Pening Kepala ..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I don't get headaches that often, so I say. So does Nobita too. But when we do get one, it's the sort that makes us wanna hempuk our heads on to the nearest sofa and get someone to hayun a fist to our heads. So, so, so sakit or rather we have such low pain threshold? I have such great and renewed empathy for migraine suffers. My dad takes so many panadols in his life to counter his headaches that he takes them now before the headaches come. Hmmm.

Showers won't do it. Massage won't do it. Even sex won't kill it. Trust me, I've tried. *sigh*

So, I down 2 panadols with a glass of iced water and half an hour later, I re-emerged as Queen Gorgeous again as The Grumpy Witch has gone in hiding for fear of those panadols wielding its white sticks.


Yesterday, I had a mighty headache. We were at Genting and Aliya MADE me queued and got on this Solero Space Shot. Gosh! I thought I was made of sterner stuff. I thought I could never get scared. This is Gartblue, hokeh! I got on that Nemesis at Alton Towers 3 times in a row and I never turn down any offers for those white knuckle adventure rides. Any!

Boy, was I wrong! First we were shot straight upwards to a thousand metres at least, okay okay ... maybe a hundred or more. The place was very very super-foggy that day and it was really chilly. We abruptly stopped in the middle of nowhere and we might as well were floating in the sky cos I couldn't see anything underneath my feet.

Then the terror begun. We just plunged down, free falling and my heart just stopped. I felt like my insides were left in the fog UP there. My butts were floating in zero gravity and it was an eternity before we were snapped rudely and shot upwards again, slightly lower and up and down and up and down. I screamed shamelessly. *shakes head*

Then Aliya said. "Let's go again, Mummy!" Terbeliak mataku. Anak daraku memang tak takut langsung! Cehs.. I was still doing a count on my insides to see if I got them all back in me and she wanted to go again? Sheesh! When did she turn from my baby to this brave, I can-do-it-all, am-fearless girl ? Gosh! But secretly, I'm so proud that she gets this off me cos MrGart has a serious fear of heights. Even the first floor of Eiffel Tower sent him clinging to the railing.

That didn't cause my headache but the huge harmless looking swings got me. These buai swung you in circles and threaten to propel you in a trajectory should any of the cables snap. That did not deter the girls. Aliya and Asha went 3 times, Adani twice and MrGart and I went once and came out groggy!

Sighs of not-so-young age, maybe. Oh tidakkkk!!

Headache No:2.

Ariz was at school today for his first ever orientation day. And it did not go that well. He sat for 5 minutes and then declared he wanted to go home. He didn't cry though. He just clung to me and punched me to make me carry him. He refused to do anything and everything the teachers of his other classmates were doing, except eat snacks and take the party pack.

Ouch! I can feel the kepeningan for the first week of school. *shudder*

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

uish.. saya pun tak pernah naik tu.. memang i fear heights

mosh said...

hey look at it from the positive side. not easy for those big butts to be free of gravity...

Gartblue said...

lana ... uish .. if it weren't for my fearless girl, I wouldn't be up there. wicked! wicked!

mosh .. doooshhh! yup .. even more so yours!

JoKontan said...


Pening ?

For me these three things help

1. tido.
2. swim.
3. buat2 meeting friends @ GLC2

or else 400mg of ibuprofen.

p/s got the RRreal AJ url ka?

zan said...

i pun fear height tapi masa dah tua2 mcm ni jer..pelik...dulu2..ahem ahem... :P

Abuela said...

I know what you mean, we went for a school trip to Genting when I was in form 2. Now, I am a real C-H-I-C-K-E-N when it comes to roller coasters and rides, but my friends attempted to drag me onto the Solero. They got me all the way up to the point of being strapped into the chair. The whole time I was mentally SCREAMING GodohGodohGodPLeasePLeasePlease..... and just as the ride was about to start, It started raining. They had to unstrap all the people on the ride. :-D