Feeling Orange-y

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am the office now.

Trying hard to work but not much juice flowing at the mo.

So, I think I should write a post to keep y'all updated on what naughty things I've been up to. And plus, it'll keep MissPB occupied for a minute or two since she's already in her "please update, peeps!" mode. You heard me. Go post an entry. Like, right now. Go. Post. Now.

Bossy eh?


I would've snapped a pic of my Orange Glow Chiffon Cake which I made yesterday afternoon. The came smelled so heavenly while it baked and afterwards it came out perfectly and it's the softest chiffon I've ever made ever. Well, this is my first one, so sue me. Hehe.

Here's a pic from AuntyYochana

Though mine looks slightly browner on the sides with some parts missing. Hehehe and very bumpy top.

We devoured almost a quarter of the very tall cake while watching Transformers last night. The kids and MrGart aren't huge fans of rich cakes, so I thought this is a nice no-fat departure and I was right. They loved it. Phew!

I sliced about half of what's left to bring to the office to delight the girls and thought about snapping pictures, but too late. It's gone now. Eaten. Zilch. None left.

Anyways. I'm sure I'll make this again in the future. It taste really really nice and soft and orange-y and refreshing and just heavenly. Gosh! I need a slice now. Hope the kids wouldn't eat all of the cakes at home just yet.


Oooo .. I forgot .. I did two more cookies classes at CakeConnection last week, an adult and a kids class. I thoroughly enjoyed the adult class as we had smaller than usual number of students and it was laidback and relaxed. The stduents who came were very enthusiastic and superbly creative too. Check out Mallini's blog on the class and the pictures of the cookies.

The kids' class was alright too. I had 5 kids aged 6,7,8,9 and 10. Yup, all ages. And these kids have to pipe royal icing too. But they were alright once they got the hang of it. But with kids, they would do theirs as instructed but then will plead that I do one for them to take home, or even whine to take my decorated cookies home. Haha. And the stories these kids tell during the 2.5 hours. Oh wow!


Saturday saw me peddling the kids from Ad-daris, to school (for books) to Masalam to get bags and then home again by myself as MrGart was at some badminton tourney. It was tiring and purse-denting but we had a jolly great time.

Sunday, we're off again to I-Kano for stationeries and we went to get some beddings for the rabbits and whatnots. Safe to say, going back to school shopping is DONE.

Now is the time to wrap school books, write names on books, organise school books on designated shelves, sew name tags of uniforms, shorten sleeves, shorten kain baju kurung, sew tudung baju kurung and whatever else in between.


Gotta go now ... that little pesky thing called work beckons. Ciao!

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OndeOnde said...

please make one for me next time I visit your place! :) rasa macam nak visit your house one of these days lahhh tambah2 ada orange cake!! hehehehe...

and please upload the photo of that tudung after the sewing is done!

schools re-open! I guess everybody is super busy!!!!!

OndeOnde said...

eh, apasal tak letak gambar you macam whiteplate's blog?? aiseeeeyyyy!

theotheraj said...

join cake connection full time la..
last weekend ada keluar article about them in the star.. or was it nst..

then kau bukak kedai kek sendiri..
apa lagi.. jom jom keje sendiri

Gartblue said...

oo .. Uish .. Kecik tapak tangan, satu dulang kek i tadahkan .. Mari mari .. U are not exactly very far away either .. Am now preparing to finish the sewing, baru lepas dinner ni ..
i kan pemalu .. maybe shud letak kot kan? Did it look okay? Btw, everytime i felt unsure, i always think of u and your courage. Thanks babe.

Joe .. cakeconnection is getting a lot of reviews these days .. Diorang x ajak lagi, aku rela ....

Abuela said...

:D The cookies turned out surprisingly well. Only problem was my piping icing was too runny, and you're right, THEY DO TAKE FOREVER TO DRY. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated.

ery kumagai said...

nak join kelas dewasa itu, masih available kah.

psst..wht's homemade tudung update

Gartblue said...

abuela ... hahaha .. try under the air-conditioners .. shud take shorter time .. hahah ..compliments well deserved !

ery .. kelas dewasa tu ada .. next class is on 24th Jan 2009 .. mari-mari ..

Lana said...

babe, ever thought of getting rubber stamps? saves the trouble of writing, esp in my case, bapak diorg letak nama panjang sangat, patah jari !!