In Remembrance of Zul

Friday, March 13, 2009

Received an email this morning about a blog post of zul during his teens and the heart operation he underwent in Australia. Read it here.

There was also a lot of pictures of the burial ceremony taken by mamanuraina and here's a picture of the family.

The one in white headscarf was Zida, the wife and in white baju melayu was his eldest son, Danny. The 2 girls in shades of blue tudungs were his daughters and the little long-haired boy in beige baju melayu (not facing the camera) was his 4th son. The youngest son was being comforted by relatives.

pictures taken from the blog post by mamanuraina.

If the morning after is hard on us, I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is on Zida. I pray that Allah gives the family strength and patience to get through this test. Insyaallah.

I thought I was okay this morning. Until I was at the canteen and stood there at KakNor's stall. My voice broke when I asked KakNor for nasi lemak. I remember how Zul loved KakNor's food. Chapati. Roti Arab. And of course Nasi Dagang.

This morning too, as I walked into the office, I stole a glance at his room. Still dark. What was I expecting? He was normally early. He always closed his door before 8am. And I never knew what he was doing while the door was closed. But past 8, he would always respond to my "Jom makan" calls.

I miss Zul.

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zan said...

Takziah to the whole family. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg beriman..amin..

Al fatihah.

Nina Zan said...


My heart goes to the arwah's family and you. I read your previous entries. Sayu rasa.

*ajal itu pasti.

Feels so close now.

busymum100 said...

So near and yet so far - that's how I feel.

After waiting for 30 years to get in touch with arwah, I only managed to talk to him over the phone late last year. We were both equally excited but agreed to meet up much later, which never happened :-(

As I said in my blog, I only have the memory of a 16 yr old Zul - he's forever young in my heart!

Lollies said...

May his children grow up as righteous children. A righteous child is one of the three things that we need after we leave this world.

My prayers for the family.

gartblue said...

zan Zan .. insyallah.

Nina .. ajal itu pasti. Insyallah, we are making arrangements to assist the ones left behind by Zul.

Busymum100 .. you’re so right. So near yet so far. You know what? You’ve filled a void to me on whathe was before he worked. I only knew him from for the last 12 years or so. BTW, I think before Zul left, he was looking for that article you put up on your blog. I remember him telling us about it. I’m not sure whether he got to read it again before his demise. I hope he did.

Lollies .. insyaalah Lolls. And ours too.

Anonymous said...

Hi gartblue,

Saw u in DSH last tuesday. Stared at you coz I thot I saw Azrita. Then I noticed your TNB tag :). Went there to see my cousin. Someone asked - "Nak tgk encik zul juga ke?". I said no. Had a glance of him. His children were reciting Yaasin then. Only today that I know, En. Zul was my super senior - from your link to mamanuraina's blog. Al-fatihah.