When Mummy Complicates Matters

Friday, January 30, 2009

There are specific moments in all my kids' lifes that I would not be helping, instead, I would be a stumbling block.

Like mornings school send-offs.

Last Wednesday, I sent off Asha to KAFA and then Ariz & Adani to preschool. Adani was much too eager to go, ever ready for academic challenges. In fact she's been counting the days for when she enters Standard 1.

Ooohh .. I should also mention here that yesterday she's doing such a wonderful job of counting how old would everyone be when she's 5, 6, 7, 8 etc. She would be like "When I was 5, Mummy was 35, Daddy is 37, Aliya is 10, Ayisha is 8 and Ariz is 3". "When I'm 6 ....."

I was so impressed that my jaw hit the floor. Even I had to think a while to get everyone's ages right, hokeh! Then I picked my jaws off and started to hush her when she was at "Mummy is 40 ".. Shhhhhhh .. we're in public now, dear .. no one should know how old I would be, or am! Hehehe!


Ariz was so eager to show me his class and then once we got there, he spent 3 mins in and decided to become a clinger and refused. Half an hour later, we went home. Shheeessshh!

So there. I complicate matters, when in comes to schools.

Yesterday and today are Daddy's turn and he gleefully hopped on Manjit's vans and even came home with a lantern. Ceh! Menyampah!

p/s Andes sms-ed yesterday asking us to pick her up at the melaka port today. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!! Alhamdulillah. I know I miss her. More importantly, the floors miss her, the stack of unironed clothes miss her and Bubbles sure miss her too.

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

ingat tak, cas yg sama menolak, cas yg berlainan menarik.. that's what happen to us mummies and boys. dengan bapak diorang senang pulak pegi sekolah. hish..

Gartblue said...

lana .. betul tu .. separation are best handled by persons less attached to these boys .. kalau tidak, melekat la jawabnya ... mmg .. MrGart siap boleh lepak minum tehtarik while baca paper lagi, idling the ariz-less morning. hish!

Lana said...

memang tak aci!

butterflutter said...

Yesss...agree with Lana *grrr

Dgn ayah, bangun pg senang, bab makan tak cerewet, semuanya ok. Dgn mama, banyak cekadak pulak. Mmg tensen

Gartblue said...

lana and butterflutter .. i hear you girls, I do! *geleng kepala* .. rminds me that MrGart's morning ritual is primarily centred around err himself .. kita ni, angkat satu, mandi, pakai baju, .. angkat lagi sorang ... tu yang kena pakai lipstico dalam kereta tu .. mak aiii ..

Nina Zan said...

complain banyak nampak?

caya lah adani! i also terkial-kial nak kira age. Ibu is forever 28 tho.

Anonymous said...

it's a father's thing. don't take that away from us. that's all we got.. boo hoo