Bubbles, the Maine Coon Silver Tabby

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Okay, let's start with something disastrous first. We brought home a 3-mos half-bred pure white,knotted tail and baby blue eyes kitten on Wednesday, straight home after the visit to the friendly vet. We called him Bubbles. However, Bubbles spent his life in the wilderness of the semi-d houses at Sect9, Shah Alam and was very very edgy and was in fact, terrified.

The morning after, I walked past the cage and it was wide open. Bubbles' gone. Zilch. However/whoever and aided or opened the cage was still a mystery. By afternoon, the kids were upset that Bubbles was still missing.

Then Asha spotted him. After a pursuit and a rather physical gruelling chase, we got him back. I was relieved.

Until, that night I looked at him. Hmmmm. This one has a long tail. I know Bubbles has a knotted tail. His eyes weren't baby blue and they're blue with brown irises. And his fur has that brown persian tinge. Hmmmmmm.


We had to let the Bubbles-impersonator go and the kids became upset again.

MrGart yesterday sms-ed about a friend's Maine Coon and I was ecstatic. We saw Maine Coon cats before at cat shows but it's just too pricey.

Well, to cut the story short. We finally decided to get this silver white 2-mos kitten and today MrGart brought him home. We named him Bubbles, after the Bubbles that we once had.

Our Bubbles. Pic just added 4th Jan 2009.

And true to his breed, he's one happy, domesticated cat. He runs and chases everything that moves and exhilarated the kids. I've already fallen in love with this cat. He's the prettiest boy cat and he's active. Very kitten-ish.

Anyway. New Year Resolution. Not making any.

But I aim to be a better Muslimah and read more and listen to lectures more this year.

I want to increase by a notch by baking skill as well as my cake/cookie decorating skills.

And I want to just relax. Think things through and not being rash.

I want to be a fun friend, an involved mother to my children.

I also vow to keep tempers down. No more screaming or yelling at the kids.

I'll pick my battles this year with the kids.

Yikes! And I said that I'll not make resolutions?

Ciao. Let's make Bubbles feel at home.

5 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

aahh... letak le gambar bubbles

Anonymous said...

a new pussy in gart's house haha

Gartblue said...

lana ... dah dah !

screw .. gersang ke ? *geleng kepala*

zan said...

masa kitten cute laa tapi tunggu dia besar dan pancut merata heheh...

tapi bestkan ada kucing :) meowwwwwww...

Cherry said...

pet in the house - we tried once, last 2 years. it lasted for 2 months and RM1000. the black kitten, manis, was given free by a friend of a friend. bought the cage and all the accessories - RM200+. the 1st week manis fought with don't know who. hurt himself badly on one leg. had to send him for surgery and recuperating with the vet. melayang RM500+. then kena kutu pulak RM50-60+. with the food pelbagai ... after 2 months we gave up. my other friend adopted manis. we go visit manis every now and then :)