Sorry Ye Abang Polis

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A public apology.

This goes to the hensem Abang Polis who yesterday daftly patiently :

1. Narrowed the 2-lane SLIP road coming from Soobang eNKayVE toll towards the FedHighway to just one slim lane.
2. Even idiotically judiciously stopped the slip road traffic to the already moving FedHighway traffic.

Mental Note: *writes furiously, kertas dah nak koyak*
If it was a simpang and a traffic light was there, I couldn't have appreciated your presence. But, no! This is a highway and it's a blinking SLIP ROAD which means, it slips traffic into the main highway gradually and in no way slowing down traffic in the main highway. grrrrr!


After a good 30 minutes of completely unmoving traffic and a chorus of beeping, angry cars behind me, I was ready to eat him for breakfast. My tardiness record this month has been clean. Sparkling! So, this soon-to-be-staining my perfectly stainless record was alarmingly about to be tarnished.

*singsing lengan*

Then finally, finally, we started moving and let me tell you this. I am a good person. Think of that when you read on.

We zoomed ahead,a sign that AbangPolis had finally stupidly judiciously *hokey, I used the word twice!, sue me!* let the traffic in.I passed AbangPolis standing guard at the last cone where he abused his power magically narrowed the 2 lanes into one and I slowed down, gave him my most
disgusted look my face could muster (which was plenty, I can tell you that!) and I raised my hand to gesture "Come on la, you sick sick person*. Not unlike MrGart's gesture to drivers who cross him on the roads.

He glared at me and I glared back, driving on, a tad faster this time. I saw him staring angrily at the Swift's butt from my rear view mirror. I was satisfied!

Hopefully he doesn't have a photographic memory.


And today, the traffic was smooth. He was there, but he just watched the traffic and did not narrow nor did he stop traffic like yesterday. Yay! I'd like to think he finally assed aced the situation and deemed his actions yesterday were a bit extreme and completely unnecessary.

So, kepada AbangPolis, sorry ye! *muahs*

2 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

hahaha..sure die jeling je ke? kalau dia ambik no swift tu, abeeessss... jeng3

zan said...

yalorrrr...smlm jam giler, hari ni lengang betulllll...i exited at subang toll but i did not take the slip road..i ikut jalan dalam, pass the mas n lhdn..nasib baik aku tak sangkut weiiii..kalau tak we can share abg polis for breakfast ha ha ha..