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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Kompeni, I meant.

I'm back from our 7 days break. Came home from PD late Wednesday with 4 tanned, burnt kids. They all are a shade darker than they used to. Me, too. Sungguh kelabu.

But we had fun. I should post pictures lest Rotidua would scream bloody murder. I have the camera but MrGart downloaded the pictures to HIS notebook. So, I have an empty camera. Hmmpftt!

Asha celebrated her 8th birthday by the pool, down by our baby blue and white villa. She's 8! I couldn't believe it. Eight! We haven't done the cake-cutting yet as I uhmm have not baked her cake yet. *malu* We've been away from the house almost every weekend and I did promise to have a TALL cake for her. So, next weekend, insyallah.

One thing I was most thankful for in PD was that all the kids were able to survive in deep water.

Ayisha was a natural in the water, almost always deeper than she is tall. And she's so at ease with swimming and snorkelling and just floating. And somehow, she's okay with no goggles. I'm just glad she picked up swimming wonderfully as she's always been adventurous and ever ready to jump in water.

Aliya meanwhile, just got better and better. This time around, I bought 3 pairs of fins and 2 snorkelling gear for the kids. And Aliya and Ayisha had their heads under water in the pool most of the time, with their fins kicking while they inspected the bottom of the pool, and other people's bottoms too. Heheh!

Adani used to be very timid and afraid of water deeper than her ankle. But since she learned to swim, she's been more open and she's willing to float and swim and just relax. But she needed her arm bands still, which I'm more than happy to put her in. But the constant bickering with her and Ariz was driving me insane!

Ariz has such strong legs and arms. He's a muscular boy, surely. Try to pinch him and you'd feel his taut muscle underneath the skin. Who would've thought a seriously big and fat baby he used to be could end up so lean and muscular. A boy, alright! He's the only one with no swimming lessons and I doubt that any swimming schools would take him in, at his age. But the great thing about him is his sheer fearlessness. He'd jump in the water with no qualms whatsoever. Other people would stare in disbelief at him jumping into water 3 times his height. But he must have his ring float, which is snug at the waist. Once, he was so excited he jumped in without it and alhamdulillah, I was close by and a lady picked him out. That out him out of water for eaxtly 5 minutes! Apart from that he'd be paddling hard and fast too, to wherever he pleases. He doesn't need anyone to push him either. He's so mobile on his own.

Me, I learned this time around to do breast stroke while my head remained above the water. I gave up free style a long time ago. Too much of a hard work. But I never seem to be able to swim freely with my head afloat. I learnt that if I relax, that it's a breeze really. It always does.

Anyhow. Back to the title of the blog.

Came back to work to a rude shock. The Kompeni has tightened its web security and has now blocked all chats (gchat or skype, forget them), auction sites, social websites (like mukabuku), fotopages (I bet multiply too) and countless other sites! Dang! I just tried picasa and it's blocked too. Grrr!!

This is a pain!

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Anonymous said...

or change job

mama23beas said...

Hi Gart, glad you had a good long holiday. I hope you don't mind me asking this: remember some time ago you've written something about dyslexia, and someone mentioned about doing a test, and I gave you the contact of the Persatuan. I'm just wondering if you ever got the test done.

Lollies said...

try and also tengok boleh masuk ym tak.

Lollies said...

tapi apa kes. buat kerja woi! kerja! kerja!

Gartblue said...

Screw .. Hmmm that is a huge step to take fo missing mukabuku ...

Mama23beas .. Oo i called the pn saadiah, i think her name is. Talked to her and she said that maybe ayisha's a late bloomer .. So i never did get that test for asha. And true enuff, fir the past 6 mos, she's been doing the catchup. Alhamdulilah.

Lollies .. *ketuk* ..cissss .. Mentang2la kau tak keja ye ... Now i have to remeber moshi's ext number. Think he shud suffer from skype withdrawal worse than me, kot?

Anonymous said...

be thankful you can still access the blogs.

Kerja la!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the informative post, Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh how I love swimming so much. Don't you just find it so relaxing. Everyone should learn how to swim. If not you might want to consider taking swimming classes.

Lana said...

i pun sedih, they've block ours too.. huhu