yikes!

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mosh said...

Somehow, despite being a self-professed greenie, I am not that excited about this earth hour thingy. Definitely no elaborate plans or discussions about it in the household. Not sure why.

Gartblue said...

uhm .. could it because you're planning the forecast? or is it that lil boy's a Putera Lilin? ehem... like my Putera Lilin ..

butterflutter said...

Ours also go off around that time but now really panas lah. Mmg selalu camping in one room lah. Jimat...jimat...
The kids are also aware of this sbb selalu tayang dlm astr0 so insyaallah we r also joining.

Anonymous said...

eh ?.

How come the electrical tariff tier now have sembilan ker sepuluh tingkat ?

Macam kek kahwin ?

With 4 kids and one domestic helper, RM 250 is, I guess, ok.

RM 35.7 per head ?
RM 1.19 per head per day.

MY last months bill is RM 362.

Jo Swiss. Co

(hmmm. susah gak nak masukkan nama and Url nii.

gartblue said...

camam kek kawin jo? teringin ke?

bertier-tier kan? even I got lost .. whoohoo .. awat bill u mahal sangat .. swiss co tak jual those electricity saving gadgets ke?

Anonymous said...

gimmick je ni. sama macam '11th hour' and that al gore promo docu thingies..

nak suruh orang lain tolong jimat, so that they don't feel guilty using more or waste more..

zan said...

tapi hujan pagi!! ohh yeah, we all pun nak join this 28th :))

tapi semua heroesku tak tahan panas..suruh diaorg dok dlm keta jer laa :P

Cherry said...

which padang are you going ? sms me ... might as well i join you with mat, kau bawak cup cakes boleh ?