School Is Out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Woke up early this morning. And it looked bright. After Subuh prayers, MrGart and I took out the bikes, I'm borrowing Aliya's to go round the neighbourhood. My thighs need some intervention.

We were also looking forward to check out any other houses in the area for renovation ideas.


The neighbour who had early this week caused so much headache to us had parked his huge XC90 right smack in front of our new property. Completely blocking the house and made taking the bicycles out a hassle. *sikit lagi aku nak calarkan aje kereta dia ni* Hishhh! Geram jugak.


Baru 2 streets away, raindrops fell. First tiny ones, then they got bigger. Quick quick! Home abound.

Well. Coffee time. Nak buat macamana. Dah hujan. Bila hujan teringat kubur arwah Zul. Wonder if the tent was still over his grave?

I was watching American Idols while I piped letters A and H for Hazel's engagement favor cookies this weekend. And sapatah-namanya was singing You Are Not Alone. Termenitik air mataku.

Anyways. A short term break of a week for the kids. We have no real plans. Nowhere concrete to go. Anywhere cheap, I guess or better, free! Haha. Aliya was telling me about her friends who are going to Hong Kong and Bandung and Disneylands and the faraway places. And I was only offering Genting Highlands. Sungguh sedih! But alhamdulillah we are together.

Anyways. The girls are getting ready for the hari jalan-jalan sedunia. Tengahari karang nak makan domino la.

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pb said...

Like you say, at least you are together. Aaaaand, you are going out. We're just staying at home this school hols. I can't spare any days this March...banyak deadlines kena meet. Huhu.

We had to forget our routine weekend jogging today due to the rain. :(

Take care Gart

OO said...

referring to the previous case: Alhamdulillah everthing dah settled and cleared. Hugs!

school holiday: am just glad that finally i can take a break!!! nak gi mana? samalah, anywhere cheap!! just browsed bird park..hahahaha..sometimes i pity my children but hey, i thought we insyaallah on the road for something better (doanya macam tu lah) so be happy! and yes we are still together.

you take care!

*wave frantically to PB* - lamanyaaaaaa saya tak jengok awak!

Anonymous said...

what, hazel dah nak engaged?? damn it.. haha

jom bawak anak2 cycling kat putrajaya. we just started last week, sat lagi ni nak ke sana la ni..

gartblue said...

peebs ... *waves* wow .. that's a long time not to be peeb-ed! yup .. you;re right ... we're together ..

OO ... it's okay .. time at home means that the kids must learn to get bored and then hit the books or invent some things to do .. jangan gaduh sudah ler ..

screw .. uish .. takkan nak membujang lama-lama .. .. cycling? interesting .. but I just heard a thunder .. hmm .. pg giant la malam ni .. beras dah nak habis ..

Anonymous said...

kesian mat ju

gartblue said...

screw ... matju dah kawin la semalam. dah tak kesian dah. gumbira!

Anonymous said...

ahh.. patut la..