Not Been That Far, Just Away

Monday, December 15, 2008

I suddenly realised that I've not been posting anything for the past 8-9 days. Wow! That seems long. Pardon me, though .. as internet connection sucks bigtime where I'm at most days. Most waking hours, that is.

At home, it gets hard to sit in front of the pc and start posting or even plain browsing. My kids aren't the type who cordially let their parents sit leisurely for 15 minutes straight.

There's always drinks to fetch/make/add ice into.

There's always bickering/fights to break up.

There's always someone needing rescues from tight spots that someone always gets himself into.

There's always shouting matched to be referee-d and to say "ENOUGH!" to.

There's always cookies to make, cakes to bake and honey oat bread to make.

So there!

I hope enough excuses for being so silent.

In the meantime, work seems to be on a slow-motion pace. December is always a slow month, the best month. The month when almost all of the bosses will be flying to their choice overseas locations for their much-deserved holidays while small fries like us, enjoy the public pools or the zoo negara. Haha. *grins terpaksa*

This time around, we've done our share of holidays and hotel stays and the remaining days will be spent somewhere close and cheap.

Last night, we were at Hisham's sister's wedding and conveniently and for the first time ever, we sent the kids over to my parents' and only picked them up at 8:00pm tonight. They spent the night away from us, while we were like 20 km away! Wow! Now I know how missKLSentral does this.

It felt good to have the house to ourselves. Very very rare! So, wipe that smirk off your face! We only did what 2 grown ups would do, when left to our devices in a kid-less home! hahah!

But it quickly became quiet. Too quiet.

So, when we picked them up today, instantly it hit us. Regardless how noisy or bickery or annoying Aliya, Asha, Adani and Ariz may get, they are ours to enjoy (or to shout at).

We're home now and the house sure is alive again.

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Nina Zan said...

patut la senyap.

blame anak konon.

Gartblue said...

nina ..

haah kan! bukan kita sama ke ?

Anonymous said...

you'll overcome the guilt in a blink. or, buat macam kitorang. tinggalkan anak2 and pegi melepak kat mall berdua haha

mosh said...

does it have something to do with the proxy or memang your blog colour scheme nowadays is designed to make it impossible to be read? need to highlight the whole blog to read the texts.

what would 2 adults do in an empty homes eh? and being quiet too. korek hidung in tandem?