Day 2

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Jangan tertipu. Gelak ketawa ini adalah hiasan semata-mata.

Asha willingly got on the van to Addaris and when I checked on her later, she was laughing in class. In fact, she gladly went home in the same van.

Adani and Ariz got on Manjit's van and I rushed to school to see it all went. saw ariz was chatting up a girl. Hehe. He insisted that i went in his class. Stayed a while And tried to make him feel ok with aniq, a friend.

Then i snuck out and left. I checked on adani and she was fine.

Spent the morning drinking teh ais and lengthy brekkie alone at la nansa. Checke on ariz again to find that he's been crying loudly and was at the pricipal's office with another teary girl. I took a peek and he was busy memunggah. Hehe. I left the school.

Waited for the van and when it arrived, both came out smiling and grinning and here's what they lookedd for the first thing.

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