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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aiyooohhh !!

Tasha & Dhamiral who live a few houses away from ours since the past week ( I suspect for much longer time but I wasn't aware of) have been ding-dong-ing our place at all hours of the day.

Tasha is 7 and Dhamiral is 10. Ariz who'll be 4 next month and Adani at 6 as well as Asha who'll be 9 in Dec love to have company. Aliya is indifferent.

I don't mind these kids coming around to play with mine.

But, they come at 8am. They gave salams at 1pm. 2pm, 4pm, 7pm and every hour in between. I have to tell them that "Ariz is sleeping". "Asha is doing her homework". "Adani is eating lunch".

And I don't like that at all. Keep telling the kids that I'm okay with them playing but they have to come at 5pm and play at the park. Remember, Andes is not around and Mummy's playing house, so Mummy doesn't appreciate picking up other kids' mess. But even after being told to come at 5pm, they still come-a-dind-dong-ing at all hours of the day. Penat aku nak bagi alasan.

But seriously, I for one, would never let my kids wander off to neighbours' place uninvited and at such ungodly hours too. Orang nak tido la, orang nak tengok Brothers & Sisters ke, orang nak terlentuk depan tv kat sofa ke? Dah la orang takde la dress vogue dirumah selalu. Aiyooohh!

So, during the long weekend, we watched 1 movie a day for 2 straight days. Just to get out of the house. But I thought InkHeart was really good and Bedtime Stories was so hilarious, I could hear Aliya cackles of laughter all the way.

Anyhow. Nak buat macamana ni? Tolong!

8 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

tak faham why parents boleh biarkan anak2 diorg merayau eh?

Gartblue said...

ala lana .. nak buat camana ni ? the parents are the busy parents and they are almost single-handedly with a maid all the time. betcha the maid's happy for the time off her hands .. *pening*

nae said...

ask them to do house chores...you get free labour and the kids get some life lesson

azGROWLen said...

ah life! remember the days of yore when you walk freely into your friends' houses and theirs into yours? Played all day, sometimes having lunches, teas etc at their houses or yours! life is so simple back then

Gartblue said...

nae ... Aha .. Maybe i shud try that .. there's plenty of chores around ..

Azgrowlen .. Hmmm .. True true true .. but times have changed i guess .. Ppl are more consicous and more paranoid these days .. Bur heck man, what year were u referring to? Hahah

mama pasha said...

talk to d parents? :P (possible no??) qeh qeh qeh..

Gartblue said...

diah .. hmmm.. could be? but it's hard to catch the parents .. they're most of the time outside. hmm more movies, possible for us?

Cherry said...

antar anak-anak kau bersembunyi kat rumah aku nak ? my next door boy pop-up all the time at my place between 7am-7pm. after maghrib je kiranya off limit. the rest of the hours tu kira dia macam kat rumah sendiri lah. anyway, since dah begitu sejak azali, kami pun dah lali :)