Feeling A Little Lay-zee

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I spent the last half of December 2008 chasing my own tails, baking and sewing and worrying and wrapping and teaching and whatnots.

So, for the past 2 weeks, I took a little time off and just let things slide a bit. Well, the kids started school and I was like "done preparing and now's the showtime".

And that goes for my blogging too. Been off and on, very malas-ly.

It's not like there's nothing to blog about.

There's always the Ariz's adventure of the past 2 weeks of crying every school morning while I showered him and put on his uniforms and once he has his PS in hand, he'd be alright. And then Andes, the maid would have to get on the van with him and get off 3 streets away. And then he spent the last 2 weeks wandering around the school's compound and very minimal time in the class. But still, he went to school every morning.

I was losing hope an worried sick. Until Teacher Rani called me up on Friday assuring me that Ariz's boycott of classroom was officially over. He finally decided that he'd be in the class from now on. Not in Teacher Rani's class, though, where there are 8 other fun boys. No siree. He wants to hold hands and sit next to Alisha in a different 4-yo class. Errr .. fine!

There's always Adani who learnt in science last week in school, about materials specifically metal . I have just spent the whole outing today identifying which was metal and which was not. And did I tell you, her reading is phenomenal! She's reading Shel's Silverstein's poem book and really enjoying them. Mummy beams!

There's always Ayisha who has the most passion for Bubbles, the cat. She painstakingly coaxed the cat out of its hiding spot after Ariz stomped his foot scaring Bubbles away. She hugged the cat tight until he fell asleep. She'd be the one who puts Bubbles back in his cage when the house goes to sleep at night. And she's turned a new leaf, this year. She loves her tuition teachers and finding school fun.

Day 2 of school year, I picked her up and she promptly and excitedly introduced me to Erika, her new bext friend at school. The chirpy girl tried desperately to get me to put Asha on her school bus to which I politely declined to a pouty Asha. Then last Monday, Asha told me that Erika's moving to Bandung, Indonesia and I need to get her a present. I did and she gave her a pressie. Yesterday Asha told me that Erika's move to Bandung was cancelled. What??

There's always Aliya who this year has really mature. I'm seeing more and more of my pants and shirts walk from my closet to hers. And I've been buying a lot of shirts and stuff for her now that I've decided that she's having no more of the little girls' brands. She's got attitude and style these days. And don't get me started on the phonecalls. Safe to say, 3 out of 4 phonecalls these days are for Aliya.

Like I said. There's so many things to blog about. I'm just Layzie .. but do not in any way put me in the same boat as Mayzie the bird who was so lazy to sit on her eggs, she tricked Horton, the kind-hearted elephant to do just that for her.

I digressed.

The end.

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Lana said...

yay for ariz. alamak, dah boleh share baju dgn anak dara you? habislah segala tudung and kasut too... time for mummy to stock up your own!!

Lana said...

o, nak tau? second week adly meragam taknak sekolah. to the extend of biting me infront of his teacher! cikgu terkejut sebab he seemed so polite... couldnt find the strength to blog about this, sebab i was so sad and down, sebab kena gigit in public .. didnt talk to him whole night. pastu, next day, our boy said sorry and never misses school.. sampai tua takkan ku lupa!

Gartblue said...

lana ... Omg! *doing aliya-asha-adani-speak*
It's okay babe .. Walaupun iwas writing casually, i was so the very depressed cos ariz just refused school. Sungguh sedih cos he's the only one yg masih bermasalah .. Itula saya pun x blog. Takde progress.. But alhamdulillah .. It worked out for us, eh? Perseverance? Maybe but it sure hurt. *hugs*
Btw, ery pun having the same sort of problem eith junior. Adakah ini tahun bloggers' boys tunjuk taring?

ery kumagai said...

oh mi oh my! ada jugak org lain satu boat dgn saya rupanya.
*tarik nafas legaaaa*

i rasa betul jugak theory cikgart. tis year tahun menguji kesabaran sikit.

i hear you ladies, me couldnt find the strength to blog about it too, sedih kdg2 tu but anyway they are our little champs.
berdrama-drama dahulu, hopefully they'll do much better soon.

Gartblue said...

ery .. berdrama-drama dahulu eh? hahaha .. betul tu .. sungguhla mencabar kesabaran ku .. but today he seemed eager .. tak nangis sikit pun by the time i left the house .. aku sungguh teruja .. but i fear the long CNY holidays adoi! baru je nak okay ..

it's okay la cik ery .. kalau hidup ni tak ada challengesnya, musti bohsan kan? kan? kan? .. plus, you always have us to turn to in case things get a little crazy .. he he he .. *hugs*

elisataufik said...

Izani pulak, hari2 nak pegi school nak pegi school. I hope his enthusiasm keeps up till he actually has to go.

Gartblue said...

elisa ... hahaha .. Izani sounds like ariz was the whole of the second half of last year .. I had to make up excuses not to send him. He thot school was get up on a van and get back down one again. Such fun. Till he gets into one and realises the bit in between gettin on and off vans. But we're okay now .. Later, but i's just grateful. Whoever this alisha girl is, i wanna kiss her. Hehehe

Nina Zan said...

weh makcik dah ade nuffnag. ehhehe

Boys are more dramatic than girls kot. He's better now right?