Far From Merry, It's Ugly

Friday, December 26, 2008

Malaysians, that is. Some of us, apparently. Not all, though.


Since the Kebun trip never materialised, we traipsed down (or rather duduk dalam kereta, emitting CO2 contributing to the worsening greenhouse effect) to the I-KE-A and its big brother I-Ka-No.

You know the long queue near the cashier I-KE-A counters to get cheap ice-creams, we were there. There's this Chinese girl who awkwardly manoevered a "tall" soft drink cup to fit the nozzle for the coffee machine. I thought, maybe she thought it was a soft drinks machine. But no, she pressed "cappucino" and then pressed it the second time since the first fill came up to half of the cup. Hmmm.

Obviously 2 presses caused the hot cappucino to overflow from the cup. BTW coffee cups are thicker and shorter and obviously soft drinks cost RM1.50 per cup and coffee/tea cost RM3.00 per cup. All are free refills and based on honesty basis here.

The girl now was in trouble cos her cup was too full and too hot and she couldn't get it out as it's now stuck under the too-low nozzle. It's not supposed to fit there in the first place, silly! Now, the father came to her rescue and tipped down half the content and walked off nonchalantly. WHAT?

Next, an Indonesian maid came and did the same thing. A well-dressed Chinese man. A rather tackily dressed Chinese woman. An Indian woman can did the same thing too. In fact out of 4 people who used the machine, only 1 paid the right amount. The other 3 wanted coffee but refused to pay the additional RM1.50 and just slithered their way for it. Shamelessly. In full view of the long queue of people who were waiting. I was beyond shock.

I was so shocked. I never thought to do that and there I was feeling like a kid in a new school. Very very humiliating attitude these people have.

Then, we went to I-Ka-No and all the kids joined in the craziness of those polystyrene snow balls at the concourse area in front of the stage. There were kids of all ages and sizes, throwing snow balls and making snow angels on the floor. Men, women, boys and girls were picking up snow balls from the floor and played and played gleefully.

Adani having fun.

Ariz. Wayyyyy too much fun. He was literally on the floor, lying and swimming and generally having a whale of a time.

Ayisha & Adani.

Aliya, looking as smug as ever. Notice the chaos at the background?

We then went outside as Adani & Ariz were itching to go for the pony rides.

There we saw a blackberry-wielding Chinese woman was angrily chastising another CHinese woman who ran the pony-rides business. Something about the pony-lady shouting to the blackberry-lady's son. Something also about the pony-lady was trying to protect the boy from being kicked in the face by the pony where the blackberry-lady ignored her.

Things got seriously bad as the blackberry-lady called up her hubby and her oso-blackberry guy cam charging and screaming abuses to the pony-lady. OMG!!!

I wish I had gone up to the pony-lady and said to her that .. "I believe you. Some people just don't deserve what they have in life."

What ugly lot I saw today and it was supposed to MERRY? Yikes!

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

ery kumagai said...

hehehehe...malaysia, truly asia.
asalkan pree/morah itu lah yg berebut.
*big green*

sedikit nota kaki:
kdg2 rasa lucu tgk org2 yg bersungguh-sungguh (kids tak kisah la) dan agak bodoh sombong sometimes tapi yang nak tunjuk sgt nk celebrate krismas di negara malaysia yg sentiasa panas ini.
ada semacam rasa sedikit janggal.

ery kumagai said...

(sedikit typo error kt atas tu)

mengomen sambil melayan anak ni, type pun dh silap.
hah lu carik lah sendiri.


theotheraj said...

bak kata puan ery kumagai, kes bodoh sombong

elisataufik said...

masya-Allah... Adani sudah besar and *SO* pretty!!! (not saying that she was not pretty before, but dayumm she's is sungguh pretty macam big girl now)